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Top Ways You Can Use Google+ to Build a Web Presence

September 10, 2013

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You can see a gigantic crowd that resolves around the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Though it’s just two years to see Google Plus joining the bandwagon of social media sites, yet this platform has made its mark in this domain. It has grown a sizeable amount of people over it all these years and by adding a number of tools and features, now Google + gives a good fight to the already powerful players like Facebook and Twitter.

As per reports, world’s top 72 brands out of 100 have their profiles over Google Plus wherein they are posting content regularly to leverage from this platform for being the brainchild of the giant search engine called Google. Hence Google Plus can be called as a more social fabric woven in the properties of Google that simply helps in giving these venues a competent social aspect.

This simply means that whatever you do over Google Plus is simply reciprocated over a number of Google products. Hence you would certainly like to know how to use this platform (Google +) to make your presence felt over the web. So, let’s check them out:

Give momentum to you and your brand

As per the reports of Business Insider the growth of Google Plus simply seems to have gone up. In fact, its growth seems to be giving a tough fight to the second largest platforms like Twitter. More than 400 million users are now found over Google Plus visits here on a regular basis. The basic reason of doing so is that they give a good amount of momentum to their business and thus boost up their brand in a big crowd present there to attract towards their brand.

Hence you can find tools like Timing +, Circlecount, Allmyplus and Hootsuite that help you in finding the target crowd, allocating the best time to post content and making your brand more visible across your target audience. In fact, you can find a number of such tools, which help in making your presence felt over the web to a great extent.

Get better growth with Google +

Apart from getting a good amount of traffic over your site or blog via Google Plus, it has also emerged out as a knowledge resource for many users who come on a regular basis to access different information and details. You can see more and more people are now investing good amount of time and hence make it a best robust traffic driver.  This means Google Plus simply helps you in dominating at the local search. If you want to access local crowd for your business then by creating Google Plus profile can really help in getting the relevant crowd. Last year in May, Google turned the Google Places Listings into the local listings of Google Plus.

This has therefore converted the Google Plus pages, which could be rates, uploaded pictures and commented on and even shared over this platform as well. Besides, this powerful search engine would be gathering the details regarding your business, which means that the random data Google could have been compiled to showcase your business in your favor. Hence if you are keen to rank better over the local searches make sure you start motivating your friends, customers and other people to follow your brand over Google Plus by checking your content you post and via other means.

Get the Search Engine Recognition

Needless to say that by having a robust Google + Presence is simply proportional to a stronger kind of search engine recognition. Though it may not become the replacement for your different SEO strategies, however, it can for sure help in enhancing your efforts. You have a service from Google called ‘Search Plus Your World’ that was rolled out a year after Google Plus, which is deeply ingrained in this platform. The crux of this tool is that it helps you in knowing a number of pages shares, posted or +1 by a number of Google Plus users.

Though the result for Your World can be extracted the most from Google Plus and YouTube, however, it can be even hooked to your other social networking profiles over Facebook and Twitter. This can further help more and more people to see your updates from other networks found via the search results as well. Hence the more is the number of people over Google Plus and YouTube you have the more is the amount of traffic over your business page, all thanks to the tool like Search Plus Your World of Google +.

Final word

There are many ways in which Google Plus can help you in making your presence felt over the web. The above list of things are just a few ones, hence the more you explore and use this platform the more you end up doing good over the web.

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