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viral lead machine review

Okay! I agree it is another review and another post on list-building. If you are new to reading my blog, you will note that I write a lot about list-building. It is primarily because, that is one aspect that I never focused on when I started online and I paid for it by being unsuccessful for more than 3 years. I do not want anyone to start on the wrong foot and hence list-building becomes one of my favorite topics. You can read all of my posts on list building here.

I keep exploring newer methods to build a list online and in this quest, I come across a lot of junk products, courses and scripts. It is only once in a blue moon that something of value comes my way, and that is when I prefer reviewing it, experimenting with it and using it, if it is worth it.

Viral Lead Machine was launched just like the normal IM products with all the fanfare and all the top affiliates promoting it like crazy. I was a little late to jump in and buy it. But now it’s been about 4 days that I am using it and I have a complete and detailed review of Viral Lead Machine ready for you.

Viral Lead Machine Review

I have a phobia to these IM products that are launched these days. All of these products are hyped beyond imagination and thanks to most of the internet marketing GURUs who are not bothered about the quality of the product, but are bothered only about making some money, that these products do amazingly well. This is one of the primary reasons why I prefer to stay away from most of these softwares and scripts especially if it is not from somebody I know and trust.

Viral Lead Machine was created and promoted by 2 internet marketing guys, Stuart and Tom. Though I have not heard too much about them, thanks to my limited network.. I got to know that they have been into affiliate marketing for quite some time and are doing good.

But there low reputation was what kept me away from jumping in. But when I decided to finally jump in, there was a surprise waiting for me.

What is Viral Lead Machine?

You would have seen those nice images on your Facebook Wall posts, that have a funny little caption on them. These are called as “Memes”. If you can do a slight rewind of your actions whenever you see such images, I am sure you would realize that almost 50-60% of the times, you would end up sharing it or, re-posting it on your wall.

Such is the viral nature of these images. Memes have always been known to be viral and anybody wanting to build a list and who knows the viral nature of these images, will want to use it. But the biggest challenge with it is in creating such “Memes”.

Now imagine, if you could add a twist to a simple little tool that can create such Memes for you. What if you can make people create such memes for themselves and then share it on their walls. This will multiply the virality of such images, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to share a creative of yours, on your own Facebook wall?

Viral Lead Machine does that for you. While it has an option of doing this on a web based application and hosting it on their servers, it also has an option of publishing these viral pages on a tab on your Facebook page or, even on your blogs.

One of the best things about Viral Lead machine is the fact that you do not even need a website to host your pages. It can be hosted directly on their servers, though I found that the server speed was a little slow. Their support told me that it should go up by now with the changes and improvements that they have made.

How Would you Drive Traffic to your Viral pages?

This is something that I feel that Stuart and Tom did not touch upon in their trainings. A nice little training on various methods of driving traffic to the pages would have been and added advantage.

If you are struggling with ideas to generate traffic to these pages, then here are a few that I used and found good results with –

Share on your FB walls

This is the easiest and the best method. Create a meme yourself and share it on your Wall. Ask your friends to share it. This way your memes will go viral

Share on Twitter

You can also share your memes on Twitter and use some nice little hashtags. You can do a little bit of research to find what are trending hashtags and terms in the specific niche that you meme is in and then use that for maximum re-tweets.

Press Releases

You can write out a nice little press release for the contest and send it out. This can drive in a lot of traffic to your contests and also make the campaign go viral.

Run FB Ads

This is the best and easiest method to drive traffic. Since Viral Lead Machine gives you an option of adding an affiliate product with a secondary call-to-action, you should be able to re-coup your expenses pretty soon. Just keep in mind that you create a “Website Conversion” objective for your ads and also add the tracking pixels. You should be able to generate tremendous amount of engagement and make the images go viral pretty fast, if you do it right.

In case you have any new methods, please do share with us by commenting below. You can watch a detailed video review of Viral Lead machine below. I also explain the traffic generation methods in the video.

Viral Lead Machine






Simplicity of Creation


Server Speed


Training and Support



  • No Website Needed
  • Simple to create
  • Multiple Autoresponder Services
  • Availability of Statistics
  • Excellent Support and Training


  • Slow Server Speed
  • Some option only available in Elite
  • Limited Skin Availability