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DKSP EP:34 – 2 Simple and Easy Ways to Generate FREE Traffic to Your Blogs

May 4, 2016

Last Updated on - May 4, 2016  

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What is your single biggest worry about online assets – your blog, your websites and your money-sites?

If your response was anything other than “Security”, then you need to rethink. But if you answered in “Security”, then let me tell you that you are in the same league as thousands of other website owners.

But the worst part in all of this is the fact that there is no real solution to it. You can use one of the many security solutions like Sucuri, Wordfence etc. to secure your websites, but you still need to be aware that these tools can only protect you to a certain extent. The rest is onto you to ensure that you are prepared to deal with a dire situation.

You might have noticed that my last post was almost about 2 and a half months back and also that I have never taken such an extended break from blogging. As for my podcasts, I had always ensured that I maintain consistency. But all that went for a toss over the last couple of months. And all this thanks to a hacker.

This was not the first time that my sites were hacked. In fact, after the last time this happened I had ensured that I secure my sites with some of the best plugins I could find, but I still couldn’t prevent another attack.

And the reason was an old WordPress installation that I forgot to delete from my hosting. Since most of the files in this installation was outdated, it was easy for the hacker to get into the files and then use them to get into the other WordPress sites.

To sum it all up, I spent almost a month and a half restoring all my websites, about 40 of them and 3 of my niche blogs. While it should have been a couple of week’s job, it was only because of some of my mistakes that it took me so long.

Nevertheless, all of my sites are back up and the experience I gained following this hacking instance has made me a little more wiser and given me some extra knowledge.

I am putting together a complete guide on how to save your WordPress sites, in which I will be detailing everything about prevent hacker attacks and tips on restoring your WordPress installations.

You might see a slight inconsistency in my posts and podcasts for some time until things stabilize, but I should be back up and running in another couple of weeks.

Ways to Generate Free Traffic to Your Blogs

In this episode of the DKSpeaks Podcast, I will be discussing about 2 simple methods using which you can drive FREE traffic to your blogs. These traffic methods have helped me through the situations that we discussed a little while back, when you sites get hacked.

Since these are FREE traffic generation methods, I am not impacted financially with the loss of traffic. Also the traffic just doesn’t get impacted unless the website is down for a long time.

You need to keep one thing in mind, when you include these traffic generation methods in your strategy. These methods are long term methods and will help you in the long run. You will have to be patient and consistent with these methods. Do it the right way and don’t let it go in between.

It also means that if you are looking for immediate traffic, then these methods will simply not help you. You will have to look at paid traffic generation methods like PPC.

In this episode, we will be looking at the following –

  • How to use your existing content to generate traffic
  • How to establish yourself as an authority in your niche
  • A strategy that generates traffic and also helps build your list

Resources mentioned in this Episode

The below are some of the resources that were mentioned in this episode –

  • WP Site Guardian – I read a few comments here and there where people had written negatively about this plugin. I am mentioning it here because I found it very useful. Using it is entirely upto you.
  • Amazon Book Store
  • Scribd
  • Slideshare

If you know about any more such sites, you can let us know by commenting below.

Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate links. If you chose to buy from these links, I might stand to earn a small commission without any additional cost to you. But the products that I link to are the products that I have used personally so you can rest assured of the quality.

Thank You for Joining in

I want to thank you all for joining in and hope you liked today’s episode. Based on the feedback received, I am trying to put byte-sized episodes that are less than 10 minutes with simple tips that are easily digestible. In case you have any suggestion, please feel free to write to me and I will be happy to implement them.

Please do take a few minutes to post a genuine review and to rate the show on iTunes and Stitcher. It helps in the rankings of the show and will help others searching for information, find the show.

If you have any questions, you can send them to me using the contact us button on the side or, record your questions using the “Recording” option on the sidebar.

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