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3 Simple and Easy Ways to Improve the Composition of Photos for a Blog

February 28, 2019

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ways to improve the composition of photos

The composition of a photo is essentially the manner in which its elements are arranged – relative to one another, and to its frame.

If you improve the composition of the photos that you publish on your blog, you can not only make them more visually interesting but also convey ideas using them more effectively.

Make no mistake learning the ins and outs of good composition is very involved, but as a place to start there are three easy ways that you can improve the composition of your photos almost immediately.

3 Easy Ways to Improve the Composition of Photos

Here we will show you 3 simple and easy ways to improve the composition of photos for your blog. These are very simple tips and should be pretty easy to implement as well.

The Rule of Thirds

Of all the composition rules the rule of thirds is one of the easiest to use. All you need to do is position the elements in your photos using the gridlines and intersections of a 3×3 grid – that can normally be enabled in your camera or smartphone.

Positioning elements in that way will make them more evenly spaced out – and help balance the composition more.

On top of that the subject of the photo will be placed off-center, which tends to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Fill the Frame

Another easy way to improve the composition is to simply fill the frame – which essentially just requires you to fill the flame almost completely with the subject that you’re photographing.

It will help you to reveal more detail, and make your photos look much more interesting.

Filling the frame is very useful for blog photos that normally are focused on a single subject. As far as possible you should try to move physically closer to the subject to fill the frame however, as using the zoom feature may affect the quality of the image.

Leading Lines

Lines are a powerful tool in the composition of your photos – but they can be tricky to use. Basically your goal should be to use the lines in your photos to ‘guide’ the eyes of viewers where you want them to go.

In some cases leading lines are used to draw viewers into the photo and provide a sense of depth. In others they may direct the viewer to the subject of the photo, while intersecting other important elements along the way.

Don’t worry if your composition isn’t perfect when you snap your photos, as you can always edit them later before you upload them to your blog.

One of the most useful tools to do that is the crop feature – but additionally it can help if you’re able to remove any unwanted elements from your photos composition in other ways. For example you could try using Movavi Photo Editor and follow the steps.


As you can see the methods described above are all fairly easy to apply – and will help you to improve the composition of photos for your blog.

However it is best to look at them as a starting point, and use them to gain a better understanding of how composition works, and the ways you can use it to your advantage.

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