Email Marketing Tips – The importance of a Subject.

Importance of an Email Subject

“Your PayPal payment of $xxxx!” “You’re APPROVED…” “Re: Your $100 guarantee…” Have you come across these sentences ever? I am sure you have seen emails with these subjects in your inbox, if you had ever shared your name and email addresses on any of the self-proclaimed GURU’s websites promising a free download of some information.…

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5 Elements of a Successful Fanpage on Facebook

Successful facebook fanpage

In one of my earlier posts we discussed about the importance of creating a Fanpage on Facebook. Facebook is the hottest thing in the world of Internet Marketing right now. The GURUS are cashing in on this phenomenon by releasing courses and ebooks on how to create a successful marketing campaign on Facebook. Creating a…

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WordPress 3.0 Launched – wpdb::get_blog_prefix() error

Wordpress 3.0

Automattic¬† – the creators of WordPress released their thirteenth major release code named as “Thelonious” and otherwise called as WordPress 3.0. It is indeed worth the upgrade and the options of upgrading should already be available in your blog admin pages. So what is new in WordPress 3.0. Let’s take a quick look at it…

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Affiliate Secrets Explained – $9.95 Weekend Sale!

Affiliate Secrets Explained Sale

Internet Marketing is about making a living online. It is about starting an online business without the huge investments involved like in a traditional business. Then why should you be spending a fortune to build an online business? It is true that you can start an online business with as little as $10.00. There are…

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10 Things that I hate about Internet Marketing!!

Internet Marketing Hatred

Do you hate Internet Marketing? Are your still reading this post, right now? In all likelihood, you are on the verge of quitting your Internet Marketing business and is on a last bit quest to see if there is anything that you can do to save your sinking IM business!!! That’s right. The fact still…

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