Blogging TipsSo, you’ve taken the plunge, jumped on the bandwagon, and started a blog! Good for you! The only trouble is, after a few weeks or months, you’re struggling to keep it up, it doesn’t seem to be working, and you’re getting frustrated and demotivated.

In the interests of making your blogging career a little easier, here are my top tips to make the process of starting and running a blog a little easier.

  1. Find the Right Platform – There are many, many blog platforms out there. Some are free, some are paid for. They vary from the technical, to the super simple, with some requiring more knowledge of how the internet works, and others using simple drag and drop interfaces. If you’re not using the right platform to run your blog, then you could be spending a lot more time than necessary just trying to figure things out.
  2. Write About Something You Love - When you start looking at blogging as an alternative to having a full time job, it’s tempting to look only at niches that seem to be making the big money. However, if you try to launch a financial blog, and the thought of financial management nearly puts you into a coma, you’re not going to set the world on fire with your blog! Rather pick a topic that you love, and you’ll be able to bring the best information to your readers, and still have fun doing it!
  3. You Can’t Write - What most people don’t realize about blogging is that you don’t have to be a potentially Pulitzer Prize winner to write great content. In fact, if you tried to write stiff and starchy, academic style posts (unless yours is an academic blog) you’d probably find that you don’t get all that many visitors. As long as you can write in a conversational style, and you know how to use spell check, you should be fine.
  4. You Don’t Have Time to Create Content - I always find this claim amusing. With all the time people waste every day, can you really, honestly say that you can’t find fifteen minutes to write one or two posts, and upload them? The truth is, while the initial setup may take some time, keeping your blog content fresh and interesting really only takes a few minutes every day, and everyone can do that!
  5. No One Is Visiting Your Blog - When you first start out with blogging, chances are you struggle to gain visitors – that’s the way it goes for most people. The trick is to devote a little of your time to marketing your blog too. You could try any one of the following:
    • Joining forums that your readers are likely to frequent, and including your blog URL in your signature.
    • Social media marketing
    • Posting answers on Yahoo Answers, including your link
    • PPC campaigns, whether on Google, Yahoo or one of the social networks
    • Guest posts on other popular blogs in your niche
  6. Those are just a few of the blog marketing ideas you could try – I’ll write about them in some more detail sometime. The trick is to pick a combination that works for you, and to stick to it.

  7. It All Just Seems So Much! – Starting a blog can be daunting. You have to choose a niche, get set up, create content, find images, market your blog and more. However, I find a good idea is to treat your blog like a business, and write a business plan for it – even if it’s a very rough one. Itemizing everything that needs to be done, in the form of a checklist, can also work, and the more things you tick off that list, the less daunting it becomes.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to blogging, and, like the internet in general, things keep changing. New marketing strategies emerge, blog trends change, and what works today might not tomorrow. However, you have to start somewhere, and if you just relax, breathe, concentrate on learning as much as you can, and have a little fun with it, you will find that over time it becomes easier.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a blog, but it can be done – if you put your mind to it!

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Autoresponder TipsWhen it comes to autoresponders, these can be great tools to help you increase your sales as long as you use them the correct way. Autoresponders are designed to help you with some of the more mundane tasks of your business, but are necessary to help you keep your customers aware of you and your business.

The first thing that your autoresponder can do is automate your customers subscribing to your mailing list. They are able to click the subscribe button on your website, and your responder can send out an email asking them to click a link to confirm their subscription. This is becoming more common as then you know the person truly meant to subscribe. Once you have them in your list, the autoresponder is able to give you information about whether they are reading the emails, what they are clicking on, and if they decide they want to leave your list, the autoresponder can handle that for you as well.

A big reason to have an autoresponder is that they say it takes multiple exposures to a product before a customer decides to buy it. You need to expose your customer to the information several times, and the autoresponder can handle this for you. You do need to be careful how often you are sending out emails, as well as the type of content they contain, as you do not want to be seen as just pushing your product or, as spam as people will delete or, unsubscribe quickly if that is all you send out.

3 Quick Tips to get the best of your Autoresponder -

If you are not sure what your emails should contain to help you get the sales you want, here is a brief outline of a few different emails that your autoresponder can send out to you.

Email 1 – You need to build a relationship with your customer. You want to outline your product and its features and benefits.

Email 2 – It is assumed that the person already knows the product, due to your first email so here you want to remove objections to the purchase. Here you want to ask the question, and then answer in a positive way that makes the customer want to make the purchase.

Email 3 – You have already told the customer about the product and removed their objections, so here you reinforce why they need it. A bullet list is an effective way to do this.

One of the main things you must remember when you are creating a series of emails to send to the customer is that you need to know the product, and you need to sell the benefits rather than the actual item. People need to see the benefits to buying whatever it is that you are trying to sell them.

When it comes to creating the emails that your autoresponder is going to send out, you want to make sure that they are well written and accomplish what you set out to do. Depending on the product and the program you are involved with, you may get these tools and emails with it. If not, you can hire someone to create the emails or, you can find resources on the Internet to help you.

These days most people have some sort of website on the Internet. Chances are, regardless of what type of site it is, you are looking for traffic to visit, as most people do not like doing work that no one sees. If you visit which is owned by Lena Morrish and Dima Nikolayenko you will get some great ideas to assist you with getting the traffic you desire.

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5 Tips to Copywriting Your Content BetterWith so many new businesses popping up all over the Internet, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. To help set you apart, you have to remember that when you’re trying to market or sell anything online, you’ll never get anywhere if your content isn’t as close to perfect as possible. In order to connect to your target audience, you have to write content that will make them want to buy or use whatever it is you’re selling. If your content doesn’t look fresh and clean, neither will your product or, your business.

These 5 tips to copywriting your content can help you churn out content that is marketable.

Tip #1: Always Proofread

The most important tip to keep in mind when you’re copywriting your content is to make sure you proofread. Always. Even if you’re in a rush and you can’t find five extra minutes to read over your content, make the time. You and your business will look impossibly unprofessional if consumers continually find typos or grammar errors in your content. After you’ve proofread the content yourself, give it to someone else to read over. If you’ve been staring at the same content for a long period of time it can be easy to miss the little things.

Tip #2: Ask For and Respond to Feedback

Even if you have been reading and re-reading your content over and over, you’ll never improve if you don’t ask someone else to read it and provide constructive feedback. Consider asking colleagues or friends whose writing skills you can trust. When you hand your content for websites over to be read, always be clear about what you want done and what you’re hoping they’ll look for. And if it’s at all possible, consider sending the final version of your content to whoever read it as a token of your gratitude.

Tip #3: Read the Content as a Reader Would

After you’ve written a solid version of your content, take a break and then go back to read it as though you are a new reader, not the writer. It may help to print the entire copy out and read it in a new environment, like a coffee shop. As you’re reading, be sure to keep an eye out for any extraneous text and anything that sounds redundant or vague. If it’s not clear to you, it definitely won’t be clear to the real reader.

Tip #4: Let it Be

Even if you’re rushing to finish a piece of content, always make an effort to set aside at least 24 hours to not look at it. When you take some time away from the content, it’s easier to go back to it with a fresh perspective. You might consider a new angle, or you may have discovered the perfect introduction. Most importantly, you’ll have a fresh eye to catch any mistakes.

Tip #5: Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

If you truly want to get your target audience to read the entirety of your content, then you have to write an attention-grabbing headline. A headline is what pulls readers into a story and if it doesn’t catch their eye, you’re at risk for having them skip right over your content.

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Email Ettiquettes

I am a regular reader of almost all the top blogs in the Internet Marketing world. I get a fresh perspective to things, when I read these blogs. I learn new things and am also able to getting a different view on things that I already know about.

It was during once such session that I decided on writing a guest post for one of the blogs owned by a Big Boy in blogging. I respect the individual and consider him an ideal for myself. I had a very good idea for the guest post and spent that night working on it. I was sure that the post will be accepted by the blogger because it was on a topic that was covered in one of the posts already published at the blog and was an immense value add to the post. I was extremely enthusiastic about it.

The next day I wrote to the blogger with the idea and started waiting anxiously for the reply.

I waited for 4 days but received no reply. I picked up another email address for somebody who I got to know was handling the emails for the blogger in question and wrote to her. Again, I received no reply.

The result…. I just did not feel like going to that blog again. For somebody who did not have the courtesy to reply to an email, that was the least that I could do in protest. I stopped visiting his blog. A few days back he launched an excellent course and looking at my earlier admiration for him, I would certainly have been one of his subscribers and a promoter. But with the current experience I decided otherwise. He lost a customer.

The Importance of a Response

The internet marketing business is of relationships. And relationships are built through interactions. Email responses is extremely important if you want to interact with your readers or, customers. Other mode of such interactions include comments. In the same way that email responses is important, responding to the comments left on your blog by your readers is also important.

It is indeed extremely important to respond to each and every email that you receive, even if the email contains one of the dumbest questions. Your response gives your reader the confidence that their emails are being read and that they are interacting with you. This interactivity helps make the bond between you and your reader even stronger.

7 Tips to a Healthy Email Interaction

These are 7 important tips in order to maintain a healthy email interactions with your readers, subscribers and customers.

  1. Dedicated email address – Maintain a dedicated mailbox, the details of which you only share with your readers, subscribers and customers and set up a few extremely stringent guidelines to detect SPAM. This should not be a catch-all email address else you will be spammed to death.
  2. Use Outlook – It is always advisable to map this email to a desktop application like MS-Outlook. This helps you to set rules and keep a tight watch over your mailbox. It will also help you keep those spammers away.
  3. Email reading frequency – Ensure that you read your emails at least once in 24 hours. So a TAT of 24 hours for a response to anyone who writes an email is acceptable. If you can check your mails more than once in a day, it is all the more better. But responses should have a turn-around-time of 24 hrs. Too quick responses could mean you set the wrong expectations, consequently destroying your relationships.
  4. Don’t overdo it – Internet Marketing is something that requires you to carefully set your priorities. Too much of emailing and responding could mean that you are only emailing the entire day and wasting precious time you could spend on other productive activities.
  5. Set up an Auto-response – It is advisable to set up an auto response informing the people sending the emails about a time that you will respond within. This helps in setting the right expectations.
  6. Out of office – In case you are traveling or, unavailable, ensure that you put an Out of office in your mailbox. This way people sending the emails are informed of your unavailability and hence a possibility of a delayed resp0nse.
  7. Signature – Since there is quite a bit of effort that you are putting into responding to each and every email, why not use it for some promotion as well. Add a signature to your emails. Just put a few links to your products or, websites in this signature. You will find a trickle of traffic coming in from these links as well.

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