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A very common problem with the majority of mankind has always been the ‘impatience’, patience is a virtue, and it pays off in the longer run, everybody knows that but very few are able to put this rule into practice! We find logics in other’s action and we are quick to tell others that they are trying to bite more than what they can chew, however when it comes to our own actions, we try to grab any kind of opportunity with four hands, but because we have only two hands, it mostly results in injury, in form of stress or financial loss.

The same applies to blogging and bloggers. Looking at the myriad of opportunities in the field of blogging, many go for launching more than one blog at the same time to earn as much as they can. The problem however, is that the more quantity you have the more you will have to put up with the low-quality, hence little or no rewards and lots of stress.

1). One good Blog can earn more than 2 low quality blogs combine

There are a number of get rich scheme proprietors trying to sell different products that will help you launch a plethora of blogs and promise riches in next to no time. There was some money to be made in such schemes some time ago (not as much as what they claim though). Remember if there really was a method of making thousands without doing anything, they wouldn’t be selling that method for $20 bucks? Real world examples tell us that one quality blog can create more opportunities to earn than two automated blogs combined, with both searchers and Google getting more and more severe on low quality content producing website.

2). Good Blogs require nurturing like a plant

Thanks to the toughening competition, a newly launched blog requires a lot of nourishment before it grows into anything of substance, just like a plant! You have to patiently build the readership, back links, post count, and last but not the least, the earnings. For quite some time, you will have to patiently write and update your Blog with good quality posts, while taking home little or no rewards. Unless you have some helping hands or contributors, it isn’t possible to nurture and establish more than 1 – 2 quality blogs at a time.

3). Blog Maintenance & Marketing:

In order to have a successful blog up and running, not only you need to constantly update it, you also need to go through the chores of maintenance and marketing, not to forget dealing with the menaces known as content spam or content scrapping. The short cuts and inexpensive marketing methods like article marketing or blog commenting are fast becoming more and more futile, and it is not easy to market a Blog via quality means like guest posting or social networking, even though these methods are totally worth the effort. Apart from the marketing, you’ll have to spend some time on Search Engine Optimization, keyword research, link building, taking care of the on-site factors and all that. Given that you are pursuing Blogging as a part time activity, it will be difficult to do all that for multiple blogs.

4). you can always start another one – Later

Remember that the emphasis on this post is to avoid starting multiple blogs at the same time; however you can always start more once you have established a successful blog that earns good enough and allows you to pay for some assistance.

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Wordpress OptimizationWordPress blogs are search engine friendly. However, adding and changing elements can render the site very search engine unfriendly. Here are tips on how to press for top rank, not just avoid being ranked low. By far the simplest method of implementing many SEO best practices for a WordPress blog is by using plugins, and plugins of note are referenced herein. If you do not have a WordPress blog this is a good time to start one, or transfer an existing one. Transferring is simple. The fastest way to transfer a website from one server to another is via secure shell. Making good use of tips and tools, like link popularity and SSH web hosting, WordPress is at the forefront when it comes to SEO.

Duplicate content

The default setup leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to search engine optimization. Content from pages is labeled duplicate by search engines because that content displays in the RSS feed. The same content is also present in three other pages, category, monthly archive and posts unique. Choose the “Summary” option under Options, Reading, Syndication Feeds to eliminate duplicate content in the RSS feed.

One can also use robots.txt, disallowing search engine spiders access to the RSS feed and trackback, avoiding duplicate content. Changing the robots.txt file can result in unexpected behavior for some. Backing up the file prior to altering its contents is a good safety measure. The file can be used to stop spiders from crawling the RSS feed, category and archive pages.

Have a static sitemap

A sitemap indexes important pages, and there are plenty of online sitemap generators that make building a static sitemap ridiculously easy. Two of the more noted sitemap generators are the Sitemap Generator Plugin for WordPress, and the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

Unique content matters

Visitors do not search for duplicate content at your site; they want new ideas. Regular updates of fresh, interesting information or entertainment is what keeps users coming back. It also urges them to alert friends who enjoy that type of content, whatever it may be. Fresh articles or posts keep a site “alive.” Search engine spider algorithms detect regurgitated content and those infractions impact ranking negatively.

Separate title tags and post titles

In a word, the free WordPress plugin SEO Title Tag does the heavy lifting. The plugin is free under the GPL, by the SEO specialists at Covario. SEO Title Tag allows for greater control over meta tags, and effectively stops the interchangeability of title tags and post titles for every title tag on the site. It is important for search engines to crawl as much of the site as possible. Proper navigation among links aids this end.

Linking effectively

Higher ranking sites linking to yours is the kind of linking that matters most. Great content is a big factor in generating a positive online reputation. WordPress takes care of the rest by using trackbacks, pingbacks, and blogrolling tactics to help build an online reputation.

The WordPress Plugin Directory contains 13,806 plugins at the time of this writing. They can be sorted by newest, recently updated, and most popular. Downloaded over 7 million times, the “All in One SEO Pack” is a favorite. It generates meta tags without fuss, and sports a built-in API for extended usefulness. Beginners can use this plugin easily. Advanced users can tweak each and every setting to their hearts’ desire.

In summary, being noticed by search engines is a must for thriving in cyberspace. WordPress makes this task easier with the Plugin Directory, which contains thousands of tools. Reputable sites linking to yours effectively boosts rank, and displaying fresh, interesting content with regularity generates buzz. Watch out for duplicate content mishaps via RSS, and trim code where you can. See you at the top of the search engine results.

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hosting review

One of the most important decision to setting up your blog is to get the best hosting for your blog. Running wordpress has quite a few challenges and if you choose a hosting that does not comply with the requirements of running WordPress, your blog can be a disaster.

I have often seen people asking questions on forums as to which is the best hosting company?

There are numerous companies of reputation out there – Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator and the list goes on and on. How will you decide which of these will be the best one?

My criteria for selecting hosting companies are normally reliability and economy. I would not want to go for a hosting plan that charges a fortune. Neither will I want to compromise on the security of my blog.

But comparing each of these hosting companies on the various criteria can be tedious task and the time that it will consume might prompt you to take that one wrong decision that could spell disaster for your blog.

But not anymore. webhostingclue can be the solution that you have been looking for.

I was surprised to see such an exhaustive list of hosting at one place.

The site is well maintained and managed and comes a breath of fresh air in the otherwise affiliates dominated review sites. Webhostingclue is a one stop shop that can help you find the best hosting website.

One thing that specifically caught my attention was the fact that my quest for economy could also be fulfilled at They had a collection of discount coupons on almost all web hosting companies which you could use to get a handsome discount on your purchase.

They had a very informative section of hosting review which review each hosting company and their plans in detail. So if you wanted to know in detail about the various hosting companies, just browse through to this section and read through these reviews.

They even had an  option of letting users submit reviews of the services from the various hosting companies. This way you could even read a few customer reviews before deciding on which hosting company to go for.

Installing and running WordPress is a matter of a few clicks if your host is good. Some hosting companies, though claim to support WordPress, tend to give a lot of problems when it comes to installing and running wordpress and its themes and plugins.

So if you are looking for a reliable host for hosting your WordPress blog, then can help you there as well. They have a section on the best wordpress hosting plans. Pick from one their recommended hosts and you won’t regret your decision.

With a nice interface and a well managed front end, is a recommended resource for anyone wanting to know about the various hosting companies and their plans.

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