Blogging Tips

Why You Should NOT Start Multiple Blogs at the Same Time?

This is a guest post from Rahil. You can read the guidelines to guest posting on our write for us page. A very common problem with the majority of mankind has always been the ‘impatience’, patience is a virtue, and it pays off in the longer run, everybody knows that but very few are able…

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Wordpress Optimization

How to Optimize your WordPress Blog for Search Engines

WordPress blogs are search engine friendly. However, adding and changing elements can render the site very search engine unfriendly. Here are tips on how to press for top rank, not just avoid being ranked low. By far the simplest method of implementing many SEO best practices for a WordPress blog is by using plugins, and…

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hosting review

How to Find a Good Hosting Plan – Review

One of the most important decision to setting up your blog is to get the best hosting for your blog. Running wordpress has quite a few challenges and if you choose a hosting that does not comply with the requirements of running WordPress, your blog can be a disaster. I have often seen people asking…

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