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Social Media Marketing- How many times small business owners have despised this activity. Indeed a large majority of these people believe that social media marketing is reserved for big businesses and that they simply do not have the time for this. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article we will be covering 5 ways that small business can benefit from social media marketing in order to help you make the most from this new form of marketing.

Information purposes

Sites such as Facebook and Youtube have made it easy for small business to share information about their product. Indeed it does not cost anything to create a page for your business or brand on Facebook whereby you will be able to communicate with your customers. This may allow you to share information about a particular item or some new items at almost no cost.

Similarly you might want to create some videos and post on Youtube to educate your customers on how to use your products effectively or may be even introduce them to some new ways to use your product.

Relationship Building

Social Media websites can also be great when it comes to building relationship with your client. Indeed sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be helpful when it comes to staying connected with your clients and keeping them informed about what is happening in your company. Some clients like to get insider’s information in order to feel part of a business and this can be really helpful for small business to build some kind of loyalty.

Web Traffic

Although having some good search engine ranking can be helpful when it comes to driving traffic to your site, social media websites can also be useful for attracting people to your main site. Just imagine the amount of traffic that you can get if a video that you posted online becomes viral on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. The key here is to make sure that your content is really of good quality and that it shareable material.

Exclusive Discount

Social Media websites makes it easy to build some form of loyalty by offering some exclusive discount. For instance you might want to make use of Facebook places or Foursquare in order to give exclusive discounts for people that check-in via these media. Alternatively you might be interested to share some exclusive coupon to your Twitter followers or your Facebook fans.

The advantage of using social media lies in the fact that your customers can also become marketing agents for you. For example you can ask your customers to retweet your post or suggest your fanpage to your contacts.

Conflict Management

Small business owners can make use of social media websites for resolving problems and conflicts before it gets out of hand. Nowadays customers like to share their problems and issues on the internet whether it is on Facebook or Twitter. By monitoring these social media websites carefully you will be able to discover people that may have some complaints against your products or brands.

By offering the appropriate response you can successfully turn these people around and win them back to you. And the good news is that you can use this circumstance to attract others as you position yourselves as a company that provide true support.


Small business owners can really benefit from social media marketing when it comes to promoting and managing their business. The most interesting part of this activity is that the majority of social media websites is free and will not cost you a dime to get started. The only thing that you will need is some effort and some commitment in order to take full advantage.

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This is a guest post by Nadia. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our write for us page.

With thousands of blogs strewn throughout the internet, it is fairly evident that several misconceptions remain about blogging and its money making potential. Many individuals enter the blogging world hoping to make an easy buck, underestimating just how much work successful and profitable blogging can be.

There are several steps to creating a successful blog (many of which are covered here by Dilip Kumar) that must be taken before any monetary advantages can begin. Blogging requires time, practice, and patience. All too often, an individual will develop a blog and start posting, expecting to become an instant sensation. However, fame and success in the blogosphere come slowly and with much hard work.

While blogging can be a lot of work, it can also be extremely worthwhile. Use these four web applications to help you earn money from your blog.


This application is only for iPad and iPhone users, but it can be extremely useful for understanding web statistics and improving your site’s traffic. Ego provides one convenient and centralized location for you to check all of the web statistics that are important to you and the success of your blog.

Check the amount of hits you have to your website, follow the feed subscription totals that you have, and organize how many Twitter followers you have, all in one easy to use location. Saving bloggers a significant amount of time and stress, Ego can help you keep track of your blog’s popularity without having to login to various websites throughout the web to check statistics. Ego collects all the statistics you need for you and then displays them in one simple interface.

One of the most important aspects of making money from blogging is upping your blog’s traffic. Ego can help you maintain a grasp of where your blog stands and how your blog is progressing.


One of the easiest ways to lose money blogging is by having a site that performs poorly. For technical problems, Pingdom can help. Pingdom will notify you when your blog is not working properly or is down completely. The best way to deter readers from your blog is by running a site that is unreliable. No one wants to visit a site that doesn’t run properly or consistently.

Pingdom will help you monitor your site’s health and keep it up and operating at its fullest capacity, alerting you whenever there are any technical mishaps with your blog.


Though many people overlook its importance, one of the key aspects of a successful blog is attractive design. Many bloggers enter the blogosphere thinking that stellar content can make up for an ugly site. However, with the way in which we utilize the internet aesthetics are as important as substance.

Pantone is an application that can save the design of any site. With multiple features for color inspiration and color scheming, Pantone can help any blogger design the perfect look for their blog. Though this app is a little on the expensive side at almost $10, its design advice could be the key to getting your blog noticed and the paychecks rolling. Use this app to create a beautiful home for your excellent and interesting blog posts.

Though it can be tempting, no blogger can rely only on their writing abilities to make a successful and profitable blog. Make something that is interesting and insightful to read and something that is pleasant to look at for your audience.


This marketing app allows you to comment on all of your various networks from one easy-to-use location. Social networking is a great way to promote your blog and gain more readers.

ShoZu can help you keep track of and manage all of the various social networks you use to market your blog to the public. ShoZu collects all of the comments, messages, and action from your many social networks and displays it to you in one place. You can then use this app to post a picture, video, or text to each network in one step. Successful marketing is key to a money-making blog. Use ShoZu to stay on top of your essential communications between you and your readers.

Any of these apps can help to jumpstart your blog on the path to financial success. Look up any of these apps online to make sure they will be useful for you and your individual situation. Blogging can be both a fun and profitable adventure to embark on. Have patience, accept help, and watch your blog (and pocketbook) grow.

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Learn Guitar NicheOne biggest challenge that most newbie bloggers face at startup is finding a profitable niche. The pain doesn’t end there. Even if they are able to find a good niche after spending some good amount of time, their woes doesn’t end there. The next step involves setting up a website or, a blog with some relevant content on it.

This is precisely what happened to me when I started off. There were thousands of internet marketing GURUS preaching a thousand different ways of making money. But ultimately all of it took the same path. Researching a profitable niche and setting up a website with relevant content. But where to find the content. How to get the blog or, website designed

All of this takes a hell lot of time and if you are not good with HTML and designing, then you might end up paying some good amount of money to get your blog up and running. It could be an uphill task if you are a newbie, not to mention the fact that it would appear difficult to the not so old internet marketers as well.

It is here that I thought of writing a few posts about some good resources. I would be writing a series of posts about some good and handy blog packages that could save you the hard work of finding niches and building websites.

The niche in discussion today is the “Learn Guitar Niche”.

The learn guitar niche has always been one of the most preferred niche. Of all other hobbies, golfing and learning guitar are two niches that will always have a lot of readers and customers. If you search the internet you will find thousands of websites promoting learn guitar lessons.

Clickbank too has a lot of products on learn guitar lessons. I have been in this niche for quite some time and have made a good amount of profit in this niche. The learn guitar niche has always been hot just because of the fact that it is a part of the

This package is a complete blog package with content for your blog which you can choose to rewrite, affiliate offers added into it, a related ebook and a very attractive design.

Most of your work is cut off and all you need to do is install the blog and its contents and start promoting your blog. And for less than $20.00, it is a steal of a deal.

You can check out this package on learn how to play the guitar.

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social media

This is a guest post by Megan. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

I was nervous about wading into the realm of social marketing. At best it sounded like a fad, and at worst it was catering to the lowest common denominator. After all, how is it not considered spam? But this way of connecting is not the passive mailing system of previous decades. It is how the frontrunners – from successful entrepreneurs to multinationals – are communicating and how the rest of the business world will eventually communicate. If you have an e-commerce business, you had better get involved.

One benefit to an e-commerce business is that customers do not have to be local. If potential customers desire the product they don’t have to go to a store. They can live anywhere and in most cases still get access to the product. Furthermore, you can get access to all of these customers and potential customers. This is where social media comes into play. If you do not have a marketing plan to grow and improve your business, it is already dead in the water.

Take advantage of a second benefit of e-commerce: easily and actively connecting to the clientele. Social media often appears as avoiding real work in favor of idling around on the internet, and it certainly can be. However, if we use it as a tool to drive business, then we have a goal and a focus. Your customers or clients are intelligent people; they like to know a person exists behind your virtual storefront. Social media can connect them to something more than a product; maybe they can connect with your vision as well. Use email marketing software to keep customers in touch with your aims and ambitions, promotions, and offers.

Keeping customers involved in your business also keeps you present and accountable. I occasionally receive negative comments, and after that first tense moment, I have learned to step back and weigh the validity of the critique. Is this something that needs to be tweaked, fixed or ignored because it does not fit into my product design? Adding stress to a growing business is not the aim, but receiving feedback is. And email marketing software programs offer various ways to aggregate and quantify this feedback to help form a big picture of the business.

Because there are so many social media venue options to choose from, bring a sense of commitment and a playful attitude as you try different methods and websites. Find what really works for you and your customers. Discover where potential customers congregate on the web and reach out to them. The internet can feel very local, and niches are very specific. The trick is to find or create the niche that is specific to what you have to offer; if you can do that successfully, you will be rewarded with a loyal fan base that’s eager to help spread the word.

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Debt affiliate marketing

This is a guest post by Jason. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting at our write for us page.

Affiliate marketing programs offer you the chance to generate a new stream of income. And in the personal finance world, debt affiliate marketing program has grown in popularity in recent times. If you possess sound knowledge about personal debt related matters, you can easily orchestrate your website so as to earn revenues. You can provide quality services to numerous debtors on a variety of debt related issues such as debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt negotiation and many more things. However, to develop a successful debt affiliate program, you need to properly advertise your debt solutions products. A good debt affiliate program is such that is able to produce high conversion rates for the affiliate partners.

Various types of debt affiliate marketing programs are available at the market place. Here you find brief description about two common types of debt affiliate programs.

Debt consolidation affiliate program

Debt consolidation affiliate marketing program can offer you wonderful opportunity to earn revenue. This allows you the flexibility in working hours and provides you the chance to earn unlimited revenue. The Internet is replete with debt affiliate programs and many of you may find this a worthy business venture to put in your money. Personal debt crisis has become very common – average household carries excessive bills. And quite naturally, the demand for debt reduction programs has gone on rise. Increasing number of individuals is now opting for financial assistance in the form of debt consolidation. Given this situation, the demand for debt consolidation affiliate program has also increased. Usually, for every lead generated, the web host is paid by the debt consolidation affiliate program. There is a host website in place with complete information about financial help. The role of the webmaster is to gather information from the consumer. After gathering information from the consumer, the webmaster passes it to the debt consolidation services cell. For every lead generated, a fee is paid to the finder.

Debt settlement affiliate program

It is frequently seen that many of you opt for debt settlement services to get rid off debts. In fact the idea of opting for debt settlement program to tide over your serious debt situation has become very popular. Given the huge importance of the debt settlement services, the popularity of debt settlement affiliate programs has also gone on the rise. If presently you are engaged in marketing debt resolution services, it makes sense to come to some kind of collaboration with a recognized debt settlement company. The business opportunities associated with debt affiliate marketing program are plenty. Through these programs, you will get the chance to get the required training in the form of webinars and online conferences.

Debt affiliate programs offer you the chance to earn additional money by solving the debt problems of others.

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