social media profiles

This is a guest post by Kelly on how to SEO Optimize your Social media Profiles. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

In online promotion everything process is connected with each other, be it search engine optimization or social media promotion, combining them can help you in building strong online presence and getting desired results.

Below are some tips which can help you get maximum benefits from your social media profiles by SEO optimizing them:

Connect All your Social Media Profiles

There are many social networking sites where we can build our social media profiles. To get the most benefits from each of them, we should connect the profiles with each other. Connecting the profiles enhances the visitors to know about your other profiles. It increases the interaction between the users and company to large extent. The more the users are engaged with the company more is the likeliness of them to convert in sales.

Moreover, connecting several social media profiles gives you the variety in platforms and methods in connecting with their audience, which helps in increasing your audience or online user base. Like on twitter you can attract visitors by tweeting interesting and useful updates about your company and in Facebook you can engage your users by posting cool images, selling them offers running on your site. Linking social media profiles ensures that all the news of your business is spread on several platforms and will reach wider range of audience.

One thing is common that the motive behind all the online promotion efforts is to drive traffic to your site or business. Eventually all the traffic coming to your site is converted into a lead or a sale.

Highlight Your Content

With changing time many new online promotion methodologies and strategies have evolved but one rule remain constant is that “Content is King”. Yes, all the efforts can be fruitful only if your content is good and valuable. But just creating good content is not enough it is useful only when there is someone to read it or gain something from it. Here social networks play vital role in promoting your content. Fresh, unique and valuable content helps in engaging more people to your social media profiles. Promoting your content on social media is also a medium of getting valuable backlinks for your site. Search engines gives value to these links and increase your search engine rankings.

SEO Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Search engines gives ranking to your social media profiles just like they do with any other web pages. There to get high ranking they can be SEO optimized. Add your targeted and relevant keywords to your profile titles, description and tag section. Keywords can be also be added to your info section, biography of the profile. They can also be added in the titles of the post you can make.

About the Author:

Kelly Jones writes for hosted VoIP solutions. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

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advertisementThis is a guest post by Roberta on how to attract blog advertisers. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Advertisers are the useful result of creating and maintaining a blog. Any blogger create a blog to share the useful information to various online internet users. This information sharing will increase the traffic of the blog. So content is the most important thing to attract traffic to your blog which in result will attract the advertisers to your blog. But this is not only factor which attracts the advertisers; there are some more factors that affect to attract advertisers to your blog.

Following are the 5 important factors that attract advertisers to your blog:

Set your Blog Niche Properly

Blog Niche plays an important role to differentiate the advertisements. Advertisers get more attracted towards those blogs having similar niche to their ads. So advertisers will buy an ad spot to your blog only if they find your blog is beneficial for them. So, instead of writing content on general topics one must concentrate on writing the content related to his blog niche to attract more and more advertisers.

Blog Traffic Matters a lot

After blog niche, blog traffic is the second important thing that comes to attract advertisers to your blog. Your site’s daily traffic should be high. If you have a good blog and fresh content but your daily traffic is not enough then it is useless. For getting ads for your blogs, your blog should have a decent amount of daily traffic because every advertiser needs the heavy traffic blog to place his ads which can be easily clicked.

Effective Blog Rankings

Blog Rankings is the third important thing that comes to attract advertisers. There are various types of rankings for your blog like Alexa rank, Google Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Compete Rank, Bounce rate etc. Rankings will show the value of your site or blog in various search engines. It tells your blog’s credibility and weightage. So always work to improve your blog rankings. Higher the rank of blog will attract more advertisers. But in all the above rankings, bounce rate should be as less as possible.

Blog Relevancy

Relevancy acts as the icing on the cake. Place relevant content to relevant categories will glorify your blog and also good for the future of the blog. This will attract the right kind of traffic at right place.

Professional Look of the Blog

Blogs having professional look attracts more advertisers to place ads. So use professional themes and layouts for your blog which are also relevant to the niche of your blog. Generally, white, grey and blue themes reflect professional looks.

All above are some of the essential steps that one should follow to attract more and more advertisers to your blog.

Author Bio:

Roberta Smith is an Entrepreneur who designs and develops solutions for a business. She also writes as a freelancer for a number of online communities and is writing this post for

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video comments

This post is by John Burnside on how to make the most of video commenting.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

I’m sure you will have heard of YouTube by now, it is the third most popular site on the internet (after Google and Facebook) and gets between 3 and 4 billion page views every day.  That is an enormous amount of traffic potential for your blog or website. The obvious way to gain traction on YouTube is with a unique and viral video but with a site with that many views there’s more than one way to get people’s attention.

If you can get YouTube visitors to your YouTube profile page then from there you can direct people to your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account etc. Also because YouTube is owned by Google the backlink love you will get from a strong profile page on YouTube will be well worth the effort.

As bloggers we use words as our weapons and the comments section on YouTube gets a lot of people’s hearts racing just as much as the videos and we can use that to get people’s attention and get our names out there. The key is to aim for the top comment before you even commit a word to the web and give yourself an advantage at getting that elusive top spot so here are a few things that I have learned about what comments gain the most likes.

Keep It Short

One thing that seems very obvious when you start to research the top comments on YouTube is that the vast majority of top comments can fit onto only one line. This could be to the nature of people surfing the internet. Most experienced web users have had years of practice skim reading articles and overlooking adverts and have become very efficient at it. If you can get your message across in one line then it will be read by more people and hopefully catch the eye of your audience.

Know Your Audience and Cater for Them

If you want your comment to be liked by the audience it’s a good idea to know what type of people they are beforehand. The first thing to look at is the video itself and analyze it. What genre does it fall into: music, film, politics, private, viral or any of the other categories? This will give you your first clues.

To take the example of politics, you will have more license to write a long comment (one of the few exceptions to rule one) because people are wanting to find out more about the mood around a particular issue. Also on a political video it tends to help if you have a strong opinion on either side of the argument, if you sit on the fence no one will feel strongly enough about what you are saying to click that coveted like button.

One example I am going to mention is the most popular video on The Guardian (an English newspaper) area of YouTube about police brutality during a protest. The most popular comment on that video is ‘poor policeman hounded for doing his job’. This is a short statement and obviously comes down on one side of the argument. Although I didn’t expect this comment to be top on this video because the guardian has a liberal reader ship this is about popularity, not politics, and gauging the tone of the other comments this commenter has summed up the majority of opinions (there were a lot of banned comments on this video being harsh to the man who was hit) and put it in a clear and non-aggressive way. If you would like to see that video the link is here.

For movie trailers it is a totally different style of comment that consistently takes the top spot. These again are short but importantly take into account the style of the movie. For example, action movie comments have shouting in the majority of the time (conveyed by the use of capital letters). Romantic comedies often have an element of comedy in the comment.  Horror movie trailers also tend to have an element of comedy about them but with a slight sense of the macabre.

The main points here are to first look at the potential audience of the video, then look at the general tone of the comments that have been written previously and go with what’s popular but incorporating your own unique twist on them.

Ask For a Thumbs Up

If you have dabbled in internet marketing at all then you would have probably come across the phrase ‘call to action’ and that’s exactly what you are doing here. Many top comments explicitly ask for a thumbs up if you have performed a certain action for example ‘ thumbs up if ….. sent you here’ or ‘thumbs up if you think …… is awesome’.

This act of giving readers a command makes them more likely on a conscious level to comply. For anyone who is familiar with the famous social psychology experiment performed by Milgram on obedience you will know that humans respond strongly to direct commands.

Show that You Have Watched the Video

There are a few ways to show that you have watched the video in your comment and then give relevant information to anyone reading it. If the comment provides the right kind of either useful or entertaining information then people will thank you by giving you a thumbs up. One way is to put a link within your comment to a particular time in the video with an entertaining moment happening at that time.

If people skip straight to that moment and it gives them a laugh then they will have the comment fresh in their mind and be more likely to interact with that comment. Or to do this in a different way you can comment on a general theme throughout the video that you have picked up on that you think other people watching will have picked up on too. A funny voice that is used or mistakes by the people in the video are often popular themes when it comes to this type of comment.

All it takes to get a top comment on YouTube is a bit of research and a little bit of creativity. Watch the video, read the comments and then apply these techniques to your comment and you will improve your chances of getting it noticed. Once you start putting some thought into it you will have an advantage over people who are commenting merely for fun.

Do you have any comments that have become top on any YouTube videos? Did you find that it brought you extra traffic to your blog?

About the Author:

This post was written by John Burnside, an expert in the making money and Internet marketing niche. To read more of his content or find out about ways to make money online, please visit his blog Money in minutes.

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cloud computingThis is a guest post by Danielle on the Safety of Cloud Computing. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Cloud computing has allowed us to use computers in a completely different way — now, we are no longer restricted to a specific device in order to access our files, e-mail and the Internet.

With cloud computing, people are able to leave work knowing that they can use their smart phone to access important documents that evening, and others can leave their home knowing that their favorite photos are accessible on their tablet as well.

And while cloud computing has proved to be convenient and beneficial, it has also brought on a whole new set of worries regarding privacy and security. When marketing professionals are utilizing cloud computing for their clients, it is important to keep in mind the importance of security when it comes to client’s information.

For marketing professionals, cloud computing has opened up a new world of possibilities. Cloud computing allows a marketing professional to work with a client 24/7, and to not be restricted by location. The marketer can communicate with a client and create a document, and the client can immediately see that document from a mobile device or stationary computer, as long as the client is part of the cloud.

It’s a new opportunity for marketing firms to manage their time in the best way possible, while still being able to serve their clients to the best of their ability as well.

While this is easily a benefit for clients, it is also a concern. Cloud computing could put their personal information — including account information and passwords — at risk. Marketing professionals need to make sure all their cloud computing networks are encrypted, so that people who are not authorized cannot access the cloud.

This is where vCloud computing comes into play. This cloud computing software allows businesses — including those in the marketing industry — to operate using several different clouds simultaneously.

The vCloud platform allows businesses to have different clouds for different purposes. For instance, they can have a public cloud for all their public documents that users can easily access no matter where they are or what device they are using. In addition to that public cloud, businesses can have several different private clouds set up.

This way, a marketing professional can have one cloud for one specific client — and the private encryption allows them to share documents and information without worrying that an unauthorized person or party can easily access it. This cloud platform is a breakthrough for those in the industry, because it allows them to maximize their efficiency and reap the full benefits of cloud computing without the fear of privacy or security concerns.

While all new development in technology is exciting, it can also be a little scary. But in this day in age, marketing professionals have to quickly move with the changing times and adapt to the latest and greatest in computing. Today, that means using cloud computing.

By utilizing the cloud, marketing professionals will be able to do their jobs while still protecting their clients’ information. Because first and foremost, a marketer must be thinking of their client and trying to do the best job they can do for that particular customer.

Privacy and security are always main concerns when it comes to working with a new company, so having access to a cloud computing system that affords clients the luxury of ease of public access with the safety of private secure clouds as well is a great benefit to clients.

It is something that a marketing company and marketing professionals can utilize and promote, ultimately helping them grow and become more successful in one of the most competitive and fasting changing industries of our time.

About the author:

Danielle is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in blogging about education and professional development.

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user experienceWebsite design is a tricky subject to master, and keeping a user’s attention on the page is even trickier. The average computer user/ website visitor is a finicky creature. They like things that are easy to digest both visually and cognitively.

A website visitor likes websites that are aesthetically enjoyable, easy to understand, navigate or interact with and either informative, entertaining or highly functional (depending on the intention of the site).

The best, and most popular, websites on the internet have the aspects previously mentioned in common.

How to Ruin You Website’s User Experience -

The practices mentioned below are the practices you should AVOID when designing a website or, else these could ruin your website’s user experience.

Using too many “sign up” or “sign in” options.

Too many options will result in confusion, which then ultimately results in fewer visitors to your site.

Imposing a limit on the length of a visitor’s password.

When signing in, it is best to avoid limiting a password to a certain amount or type of characters, especially if there is no financial risk involved (i.e. someone couldn’t hack the account and cause financial troubles for the user). Again, simplicity is crucial and having to come up with too complicated of a password will result in fewer visitors to the website.

Sending confirmation e-mails.

Sure, some sites may need confirmation e-mails, but most do not. So be mindful of whether or not a confirmation e-mail in necessary for your website.

Using a confusing format.

Always keep in mind that the website needs to be user-friendly, so always try to keep in mind basic design principles, such as hierarchy of information and an easy-to-navigate home page that sticks to the basics and does not get too fancy.

Don’t get to know your visitors.

Just as a writer must always keep their audience mind, so too does a web designer. Become familiar with what your visitors likes, age, gender and race. All of those demographics will become useful in choosing the content and overall feel of the website.

Provide sub-par content.

Websites do not get popular just because they look pretty. In the end, the visitor is coming to your site looking for useful, engaging, unique and informative content.

Become stale.

In today’s modern age, in which a visitor’s attention span is ever-shrinking, freshness is the name of the game. A popular website must continuously update itself with a new look and new content.

Being boring.

Very few things will perturb a visitor more than a boring, uncreative website design. Even if the site has the greatest content available, a visitor will close the window at the drop of a dime if the design and ease of use of the website is not up to snuff. So try to be fun, imaginative and on the cutting edge of website design.

Ignore user feedback.

If a visitor takes the time to let you know what they liked or did not like about your website, you need to listen. The information gathered from user feedback forms will clue you into how to achieve some of the goals listed above. Keep in mind that detractors are generally more vocal than protractors, so don’t let the negativity effect your psyche. Understand that you’re going to receive more negative than positive feedback, correct for the issues and move forward.


The longer spent thinking instead of doing can put your website at a huge disadvantage. Taking action is the name of the game. If there’s a tweak that needs to be made or stale content that needs to be removed, don’t delay!

The ideas above are relatively common, but so too are the number of website designers or operators who ignore them. We get wrapped up in working on what we want to do and forget to bring it back to the basics and check to make sure we aren’t making common mistakes.

About the Author:

Jonathan Martin works principally as a Seattle Magento developer, but also assists clients with end to end website design and development. His years in the industry have taught him that the simple mistakes are often the most common.

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tablet appsThis is a guest post by Roberta on useful tablet apps. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

A recent survey conducted among small business owners by the Forbes magazine has revealed that 28% small business owners are already enjoying the benefits of a tablet. Moreover, 48% have designated the tablet as the next essential gadget they wish to buy with laptops arriving at a close second at around 41%.

Clearly, small business entrepreneurs are waking up to the advantages brought forth by these fine gadgets. Primarily, tablets are being highly preferred by small business entrepreneurs on account of their mobility and functionality. Even as they are light and easy to carry along everywhere, tablets perform most of the essential functions of a laptop! Besides, there are some truly impressive apps for making the lives of entrepreneurs simpler.

Therefore, if you wish to leverage the advantages of a tablet, reading on some of the vital apps you can use would be clearly useful.

Some Useful Tablet Apps for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Some of these apps can come in very handy to most small business entrepreneurs. Though it might not be as useful to any and everybody, it is worth knowing where they can help.

Let us look at a few such apps -

The Office Suite Tablet Apps

Just like the laptop, a tablet should never be without an Office Suite. There are several suites available that can add power to your presentations, spreadsheets and word processing. Besides, they are absolutely easy to use as well!

Some examples of Office Suites would include the “Documents to Go” for the Blackberry PlayBook, Quickoffice that caters to various platforms, or the web version of the popular Google Docs, that’s absolutely free.  You can use it on Android tablets or, on the Safari browser on iPad.

Remote Desktop Apps

As we get more and more acclimatized with the tablets, our usage of computers is likely to reduce. However, there could always be instances where you would require access of apps or files from your personal computers. Thankfully, there are remote desktop apps on your tablets that can provide direct access to these files, from the tablet itself.

These apps would allow you to grab apps and files and run these from remotest of locations. Examples could be the Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad and Android that works both on Mac and PC.

Travel Organizer Apps

If you are small business entrepreneur, travel would certainly be a part of your life. And frequent traveler would require you to remain organized and keep all your information in a single storage, in order to avoid associated hassles.

Thankfully, there are apps like TripIt and WorldMate that can help you in organizing your travel. They would manage everything from car rentals to flight timings, for your benefit. Besides, they would also enable you to book accommodations for cheap.

Browsing Apps

Browsing the net is a must for your business requirements and other associated needs. The Safari app on the iPad works like a true dream, allowing you to navigate smoother and faster. Android phone users also find the Firefox browser app and Dolphin app ideal.

Handwriting Apps

Given the fact that small businesses would involve loads of paperwork, handwriting apps for creating digital notes on your tablet are just what you need. Popular ones include PenUltimate in iPad and Antipaper on android tablets.

Therefore, tablets make the lives of small business entrepreneurs easier in more ways than one. And with so many tablet variants in the market to select from, you would be spoilt for choice!

About the Author

Roberta Smith writes for Check the site to get comparison and reviews of leading sip provider, voip providers and voip phone services.

Don’t forget to tell us which tablet apps do you think are making a difference in the way you do business.

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successful blog

This is a guest post by Caeden on the characteristics of a successful blog. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Building a blog and maintaining it looks like a very simple thing to do and probably that is why a lot of people jump into blogging when they hear that they can make money blogging.

But, is blogging that simple?

It, in fact is a very simple thing to do unless we decide to complicate it for ourselves.

Let us look at some of the characteristics of a successful blog.

The four common features of high ranking, high traffic blogs

There are no secrets to a successful blog. In fact the four common features of high ranking, high traffic blogs are so well known that there’s almost zero excuse why every blogger is not swimming in traffic in their niche market.

However, the marketing company I work for has made their bread and butter from business owners who didn’t have the time or resources to create and maintain a quality blog, let alone read about the common features of one. They trusted us to ensure these 4 characteristics were met on their blogs and drawing the appropriate traffic as a result.

For newbie bloggers, it’s important to know what you’re getting into with blogging and what’s expected of you—from the search engines and from your potential readers as well.

Here are the 4 common characteristics of a successful blog:

Walk the talk

The first characteristic of any successful blog is for the blogger to be knowledgeable about what he or she is writing. An internet audience can smell foul pretty fast when it comes to a blogger faking it.

And they’re not afraid to call them out on it and tarnish a few reputations here and there either. So be honest with your audience. Don’t claim to know more than you actually do, just blog about what you know until you gain the proper knowledge or experience to blog about that.

After all, blogging is a journey of sorts, and your goal is to create a community of trust with your readers.

Patience is a blogging virtue

Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither will your blog! Successful bloggers are patient simply because they don’t expect a million readers in their first week of launch.

The successful bloggers are the ones that know that their efforts will pay off in time. They also learn to appreciate the small things—a few new readers, a few new blog comments, a few new page referrals, until their blog becomes popular.


To draw an audience and keep them thoroughly engaged you must develop a personality online. Your blogging voice should reflect you—a style, personality, and tone. Learn to infuse that personality into your blog by writing conversationally (like you talk).

Show your readers your personal side by sharing stories from your life as examples in your blog articles. Personality creates devotion on blogs. After all, if readers feel like they know you, they will more likely feel a bond with you and keep coming back.

Communicate with your readers

Blogging is not a one way street. You can’t expect to put all of your information out there and have readers take it in without commenting, asking questions, or providing alternative opinions on the topic. Blogging is all about communicating and the internet provides an instant two-way medium for conversing and networking with your readers.

If a visitor reads a blog post and leaves a comment, that’s a plus for you. Give them the respect of replying or answering their question to the best of your knowledge (or providing resources when you can’t. It’s also nice to receive a thank you for feedback.

About The Author

Caeden M MacGregor who is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a Vancouver internet marketing company that specializes in blogging on viral marketing, social media, and internet marketing tips and techniques. Caeden has written for numerous blogs in a variety of fields ranging from software to fitness, and from gourmet food to travel.

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customer survey

This is a guest post by Sam on the importance of customer surveys. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Customer surveys are an essential way for a brand to open a dialogue with its consumers. There are several ways to conduct a meaningful survey, and a few considerations will make the most out of any customer survey that is held.

Timing is crucial. Most businesses prefer to gauge their clients’ reactions directly after the business encounter. This provides for immediate feedback and lets consumers know their opinions are important.

Here are five secrets that allow any company to open a conversation between consumers and their brand.

Timing is everything

Timing is crucial for customer surveys. The particular timing depends on the nature of the business or industry. Fast food restaurants often put survey cards right on the tables in their dining rooms. Giving consumers a chance to provide immediate feedback is a great idea.

It allows a chance for clients to begin a personal relationship with a brand, and gives companies an opportunity to improve the things that they offer. Including survey cards at the time of a purchase is one secret to generating brand image and loyalty.

Open-ended questions

Designing the questions in a customer service survey is also essential. There are many standard forms that can easily be found on the Internet. However, the best questions need to be determined by the individual goods and services that are provided.

Open-ended questions give consumers a chance to provide feedback. Giving consumers a chance to tell what they value about their encounter with a brand ensures positive association.

Follow up

Surveys are only meaningful, if they are followed through. Finding the right time to follow through with surveys is a prime consideration. Calls or thank-yous are a great way to offer clients appreciation for taking time from their busy lives to fill out surveys.

A lot of shoppers will never even bother to waste the time on surveys, and providing incentives is another way to ensure satisfaction. Giving a discount with the submission of the survey is one way to create a positive feedback loop.

Keep surveys short and simple

Ten or twenty questions are plenty for a good customer survey. Using a variety of multiple choice and open-ended questions is one way to ensure that shoppers do not have to take up a lot of their time answering the questionnaire. Only a few questions are really required for an accurate view anyway.

Learning more about the things that were liked during the buying encounter is a common focus. Getting constructive criticism is another goal of most surveys, and questions can be geared towards learning how a business can improve its products and customer service.

Segment surveys

Using more than one survey can create more insight into each transaction. Having a survey for paying and non-paying customers is essential. Two detailed surveys can then be viewed later to get an accurate picture of market share. Learning why some visitors are not loyal customers is another benefit found with segmenting surveys.

Creating a conversation between shoppers and a brand is one of the focuses of customer service surveys. Studies have shown that a five percent increase in customer retention can lead to profits which are as much as 95 percent higher. Customer’s surveys are an integral component of loyalty and positive brand images. There are several things that make it easy to create great surveys that provide meaningful feedback.

About the Author:

Sam is a contributing writer for the digital marketing agency Quick Sprout, where he has learned a variety of techniques from Neil Patel.

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This is a guest post by Rosie on effective business marketing campaigns. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Steady growth, increased market share and a loyal customer base are the basic goals of any new business. An effective marketing campaign that focuses on specific business objectives helps ensure stability and financial success in a time-conscious manner. Being current, however, is a continuous process that requires regular re-evaluation of business goals.

The following 10 marketing campaign tips help create a marketing campaign that establishes a clear pattern for success.

Basic Internet Marketing Strategies:

Let us look at some basic internet marketing strategies -

Create a Unique Logo:

As the business grows, name recognition becomes a vital asset. Use colors and graphics that best reflect the personality of the products or services being offered.

Develop a Website that Reaches Customers:

Even the smallest one-man operation should have Internet presence that can be accessed by potential clients. Hiring a web designer familiar with SEO techniques could lead to new business. Be sure to carefully check the website for facts before release.

Focus on a Specific Target Audience:

The most profitable marketing campaigns are geared toward a specific age group, ethnicity, region or other demographic statistic. As the business expands, the targeted audience can follow suit.

Use a Positive Approach:

By demonstrating actual benefits of the product or service, the customer can visualize the value for their money. If the competition is used in a comparison, avoid negative comments and substitute positive benefits.

Be Quick to Respond:

Include a customer contact source and respond ASAP with an email or phone call if appropriate. If the potential for a sale is not obvious, file the information for future use but don’t continually harass the potential client with unwanted calls. A weekly or monthly electronic newsletter is an unobtrusive method for advertising that most people will tolerate.

Local Business Marketing Campaigns:

Points to look at from the perspective of a local business are as follows -

Offer Discounts and Coupons:

Everyone loves a bargain and today, many people refuse to pay full retail price for products or services. Even a 10% discount can be an incentive that will bring the customer to you instead of the competition.

Spread the Word:

Newspaper advertising is not dead yet. Consider running an ad in a local weekly or daily paper, particularly if the business is under new management or opening at a different location.

Interact in the Community:

For small businesses, the local community centers are the ideal place to begin a marketing campaign. Visit all of the nearby businesses to check for locations to place business cards, flyers or products.

Global Marketing Challenges:

Some things to do in order to counter global marketing challenges are as follows -

Be Innovative:

If international sales are a factor, check out the competition first and create a unique and memorable look. Focus on Internet sales and polish the website to include language translations.

Consider a Sponsorship:

If the budget allows, sponsoring a team or charitable organization can result in substantial gains. Make abundant use of the logo with promotional gifts and souvenirs.

Before a marketing campaign goes into full gear, it’s a good idea to review specific goals such as whether the main objective is to generate new leads or to increase sales. Targeting a specific audience will also help set the strategy in motion.

The final consideration should be cost; make sure that there is a budget for advertising in the financial business plan. For inspiration, the marketing campaigns shown at prospectmx have a proven success record.

Rosie writes for Aon Hewitt – the global leader in human capital consulting and outsourcing solutions. Their auto enrolment guide is available to download for free. They are specialist consultants in total reward and HR solutions.

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my mobile money pages review

Before I start this My Mobile Money Pages review, let me tell you a little about Andrew Fox. In about 2008, I was browsing the internet and I found an ad on a website saying, “Make Money Online in 10 minutes”. My search all of a sudden took a new route and all I was searching for was “how to make money online”.

The result was about 23 ebooks, half a dozen softwares and 3 memberships. And I started making money online! Or, so you thought?

No, it was not that fairy tale a story. I did not make a penny for almost 7 months. That was when I met one of this guy on the internet who said he was willing to give me a book that I could read and that he will not charge me a penny. But if I made some money, I had to buy the book from his affiliate link. I agreed and that is when I got a book from Andrew Fox titled something like “Affiliate X Factor”.

That was my first true guide on affiliate marketing and 40 days from finishing the book I made my first dollar on the internet.

Sounds too good to be true?

A few days back Andrew launched another product called “My Mobile Money Pages”. These days I am bit too much fascinated by mobile marketing (I am still working on a new blog on this topic as well) and so it made all the more sense to look at this product and review it. That is how I decided to write this my mobile money pages review.

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My Mobile Money Pages Review – The Product

What is this product from Andrew Fox? Let us first look at some of the aspects of the product before we get into the real my mobile money pages review.

Mobile marketing is taking the world by storm. With an estimated 5.2 million mobile phone users and growing, it makes sense to market to this population.

Today mobile phone have become an integral part of anybody’s life. Just imagine your state of mind if you happen to go out without your mobile phone? People sleep with their phones beside their pillows and the first thing they look at in the morning is their mobile phone as they check their text messages or, emails.

Andrew in his product is targetting just this population. With mobile internet becoming faster and people taking to browsing more and more on their smart phones, this product looks at giving them what they are looking for.

It basically creates webpages for mobile phone with affiliate products and adsense ads blended into it, in a breeze and then does all of the marketing required to promote it.

So that’s about the product. Now let us move onto the real my mobile money pages review.

The My Mobile Money Pages Review

We thought we will start our “my mobile money pages review” with a review of the sales page. There was nothing different about it but we wanted to see if Andrew will do it differently. No joy.

The sales page has a presentation as usual for these products and a voice-over actor narrating it. Once you click on the order button and complete your purchase you will see a couple of up-sells which is once again a norm in all internet marketing products. We decided to fore-go one of it and bought the other.

This was a software product and we are always slightly wary of all software products, especially in the IM niche. The interface of the product was pretty simple and has a few text boxes and some buttons. It was extremely simple to use it and we found no challenge in using it even though we did not read the manuals or, guides. We were impressed at our “my mobile money pages review”.

Another aspect that we were very impressed with in our my mobile money pages review was the keyword research option that was available in the software. Unlike normal keyword research tools, this tool focuses on brand new buyer keyword searches. Not sure what algorithm they use, but it worked and we at my mobile money pages review were impressed.

We were able to create about 11 pages in 20 minutes and that includes keyword research as well.

Now for the results. The first dollar earning showed up in our affiliate account in about 22 hours. In the next 24 hours we had the following results -

  • $312 from Amazon Products
  • $43 from Adsense

That was pretty decent considering the fact that we only spent about 30 minutes on this entire thing.

My Mobile Money Pages review – The Verdict

The verdict was clear. The interface and the software as such looked very crude, but it could do the job. At the end of the day my objective is to earn some money and I was able to do that.

It is a high recommend from the my mobile money pages review team.

Check out the product here.

Do tell us your opinion about our “My mobile money pages review”.

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