getting past gmail tabs

Since the time Gmail introduced the tabs in their mail service about an year back, marketers are faced with a challenge – How to get past the “Promotions” tab in their subscribers’ mails?

Gmail revamped its mail service some time back. While there were a lot of  changes which were very refreshing, there were some that were a welcome change for the users, but not so welcome for the senders, primarily if you are a marketer. Gmail introduced 3 default tabs in their mail dashboard. These were Primary, Social and Promotions tabs. Some of your might find the Updates and Forums tabs as well depending upon the mails that were there in your mailbox when the changes were done. You can read more about these tabs at the Google help page.

The name of the tabs pretty much gives you an idea as to what mails will get classified into each of these tabs. So if you are a marketer and you are sending promotional emails to your subscribers, it is likely that your email might end up in the “Promotions” tab in your subscriber’s mailbox. How this happens is a topic that can be covered in another post. But in a nutshell, the possibilities are -

  • Gmail filters emails coming from specific sending services like aweber, getresponse etc.
  • Emails with an unsubscribe link at the bottom could be the ones that are filtered.
  • Emails that have more than a specific number of links in their body could be the ones that are filtered.

Except for the 3rd point above, none of the others are something that you have a control over. Even if you were to reduce the number of links in your emails (which is a direct impact on your promotions), you could still end up in the “Promotions” tab. So how to get over with this problem.

While there is no specific game plan, below are some things that have worked for me. I saw about 27% increase in my email open rates for emails sent specifically to gmail users.

A tweaked Thank You Page

This is a very effective method and I found a lot of success with this one. All you need to do is replace your thank you with a slightly tweaked thank you page.. Something similar to the one below.

getting past the gmail tabs

Here are some tweaks that I recommend.

  • Start with a usual “Thank you” message. If you are using double-optin, then you might want to tell your subscribers about the process of “confirming their subscription”.
  • Since you are not just targeting the Gmail users, your page should slightly be tweaked with something like a question, “Are You Using Gmail?” followed by explaining the process to move the emails from the promotions tab to the primary tab.

This puts across a perspective and narrates a course of action that the subscribers are to take post opting in to your squeeze page. Psychologically it is proven that if you set across the steps of action that somebody is to take, there is a better chance of them following the steps.

Using a Brand Image

Auto-responder services like aweber give you an option of adding a brand image in your list settings. This is a very handy feature. You can get a nice little image designed which has your brand logo in it and some simple instructions on how to move emails from the “Promotions” tab to the “primary” tab.

Segmenting Gmail Users

I started off with segmenting Gmail Users in my list. The reason I did it initially was to see how the open rates were affected with the change in Gmail settings. But later I started following a different strategy for the Gmail users. One of which was something that worked the best for me.

It was a two-fold strategy that I followed.

I added a small message on my thank you pages, specifically targeting Gmail users, telling them that they have to open the email that they receive from me and reply to it to get access to the download link.  Then I set my AR sequence in such a way that the download link was sent to the subscriber on the 2nd or, the 3rd day.

Constant to and fro interaction is something that prompts Google to move emails from the promotions tab to the primary tab. Though I am not a pro in evaluating how their algorithm works, my wise-enough guess taught me that it was interactions that impacted the tab that your email landed in.

The 2nd strategy was something where I took the help of a techy friend of mine. Using some simple automation, I redirected Gmail users once they opted in to a different thank you page, something similar to the one I discussed in the above paragraph. I even added a small incentive, if the subscriber replied and forwarded the message that they got from me. This in turn resulted in engagement from their part and a consequent categorization of my address as one that can go into the “Primary” tab.

While these strategies do not guarantee results, we have seen a noticeable improvement in the open rates by following one or, all of these.

As an ending note, let me also put across the fact that it is extremely important that you use a good email address that appears real. Something like a [email protected] is an acceptable email address as compared to [email protected]

Don’t forget to comment and let us know, if you have a different strategy that you follow. Also please do share the post if you liked it.

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mailEmail sending is used for a variety of requirements and it is only the Globe Extensive Web that has created plenty of options for individuals in this regard. This assistance is usually provided by a personal or a company, who is specific in providing about a lovely relationship between companies and their customers. Although, plenty of organizations offer different types of solutions in this area, they can offer an excellent small bit of support to a business owner, who is doing home-based organization as if they is situated in a widely known city. For example, organizations offering UK Mail Forwarding will offer the small business owner or even a personal with a UK emailing deal with.

Through the organizations offering UK mail sending assistance, plenty of money can be stored by the individual. This is because when they have a UK emailing deal with they can well place buys for products in UK on the net retailers. Usually, the cost of products will be smaller in these shops as compared to any regional shop. So, when they could buy from these shops that provide products only for their customers with proper UK deal with, they can reduce costs on his buys. One time they have bought from a UK web shop, they can offer the deal with provided by the mail sending organization on taking a look at.

The products requested by the individual will be sent to the regional factory of the organization that offers US program sending to UK. After getting the products in their factory, the organization will be delivery the program to the slots. Then, the products will be sent to the slot in the U. K. Empire. From this slot, the products will be sent to the actual deal with of the individual in the U. K. Empire.

For obtaining this assistance, it is not necessary that they ought to actually be living in the U. K. Declares. Even, individuals from the U. K. Empire or any other world can get this assistance. This means that these organizations offer UK offers sending to UK as well. This signifies that when an individual actually from the U. K. Empire wishes to receive products from a web shop from the U K, they can contact the companies offering this assistance. On applying with the net site of these organizations, they will be provided with a UK deal with. They can buy products from the United Kingdom web shop with the help the deal with provided.

Establishing specialist mail sending solutions is designed to assist various business owners by linking the gap between them and their customers. These excellent solutions offer a full mailing deal with or a PO Box number where a post can be provided and handled and may even be submitted on to a deal with. Obtaining specialist E-mail Forwarding London, UK assistance can make you free from offering a deal with and in turn help small-business owners, and self-employed individuals reverse the issue of information protection as the family-home does not must be detailed. This is a fabulous resource to maintain comfort no matter whatever organization you are managing tiny or medium; mail sending assistance will absolutely help you any time.

Much recommendation can be given if a individual is willing to flourish his/her organization, even if a individual is thinking about organization of new workplaces at plenty of places to grow in the market, then this would not be feasible for him because resources may not be sufficient. In that case require not worry about the organization of actual office. With the progression in expertise, human had found Exclusive Offices with mail sending solutions, which are very popular these days, as these solutions have performed an important part in the development and growth of the organization.

Know Your Guest Author:

This Article is written by Jacob Marsh

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List Building is one the key aspects of an internet marketing business. While most newbie internet marketers struggle with it, some others manage to build a satisfactory list, but fail to maintain it.

Reason – Unsubscribes…

List unsubscribes is not uncommon but what could be uncommon is the rate at which they unsubscribe.

In this video, I show you a few simple and easy to implement tips that will help you in reducing the email unsubscribes. This will not work if you do not implement it. So the key to getting the best out of this video is to go there and do it.

Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts by commenting below. You can even ask me any questions that you might have by commenting in here.

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Here is the footer that I talk about in this video:


IMPORTANT: You had subscribed to be on this List. Do Not Unsubscribe!

I do my best to send ONLY Quality Content and Offers to You.

If you no longer wish to receive updates, please use the unsubscribe link at the

very bottom of this email.

However, I highly recommend you do not unsubscribe, because you’ll miss out on daily FREE marketing downloads, carefully picked recommendations and various no cost gifts!

But If you think I am sending a little too many emails you can

subscribe to my premium once-a-week only newsletter by clicking here:

===> youralternatelinkhere

You are FREE to edit this and customize it according to your requirements.

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Email marketing Conversion

Starting an email marketing campaign can help you with your leads and your business, as well as increasing your sales. Here are four of the most important metrics in email marketing, and how you can use each to your advantage to create the most successful email marketing campaigns you can.

Bounce Rate -

Bounce rate is classified two ways: soft bounce and hard bounce. Soft bounce describes any emails that were returned because of server errors or a full inbox – so outside sources for email errors. Hard bounce rate occurs when there is something wrong with your email addresses or your list.

Many analytics programs will give you both metrics,  but you should focus on your hard bounce rates. A high hard bounce rate might cause your address to be marked as a spam email. To fix this problem, try changing your subject lines, staying away from words that are typical “spam words”, or send the emails at different times.

It also helps to clean up your email list and remove any email address that is marked invalid.

Open Rate -

This metric can give you some great analytical data, but tread lightly – some of the numbers could be misleading. Email open rate is the number (often represented by a percentage) of people who received your email campaign and then opened it.  It’s important to track because this is the first step to email success (after all, people can’t act on an email they haven’t opened!)

Campaigns are tracked using a tiny pixel, and each time it’s loaded, that accounts as an “open”. Overall, studies have found that the average open rate is 20% for most email campaigns. However, open rate is a somewhat unreliable metric. Many email clients don’t’ consider the email “open” unless all the images are downloaded from the server, and if the recipient is behind a firewall or has images turned off from their email client, it could skew the numbers considerably.

Open rate in this fashion doesn’t take into considerations the individuals who have chosen a text-only email or are reading their email from their smartphone

Click through and Conversion Rate -

These metrics are arguably the most important email analytics you can have.  Click through rate tells you how many people clicked through from your email to your website or landing page. The conversion rate will tell you how many people are doing what you want them to do as a result of reading your email and clicking through.

Whether your goal is to drive traffic to a website, encourage readers to download a free eBook or take advantage of a special offer, its in your best interest to track the success of your conversion rate. The two stand side-by-side to give you a bigger picture of your email campaign’s success.

Your email’s goal should be very clear – use big, bold font or an eye-catching image and use a link to a landing page that you can track. Make sure the form or signup is easy to read and uncomplicated.  Improve your conversion rate by re-writing your action items, changing the font, adding content or removing content – the conversion rate performance will be the indicator to tell you if its’ working or not.

Also, take in to consideration the difference between the click through and the conversion rates – if there is a huge difference between the two, there may be a problem.

Historical Comparison -

Metrics on their own are great, but if you’re not comparing them to a previous campaign, you wont’ see where you need to improve.  Make sure you keep track of your previous campaigns in a spreadsheet or document to see the changes in your individual metrics. Choose a few key metrics to improve each time and take each campaign as they come.

Know Your Guest Author

Robert Woodford has been writing about email topics, including email campaign management, for more than 10 years. When not writing, you can find Robert at home with his family or practicing his jazz guitar skills.


DKSpeaks recommends aweber for all your Email Marketing Needs. You can start off for $1.00 today. Sign up here.

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email marketing tipsYou have already made the biggest and most important step. You have started looking for advice and researching ways to get started with email marketing. This is the one thing that so many people fail to do, and is one of the reasons why so many people fail in their attempts to create an email marketing campaign. They assume that email is free, adverts are adverts, so send some out and you will get sales back.

If it were that easy then the whole world would be doing it. You should find out about what the law has to say about email marketing. Does your state have a certain law against email marketing (Spam laws, unauthorized contact)? You should find out what the law says before you proceed.

Get a legitimate mail list

Do not buy a mail list from a black market trader, or even from a legitimate online site. If you are lucky then 15% will be real people, and the rest will have come from email addresses that the company has set up for free. You will be posting your adverts to nowhere for no reason. Plus it is illegal in Europe to email someone if they have not agreed twice.

There are similar laws in America, along with other additional bi-laws for each state. You should start an opt-in system. A person must have to agree twice and click an activation link that you send them before they are sent your emails/newsletters. Not only does this ensure that you follow the law, it also ensures that the people who receive your emails are those who actually want to hear from you (which is half the battle).

Research into the mistakes of others

You are not the first person to ever try an email marketing campaign. There are books, articles and websites crammed with ways that other companies have tried and failed at creating a usable and workable email marketing campaign. You should look into what they did wrong, not what they did right.

Why? Because nobody is going to tell you the true secrets to success. Nobody is going to write a book and tell you all their secrets on how to make love, how to be a great manager, how to make loads of money. People aren’t stupid. If you knew a secret that made you irresistible to women (or men), would you sell the secret? Would you put up banner adverts advertising your secret?

Or would you keep it to yourself and enjoy the benefits? People on the other hand will quite happily be honest about their failures and mistakes. Learn from what others did wrong.

Use an email sending service or tool

This is a tool or a service that will allow you to send bulk emails to a mail list. If you are clever then you will get yourself one that you can schedule, so that you can work on your newsletter each month and then have the automated system send it out on the same day every month. This tool is important because the alternative is very undesirable. Let’s say that you try to email people from your personal account.

You will have to do it one at a time, otherwise the people you send the messages to will be able to see the email addresses of the other people on the list. This is going to take you a lot of time. There is also the fact that most personal email account providers will cancel your account if they think you are sending marketing or spam messages to people.

Your email-marketing tool should allow you to upload your email advert. Once it is uploaded the tool should go down your email list and email very person on the list–one at a time.

Craft an advert that is tailored to your recipient

If you have a mail list from people who bought your weed whackers and people who bought your candles then send them each a different message. Send the weed whacker purchaser some adverts on green houses, bug repellant or fertilizer.

Send the candle purchaser some adverts on giftware and assorted home decorations. Do not use one advert for all, or your mail will end up in the junk file.

Know Your Guest Author:

My name is Sonia Jackson. I represent the web-site We’ll help you to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers in a short time; we’ll answer all your questions and give you useful advices.

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Email Marketing and BloggingBlogging for increased business is a provable practice. Combined with email marketing, a small business can make blogging work even better. You may not have considered email marketing because it’s often thought of as spam, or coupons, rather than true marketing by some. But the fact is, Email marketing is for all types of businesses, not just big corporations and spammers.

It works for all types of small business and is a great way to compliment your blogging efforts. 50% of subscribers to email lists, according to Nielsen, trust the information they receive from their subscription. This means that email marketing is a viable and worthwhile endeavor for most small businesses. It gets results!

What Is Email Marketing?

Typically, email marketing encompasses readers subscribing, by providing their email address, and “double opting in” to receive regular emails, content and newsletters from you. You’ll need a service such as MailChimp, Aweber or other email marketing apps to perform email marketing most efficiently. You’ll be able to send a variety of content with links and images with such a service to your subscribers. You’ll have to pay a monthly fee based on the volume of email sent as well as how many subscribers you have.

Offering some sort of incentive to get people to sign up for your email marketing campaigns, such as a free eReport, or cents off coupon is helpful, allowing you to get happy and enthusiastic subscribers. However, some people who sign up for freebies are just doing it to get the free item, so offering a topnotch newsletter full of interesting and relevant content can suffice too. You know your market better than anyone so do what you feel will work for them.

What Can Email Marketing Do For Your Business?

Keep Readers & Customers Updated – It’s simple to keep your readers and customers updated via a regular weekly newsletter sent via email. Include the most popular or important blog posts from the previous week, include a few extras, and they’ll be happy to receive your email.

Promote New Products or Events — Send out an email to subscribers each time you have a new product, event or promotion.  If you’ve done a good job keeping in touch with your subscribers, they will respond well.

Reach a New Audience — If you make your email marketing interesting and allow your subscribers to share your mailings with others, you’ll reach people who don’t use social media to find out about your blog.

Stay In Customers & Readers Minds — Email marketing allows you to stay in your customers and readers minds in between times that they visit your blog or storefront.

Five Tips for Email Marketing Success:

Success at email marketing campaigns is easy if you know the basics. These tips below can help you with it -

  1. Use Good Subject Lines & Headlines — It’s important that you really think about your subject lines and headlines for your emails. If you don’t ensure that your subject lines and headlines are creative, yet accurate, people won’t open your email.
  2. Always Choose Relevant Topics For Your Audience — Ensure that what is inside the email is relevant to the subject line, as well as speaks to your target audience. Knowing who your audience is will go far in making email marketing a success.
  3. Pick Fabulous Images And Graphics — If you send HTML email, ensure that you use clear, high quality appropriate graphics and images. If you send old fashioned clip art, and fuzzy pictures, you’ll turn off your audience.
  4. Send Newsletters Regularly — In order to not be classified as spam, it’s important that you send your email marketing campaigns at least once a week, or at the very least, how often you told them you’d send them something at the time they signed up for your email list.
  5. Follow The Law — Read and understand the laws regarding spam. A terrific blog with links to the various laws around the country is here. Look up your country and get to know the laws so you don’t accidentally break them.

Try adding email marketing to your blogging efforts and you’ll soon see an increase in business, no matter what type of business you have.

Know your Guest Author

Christophe is the co-founder of GetApp, the #1 Cloud Business Apps Marketplace. He writes about cloud computing trends and provides tips on how businesses can benefit from cloud-based apps to improve their profit. Find Christophe on Google+

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This is a guest post by Alyssa on how to increase your subscriptions. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Blogging is a great technique to earn money online; but it requires consistent hard work and persistence. Attracting traffic to your blog is always the top priority of every blogger but you should also work on converting this traffic into your loyal readers.

If your readers are interested in your blog then the probability of clicking through and reading your blog will be quite high. Every blogger loves to see their subscription lists grow.

Below are few tips which can be followed to attract more subscribers to your blog:

Increase Traffic

The first criterion to gain more subscription is traffic; you just cannot increase your subscribers without increasing the traffic to your blog. Various search engine optimization techniques can help you in increasing your traffic. You should concentrate on both on-page and off-page methods to build a heavy traffic.

Write Great Content

Writing great content is another vital step; no one will return to your blog if you don’t have fresh and informative content to share. Try to understand the audience in your niche and establish a tone to start a conversation with them. Blogging is a two way connection; you should make your readers comfortable and connected.

Add personification and a personal touch to all of your posts. Bloggers that can successfully master these goals are the ones which get more subscription to their blog.

Make it easy to Subscribe

Once you have a catchy content to attract your readers, make your blog easy to subscribe. You should place the subscription buttons on the top of all your widgets.

You can also place the subscription lists in between the blog posts. Gently ask your readers to subscribe to your posts; don’t be too aggressive. You can also place a reminder at the end of every post.

You can even consider adding the number of subscriber lists below the subscription buttons. Once you reach a decent number of subscribers you can use it as an ad to attract an average reader.

Explore your options

Explore all subscription available and leverage their options to your benefit. Subscriptions may include newsletters, forums, social media, RSS feed. Thus your readers also get the options to choose from; whichever subscription option suits them the best.

Offer Something valuable

Offering freebies to your subscribers can also help. A free eBook or freebies related to your blog services. You can give detailed information about your blog in the eBook; the key factor here is to offer services which can be useful to your readers.

Explaining your services using a video tutorial can be a great option as well; often readers find it tough to read a long post. A video will certainly help you attract a new set of audience to your blog.

Implementing the above tips can increase your subscription list but don’t underestimate the power of quality content. Your content is the sole reason readers will subscribe to your blog. And for the sake of search engine optimization try to update your blog as regular as possible, it will also mark an impression to your subscribers that your blog is very much active.

About the author:

Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She is a car lover too and her dream machine is Lexus SUV. She recently attended an auto show In India and was really impressed with the Indian cars.

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email marketing

This is a guest post by Alek on Email Marketing. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

When it comes to online marketing strategies, email marketing plays a very important role in your campaigns. This form of marketing has, after all, been around for many years and has grown from heavily promotional emails to value-added marketing tools that help businesses connect to their current and future audiences.

Done properly, email marketing can be a highly effective tool for boosting website traffic, increasing your customer base and ultimately, increasing your conversions across a number of campaigns. To help you make the most from your email marketing strategies, here are 10 helpful tips to keep in mind.

Best Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email marketing, if done correctly can yield amazing results for your business. Hence before you start plotting a newsletter or, mailer in MS Word, take the time to consider the following email marketing tips to give your email blasts the best possible chance of ROI.

Do Your Homework – email marketing basics

Planning is the very first step in any email marketing campaign. This is essential to get the best results, and will help you identify your goals, plan your campaign and achieve your purpose. Decide on your primary goal, whether this is promoting a product, keeping customers updated on news or selling a discounted product. You will then use this as the foundation to start your campaign.

Create a Winning Subject Line

The subject line is the very first thing that people see when your email comes in – if it looks spammy, it may go straight to trash. Using spammy terms such as ‘free’, ‘money’ or ‘discount’ can often result in emails being sent to spam before they are read, so avoid these words at all costs. If the subject line is short, direct and persuasive, readers will want to open it to read more.

Keep it Simple and to the Point

Emails that are simple and to the point have a far greater clickthrough rate than those that waffle on across pages of content. Readers should be able to scan the email quickly to see what the email contains. Use ‘read more’ links to allow readers to clickthrough to specific pages.

Provide Informative Content

Another essential part of email marketing is to provide readers with informative content rather than pointless information. Provide value, and you will be able to build trust with your readers and give them the type of content they enjoy reading.

HTML vs Plain Text

Beautifully designed newsletters, email blasts and other email communication is far more appealing than plain text emails with no images, colour or design to break up the text. Multimedia designs in HTML are eye-catching, which brings far more chance of mails being read

Create for Mail Preview

Many email clients have email preview features that allow readers to view the email before opening. This means that your design should be able to fit into an area that is not much bigger than 600 pixels x 400 pixels for best visibility

Test, Test and Test Again

Another email marketing tip is to always test your emails properly to ensure that they are spam-free, well written and well designed. Do spam and compatibility tests before sending out – this will ensure that the final email is as perfect as can be

Simple Unsubscribe

This is essential to allow your readers to unsubscribe easily from your mailing list. This link should be visible, and the process should be quick and easy, without the need to log in. Of course, the main goal is to inspire them to want to keep reading your updates

Tracking Your Performance

All of your email marketing campaigns should be tracked to see how they perform. Lost management tools usually provide stats for open rates, unsubscribe rates, clickthroughs and other data, which will help you plan better and better newsletters every time

Avoid Spam at All Costs

Buying mailing lists and doing unsolicited emailing to readers who have not actually subscribed is spammy, pure and simple. This will result in unopened or deleted emails, and angry readers. Reputation can also be lost, which will affect your overall marketing efforts in a bad way.

By following these tips for your newsletters and other email marketing campaigns, you will soon start to see the huge results that can be enjoyed from email marketing, growing your brand and reaching more audiences every month.

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This is a guest post by Megan. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

It seems that getting in touch with people is much harder than it used to be. It used to be that a business could place an ad on TV or radio and business would be booming. But today, advertisement exists as a different world entirely. The world of consumers being nudged by ads during their favorite show has shrunk considerably since the advent of Netflix and iPods.

These venues have replaced traditional TV and radio. It makes sense. With Netflix and iPod there aren’t any interruptions, which eliminates commercial airtime. When a commercial comes on during that defining moment in a person’s favorite TV drama, they get angry. The best thing for businesses to do is to find a more passive venue to interact with their customers.

Social media is huge. If a business doesn’t have a personal Facebook page, it might as well hang itself. So many people log onto Facebook and Twitter every day, and those who do tend to go back multiple times per day. What are they doing? They are checking on things that matter to them. They are updating statuses and tweeting about their experiences.

Experiences are key. Today’s people are experience-oriented individuals. It’s why traditional advertising is met with such contempt. Facebook and Twitter create an experience without pushing it upon people.

It’s actually so passive that it’s almost dismissible. For instance, Facebook has recently added a feature where when an individual mentions a business in their status update, they are able to “like” it. This is the newest way for businesses to track people who like their products or services.

Twitter is the same way. When a person chooses to follow a company’s Twitter page, they are signifying that they like that company. How can businesses market to these individuals? By tweeting and updating their statuses. These updates appear in news feeds for all those who are following them, for Facebook and Twitter alike.

Another way for businesses to interact with their customers is to hold special events. People like going to events, especially young people. When businesses tweet and update and announce their special events, more often than not their customers will come. If the event is extra special, like a sale or maybe a grand opening, they are likely to come with friends. These friends could be potential customers if they aren’t already. And if these potentials have a good experience, they are more likely to join the tribe and follow the business.

Another way for a business to reach more people is to update their education. Online universities offer everything from business degrees to criminal justice degree; they nearly have every degree that a traditional school offers. And they are also becoming more popular amongst the younger generation. So if more businesses were to interact with these institutions, they would have a better chance at reaching them.

Because the world has changed so much since the creation of the personal computer, businesses need to change too. That means using un-traditional methods to reach old and new customers. Innovating with social media, sponsored events and education are three ideas that businesses could and should use. Because when they finally catch up with the youth, the youth will already be on to the next thing—whatever that may be.

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List building Tips

This is a Guest Post by Susan. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

Email subscribers list can be one of the biggest assets for just about any online business. The contacts you build and make over the years can all be encapsulated into however big or small your business email list is.

This opt-in list, therefore, is of supreme importance for more than one reason. At any given time, it provides your business an opening to reach your clients for follow up marketing. There are many ways of increasing or even building your email lists via your website. Some of these methods are more in practise than others. Following are some of the simplest methods of expanding and/or building your email list.


Have you heard the saying, ‘there is no such thing as a free meal’? Well, it is true even in this case. In order to build a list, and get your targeted customers to sign up for your newsletter, you need to entice your visitors to leave their email addresses. You can offer them an incentive that can be anything. One of the most popular means of ensnaring more and more people is free giveaway. These giveaways can be anything ranging from a free eBook to a discount or whatever you think can work for your customers without putting much pressure on your budget.

Blog (subscription)

Blogs can serve multiple services and bringing in new email subscribers is one of those benefits. If you are offering quality content that people find helpful in any way, then more and more people would be looking to stay updated via your blog. Rather than coming to check your blog for the updates all the time, they will just opt for signing up as subscribers. That way you get their email address and your visitors get to access invaluable information as soon as it is uploaded, providing convenience for both the reader as well as the business.

Squeeze Page

Amongst all methods employed to get the email address from your visitors, this one perhaps may sound a little desperate. A squeeze page is designed with the sole purpose of forcing a sale or subscription out of the visitor. This is a very aggressive method, and it can be a little off putting for the visitors, for obvious reasons.

These Squeeze Page tactics are more often a miss rather than a hit. Nevertheless, it remains as a widely employed method.

Buying Business Email Lists

You can just read the heading and know for yourself that this method really kills the purpose of having an email list. Developing a list of subscribers is not easy and it might take business years in building a sizable list. Nobody would be wasting so much time or resources on building these lists if buying lists can serve the purpose. You cannot just go and buy lists and consider all the work done.

There are many ‘companies’ out there selling ‘authentic’, free of spam business email lists. I have not really tried many, and maybe there will be some that work to some extent, but still nothing beats creating a list of your own…


Remember, the techniques employed for making your visitors to subscribe will differ from one type of business to another. So sticking with just one method is probably a bad idea. You should experiment with different techniques and try to come up with your own ideas as well, when you do, please share it with us via comments.

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