Weekly Link Roundup # 25 – Email Marketing and List Building Tips that will help Get Results in 2017

list building tips 2017

In this era of social media where interactions and communication happen on Social Media, email marketing still stands tall and strong. Or, at least data shows that it is holding strong. The fact that possessing a list of subscribers is almost a guarantee of making money is stamped by the fact that big brands make … Read more

Weekly Link Roundup # 21 – Tips on Writing Engaging Emails for Better ROI, Open Rates and Clicks

engaging emails

These days I am a little too focused on email marketing especially after having followed Andre Chaperon and his Auto Responder Madness. And if you are any serious about email marketing, then I would recommend that you try out this course. While I had a little bit of challenge finding quality posts on email marketing, … Read more

Weekly Link Roundup # 17 – Email Marketing Practices to Carry Forward and to Discard from 2016

weekly link roundup

Welcome to another weekly link roundup. This week is for a roundup on Email Marketing. We are finally into 2017 and pretty much everybody would have done some introspection into the last year and also prepared a blueprint for what to do in the new year. Internet marketing saw a lot of things change in … Read more

Weekly Link Roundup # 12 – Email Subject Line Myths, Resending Analyzed and Some List Building Tools

email marketing myths

Email Subject line Myths? If that got you confused after having read all the usual posts on how email subject line is the most important thing in email marketing, then I can definitely relate to you. “Email subject lines best practices”, is one of the most talked about topics in email marketing. In fact there … Read more

DKSP EP:39 – Push Notifications for WordPress and Why it is a Better Alternative to Email Marketing?

push notifications for wordpress

  If you are wondering as to what push notifications for WordPress is, then you have not been reading some of the top blogs in the industry. Because it is unlikely that you would have missed that notification on the top-middle of the blog as soon as you browse over to the blog. And these … Read more

Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 8 : Tips to Refine Your Email Marketing List Building Strategies

email marketing list building strategies

How confident are you about your email marketing list building strategies? If you still do not have an email marketing strategy, then head over to your drawing board immediately to put one in place. One of the essential pieces of an email marketing strategy is list building. In fact your entire email strategy depends upon … Read more

Tips to Quickly Grow Your Email Subscribers List Faster than It is Growing Today

quickly grow your email subscribers list

Quickly Grow Your Email Subscribers list? Don’t get too fancy about that title and start to think that I am going to give you a potion that will quickly grow your email subscribers list from a ZERO to 10,000 overnight. These are some simple and essential tips that can help your grow your email subscribers. … Read more

Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 4 : Tips on Email Marketing Best Practices to Succeed in 2016


Email marketing best practices – Remember if you are not into email marketing then you have already lost the game! One of the biggest mistakes that I did early on when I started my online business was to not build a list. I never focused on email marketing until very late. While I was a … Read more

How to Warm Up a Cold Email List to Improve Open Rates and Click Through Rates

how to warm up a cold email list

What is a “Cold Email List”? I think we need to understand this before we look at how to warm up a cold email list. I had a list of about 9500 subscribers in one of my Aweber accounts, that I built through SOLO ads and Giveaways. In spite of the fact that I built … Read more

Not able to Make Money Online – The Single Biggest Reason and What to Do About it!

not able to make money online

Picture this… You get an email with an invite for a webinar where you are promised to be shown how to make money online. You sign up for the webinar and login right on time. The presenter shows you a ton of slides about who he was and what has become of his life after … Read more

How to Send Different Emails to Different Subscribers in the Same List?

how to send different emails

Send different emails to different subscribers in the same list? That’s Impossible! One of the biggest challenges that most email marketers face is the limitations with most email autoresponders. And when it comes to automation almost all autoresponder companies are still trying to catch up. Sending different emails to different subscribers is one such problem. … Read more

Campaigns from Aweber – The Latest Feature and Your Biggest Reason to Switch Autoresponders?

campaigns from aweber

Did you read about the latest feature from Aweber? A few weeks back, I was reading a post at Pat Flynn’s, Smart Passive Income on why he switched from Aweber to Infusionsoft to Convertkit. I was always a fan of Aweber and there were multiple reasons for that. In fact I had used Getreponse, Constant … Read more

3 New Features at Aweber and an Aweber Vs Getresponse Comparison

Have you seen the movie, “The Wrath of the Titans”? If you are wondering as to what this question has to do with auto-responders, then let me explain. The war of the auto-responders have been very similar to the war in “The Wrath of the Titans”. Both the parties fight it out with all their … Read more

How to Improve Email Open Rates by Cleaning Your Dead Email List?


Okay! How much are you paying for your autoresponder services? What if I could help you reduce your auto responder service costs by almost 50%? One of the biggest expenses in an internet marketing business is on auto responder services. While you might get services that might charge you cheap, but that will be at … Read more