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Kontera’s New Synapse Engine – Opportunity to earn more

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Are you optimally monetizing your blogs or, website? If you are not using an in-text advertising in your blog, then you are not optimally monetizing it. Why is it that I have boldened the word "Optimally"? Most of the blogs are monetized because that is the primary objective behind every blog. While monetization is important ... Read more... Read More

Why I stopped reading John Chow’s Blog?


Did that title hit you somewhere? If it did, let me tell you that I too felt somewhat the same when I decided on the title. My objective is not to get into any controversy. Then what is it....? I used to be a regular reader at John Chow's blog. I had very high opinion ... Read more... Read More

Should you write paid posts in your blogs?


A few days back I came across a poll at It was a question, if the readers did paid posts on their blogs or, not. For once I felt that it was the wrong question. But then I realized that it wasn't. My memories went back to the days when I started blogging. My ... Read more... Read More

3 Tips to get the most out of Adsense


How to get the most of Adsense? A couple of days back I was browsing through a blog that I frequently visit and I found a very interesting entry about "Adsense earnings". The entry was bout the decreasing earnings from Adsense PPC ads placed in blogs. There were quite a few commentators who felt that ... Read more... Read More