While many self-proclaimed gurus out there try to compare the effectiveness of SEO campaigns on different social networks, in the end all that matter is to achieve harmony between your social accounts and hence, reap the benefits from all of them.

To put it simply, instead of treating the major social networks as distinct entities, you should start perceiving them as a whole and perfect the way you communicate on each channel. Communication in this context is done via posts and the following guide will reveal the top elements that make a successful one on social networks.


Following the revamp earlier this year, LinkedIn has known a tremendous success and popularity. In fact, not only did businesses create effective company pages on LinkedIn, but over 87% of the users claim the social network feedback affects their decision making. Here’s how you get your content among the trusted sources on LinkedIn:

  • The posts include a shortened link in copy (the latest updates now strip the URLs of any tracking token you attach)
  • Promoting one primary post is more likely to get you clicks, likes and comments compared to updating your account several times per day
  • The post integrates truly valuable info and hence, makes users more prone to sharing lead gen content
  • The user has engaged in several group discussions that debate his areas of interest
  • LinkedIn Announcements provides a great way of upping lead generation, especially when utilized in the groups a user joined


Because there are over one billion tweets updated each week, some may say that it would take a miracle to get your content through under these circumstances. Here are the elements that make popular tweets successful:

  • The tweets are short, meaning less than 130 characters
  • Shorter tweets mean that reposts don’t have to be cut, so the optimized keyword is preserved
  • Successful tweets include the brand or user’s handle and have a higher chance of getting noticed
  • Because they include a period as a character at the beginning of the post, the tweets can be seen by everyone
  • The posts aren’t over-flooded with hashtags (as Twitter points out, more than two hashtags is basically overkill)
  • The hashtags are natural, while the post don’t include trending hashtags that are practically forced into the content
  • They include visual elements to support the content (despite the fact that photo sharing is less popular on this social network)
  • The pictures are a direct upload to the Twitter account (uploading from Instagram forces viewers to click on a link to see the content)
  • The useful links are placed at the beginning of the post to catch the reader’s attention
  • The tweets posted in the right timeframe have a higher likelihood to be seen by the target audience


From an estimated 1,500 posts going through the average FB user’s feed every day, only 20% actually make it to his news feed. Here’s what could make your posts fall under the winning 20%:

  • The post are succinct and don’t integrate the horrendously long URL
  • Successful Facebook posts include a visual that promotes the message conveyed in the content
  • The pictures respect the optimal image upload sizes and hence, can be seen on most devices
  • The visual is posted individually as a one-time update, rather than in an album
  • The titles are short and catchy (any title that exceed 100 characters gets cut off when posted)


While last year, many webmasters had their doubts on whether it would benefit them to create an account, at the beginning of 2013 the Global Web Index announced that Google+ is officially the second largest social network. Here’s how you can get your content noticed on this rather crowded social network:

  • The posts are distributed in the right groups that share the users’ personal and/or professional interests
  • Successful updates are usually posted by users who are active participants in their niches
  • The posts provide interesting information that is actually relevant to the type of audience the user wants to interact with
  • The posts also include the user’s insight on the matter in addition to the URLs

Author Bio:

The author of this post Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Web Firm, a leading web designers. She loves sketching and listening to pop music. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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Facebook is all about engagement. The better you are able to engage people, the better your likes and social presence will be. This is a very informative infographic on what can help you get more likes on Facebook.


++ Click Image to Enlarge ++
How to Get More Likes on Facebook - Infographic

Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic

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Facebook SecurityWhen developing any kind of business, marketing is going to be very important. One of the best ways a business can advertise to millions of people is by using Facebook. Just about everyone has a Facebook page and people all over the world use this site. However, a business has to keep many things in mind to attract as many fans and followers as possible.

The Benefits of Facebook

There are many reasons to include Facebook in a business strategy plan. One of the benefits of using this social media site is that it is free. There are no costs to sign up and look for followers. This is about the biggest bang you’re gonna get for you “buck” anywhere, since a number of games and features already attract millions of people to this site daily. All of these users are potential customers. Businesses large and small enjoy that Facebook does not use up any of their advertising budget.

Make the Page Appealing

With so many Facebook pages and companies looking to attract fans and followers, it’s important to make your page stand out. It should be attention-getting and easy to navigate. You page should also clearly state what you company sells or the services it provides. You should update your news feeds often, with stories or videos that are interesting and for all audiences. To attract an even bigger base of followers, offer some kind of discount for liking your page. Free samples also work well to attract a large amount of followers in a short period of time.

Know the People of Facebook

Knowing what group of people to target (or a target audience) will help a business get new customers. Any business needs to consider the demographics of the people they’re trying to reach. This will help create a page that will catch their attention and get them interested. If a person likes a page or something posted on the page, they can share it with their friends. The reading level of the page doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Things should be kept simple and to the point.

Post Things that are Relevant

Sometimes a business may not have to much to post. That’s ok – posting relevant topics will help you stay in the feeds and give direction on what to post and share. Smaller businesses can post local news stories, events and similar topics. Any business can post tricks to help make a person’s life easier. Links to blog and behind-the-scenes information from the staff are also winners. It may also be wise to become friends with companies that offer similar services.

Social media sites are used by millions of people everyday, and Facebook is a great way to advertise without having to spend money – and once you start seeing returns, you’ll get it!

About the Author

Michelle Jensen writes all about e-commerce and business. Her recent wok is on the Top Online Bachelors in Business Management.

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Social media is an important part of doing business online nowadays and with all of the different strategies that you can use, you can be sure that you will find one perfect for your business. Some business owners are still a little bit confused about how social media can increase their profit, so to help some of the confusion, we will be going over 5 aspects that they should be aware of



One thing we all need to be successful on the internet is getting your business a website and  finding ways to get more traffic to it. There are billions of people using social media sites nowadays and we can take advantage of that by attracting them and convincing them to visit our websites. By implementing strategies that attract people, such as content marketing or promotions, people will be intrigued to check out what it is that you are offering or might just want to visit the site for more information.

The important part is that they end up on your website and it gives you the chance to convert them to customers, which is the next biggest part about gaining more revenue for your business.

Conversion Rates

As I just mentioned, once we get the traffic from social media sites, we can then find ways to improve our conversion rates. If you are posting content for people to view, you will be able to monitor each one to see which type of content attracts more people and convinces them to click the link to our websites. This helps up realize what our target audience is interested in and how they react to certain content.

Once we have mastered how to get our audiences to interact with our content, we can then use that information and implement it on our main website to help increase the overall conversion rate and increase sales.

Better Branding

Branding is a big part of any type of business. Gaining authority, becoming visible, and being trusted are all things that we can accomplish by using social media websites. The longer you are on a social media site and providing your customers with value, the more authority you will have within your niche. Then, after a while you will become considered an expert which can help your company on all fronts. It is important to understand the power of having a powerful brand because when someone is looking to buy your type of services, your brand will be the reason they choose you over their competitors.

Visibility is another large aspect of branding, and since everyone has a social media profile, you have the potential to reach an unlimited amount of people. The further reach you have, the better it is for your company. Plenty of businesses have their branding campaigns only on social media sites, and they have been extremely successful.

Gain Loyalty

Getting loyal customers will provide you with repeat business, word of mouth marketing, and a overall better reputation. If you notice some of the bigger brands out there, they all have their select group of loyal fans, which they use to increase the value of their business. For example, Apple. They have some of the most diehard fans that any business could hope for.

Social media helps up to get these loyal fans because you can provide them valuable content, interact with them, provide promotions, host community events, and so much more. Each demographic is going to be handled differently, but the point I’m trying to make here is that social media gives you many opportunities to turn your audience into loyal customers.

Customer Communication

Another big aspect of running a business would be the customer interaction. More and more people are using social media to contact their businesses for support and information. You can use this to make your support effort more effective and also take the advantage of the communications to convince the people to become customers.

They will also give you advice on how to improve your content, business, and marketing practices, while they will also let you know what they love about your business. It is a win – win situation and can greatly improve your company.

Know You Guest Author:

This Guest post is written by Ness Garcia.

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social media

As the social networking continue to increase and rise significantly, with more and more people using social media to brands their products and services and are seeing it as the excellent tool for connecting to each other, creating and building meaningful relationships. Take note that successful businesses know that they need to be where the most people are, and social media is the best place to look into because this is where they are.

What can you do? The traditional media is slowly losing its impact over consumers because people are getting smarter and they are no longer falling for celebrity endorsements or gimmicky jingles anymore. More and more people rely too much in the internet to get the information they need such as customer’s reviews, comments, and feedback before making any decisions.

Therefore, your main priority is to take advantage of these things in creating your own modern brand along with these following factors:

Be personal

This is the first point you should do for conveying the right messages to your targeted audience. Your main concern is to reach your potential customers or clients personally, meaning you have to get their trust so that you can introduce your services or products easily. It is because your potential clients or customers considered you as their friend and they trust you with what you have introduced.


This is where you start building long – lasting relationship with your potential customers or clients by being their friendly guide before your business. This is where the best marketing approach such as the Word of mouth comes in. this is the most important aspect of creating an effective brand using social media.

Empowering stage

This is the starting point where you are going to meet and satisfy the needs and wants of your clients. As their friend and marketer, it is your responsibility to insure that your clients and customers are well – taken care of by communicating them constantly. Do not ever leave them hanging when they already purchased any products or services you have.

What are the benefits of creating an effective brand?

Brand is what makes you a separate and unique entity to other competitors. This is responsible for establishing your reputable name over social media. This means that your brand can start to attract and draw some people and your task is to offer them what they need instead of relying merely on your customer supports just to address any concerns. You need an effective brand because this:

1) This provides you with great advantage of generating targeted audience. To do this, your brand should have useful, fresh, and informative content for your audience. You want them to be interested enough to take part in your discussions and to keep them from coming back. Stop using promotional games and gimmicks.

2) This addresses and monitors your audience feedback and reviews, so you will know instantly what others are saying about your brand.

3) This engages your audience by providing them up – to – date information.

There, you have it! Social media are the new place for you to brand and market your products and services without spending too much. However, you must understand how this works for you so that you can effectively use these platforms to form and build a good relationship with your targeted audience and promote your brand.

As a result, contact the sky phone number if you want to more about in creating an effective brand using social media!

Know About the Author:

This article is written by Starlie Vincet.


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Social Media TipsSocial Media is probably one of the most dynamic things on the internet today. Everything from Facebook to Zurker is changing everyday. If you are wondering why; then the answer to this is the changing habit of the Web Surfer.

All social media sites are constantly learning from the behavior of the user (if you have not noticed this, then you should start reading the small pop-up boxes that keep popping when you are browsing your social media profile.

Which so many new things about social media, on the web, it was very difficult to gather the best content from around the web for you. But finally here they are for the week.

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One of the most important aspects of your business is marketing and while you should still consider the traditional methods such as banner ads and well placed links, social media is something you cannot afford to avoid. One of the more powerful tools in your arsenal is Facebook marketing.

Building Your Business With Facebook

These days it seems as though every business worth their salt is on Facebook and for good reason. With tens of millions of active users, FB is an excellent way to introduce yourself to new customers and keep your loyal following up to date.
Your business page should be filled with information about your business, what you do, where you are located, any deals or specials you are offering and any other pertinent details you think would make potential customers choose you over your competition.


Social Media Optimization

The smaller your business is the more important it is that you work hard to make sure that people can find you online. Search engine optimization is key and social media optimization is now an essential aspect of SEO.

Here are some of the top tips to get your business seen using social media:

Choose a vanity link

This is simple but important as it helps people remember how to find you on Facebook. Use the name of your business and if that is taken perhaps add the city you are located in. An example of one of these types of links is facebook.com/mad mountain biking.


Post Regularly

Keep your FB page up to date with information that your customer base can use. If you sell items, perhaps offer a special promo code that those who follow you can use to save money on their next purchase. You should also introduce new products as they arrive in store.
If, on the other hand, what you offer is a service, maybe post some simple do-it-yourself videos. It’s all about interacting with the customer and earning their trust and admiration.

Do NOT Skip The ‘’About’ Section

It is essential that you fill out the ‘About’ section on your FB page. Use this space to describe what it is you do and what you offer and use a few select keywords that you think you would type into a search engine if looking for a service like yours. You should also include a link to your website, not only does this allow people who want to learn more about you do so, it can also help boost your site in the search engines.

A business cannot thrive without good, solid marketing and in this day in age that includes a Facebook campaign. There are many different options offered by FB and these are constantly being tweaked for optimum performance. You can even track the success of each aspect of your campaign allowing you to pick and choose which work and which don’t. This is a great way for you to boost your sales and make your business even stronger than it is now.

Know Your Guest Author:

Ysabella Ossan is an IT certified professional from Passcertifications.com. Which provides you accurate Cisco preparation material. You can easily shape your dreams by using Passcertification’s quality material.



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Suddenly Facebook ads seem to be the next biggest thing on the internet. Every product that is launched and every training created by everyone from the Internet Marketing Gurus to the average Joe who claims to make a billion dollars on the internet, is now focussed on Facebook ads.

What has suddenly changed that the focus has shifted over to FB ads once again?

If you are wondering about the use of “once again” in the above paragraph, let me give you a context to it.

FB ads were one of the most talked about things about an year ago. Not a lot of social media sites gave you the option of advertising on them. So when Facebook came up with their paid ads, it looked like nothing else ever existed. People flocked to FB and created ads for everything until FB started to lay down conditions on approving ads.

Couple this with the fact that the click-thru-rates were not that great on the ads and that was enough reason for people to slowly shift away from Facebook ads.

The New ERA Facebook Ads!

What has changed in Facebook ads?

Why all this hype about FB ads again?

To answer this question, let us first discuss about a few of the changes that Facebook has brought about in the recent weeks. The first of it being “Facebook Graph Search”. The second one being Facebook typing up with Bing for additional search results and the last one being FB power editor.

Let’s discuss each of this in a little detail.

For people who do not know about Facebook Graph Search, it is a semantic search engine that has recently been introduced by Facebook. You can search for very common questions and find answers to them. The data that Facebook uses is primarily from its user base and additional results provided by Bing ads, thanks to its tie up with Bing.

fb graph search

The Graph Search was a huge leap for Facebook. Though it has not yet been released completely to all its users, the feature has found quite a lot of takers. In addition to this, there are additional search results that are provided by Bing and this made it all the more lucrative for users to get on FB search pages.

The other significant change in Facebook was the addition of the Power Editor. Power editor is a feature you can use only on Chrome. This feature helps you use a custom list of FB users to whom you want your ads to show up. This was a kicker of a feature and this is what prompted most Internet Marketers to jump into the FB ads bandwagon again.

How to Get FB user IDs?

How do you get a list of custom FB users, you ask? That was the obvious question after all the discussion above.

All of this power editor and custom list features in Facebook makes use of something called as Facebook group IDs. Facebook gives you the option of creating groups. There are thousands and thousands of people out there who have created groups on specific interests or, niches.

Imagine if you could get access to these groups and get a list of every user who is part of these groups..

Since these groups target specific niches and interests, the members in each of these groups are people who are keenly interested in the topic and makes an ideal audience for somebody who is promoting products targetting these interests.

If yoy are able to get the details of such users, they will abviously be extremely targetted and will mean that you have a list of buying population at your disposal.

How you get the details of these members…? This is done by extracting their user IDs. Once you have these user ids, you can create a list of custom audience and upload that to your FB ads’ power editor, so that you ads only show up to these people. Isn’t that amazing?

Extracting these FB user IDs is not an easy task. But there are some very simple softwares that can help you do it.

FB Group Snatcher – This is a budget software for people who do not want to spend more. The only caveat is that there is a little extra effort that you need to put in to get the User IDs. You can read more about this software here.

Social Lead Freak – This is a software that completely automates the extraction of the IDs but is a little expensive that FB group Snatcher. You can check out this software here.

So that’s how people are getting 2 cent clicks from Facebook ads these days. This traffic is extremely good to build lists and to market your affiliate products because these are a group of people who are already interested in what you are selling.

We will discuss more about how to create these ads and profit from them in another post.

Until then you might be interested in reading this – 2 Cent Facebook Clicks.

Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts about this post.

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have already heard of the buzz that Pinterest- the latest social networking site, has been making lately. What makes it different from other social sites is that it is concentrated on images or photos. Users can bookmark their favorite images found online and organize them according to categories. Each collage of photos is called a Pinboard, and you can create as many boards as you like.

However, isn’t just a website for personal pleasure. There is actually more to Pinterest than just great photos. For online marketer or those who own businesses online, it can be a very useful tool to promote the business.

For one, Pinterest has an estimated five million users across the globe and this number continuous to increase daily. Most users spend an average of 15 minutes of their time each day, browsing through the huge collection of beautiful photos on Pinterest. In fact, it is considered to be the fastest growing social media network today. Just imagine what a huge impact it can bring to your business, if you know how to use it to your advantage.

So, consider these twelve techniques to help you maximize the outcome of your promotional efforts on this particular social networking site, called Pinterest.

Create a Genuine Profile :

It’s good to build a profile where people can see who is the real person behind the business. This is where you can choose to be a little bit more “personal” by providing not just your business name and website, but also your name, interests, and a photo. Surveys show that people often respond positively when they see a personal photo and friendly description on the Profile.

Pin regularly:

Like any social media network, active participation is very important. It is one of the keys to success. When people see that you Pin on a regular basis, they are most likely to follow you or one of your boards.

Add a description with each photo:

Don’t forget to write a few lines and say something about the image you are pinning. Yes, you can use keywords to make it easier for Pinterest users to find your pins.

Think of catchy names for your Pinboards:

It’s a good idea to name your boards with a clever phrase that not only describe what kinds of photos are posted on the board, but also stirs up curiosity and one that’s easy to remember.

Tag others when you pin:

You can tag your pins by adding “@username in the description box. This is a great way to connect with other professionals in your field that are not necessarily competitors.

Like and Re-pin:

When you find an interesting photo, be sure to like it or re-pin it. When you do this, the original pinner of the photo will get a notification and would surely check out your profile. If this person likes your pins, then you should get one new follower.

Leave nice comments:

When you leave a comment to someone’s photo or pin, this person is most likely to respond and check out your profile as well. Just like in blogging, this is one of the most effective ways to build up a following.
Pin photos from your blog:

Of course, you are welcome to pin photos from your own blog or business website. In fact, this is a nice way to announce giveaways and other promotions on your blog or website.
Make your photos Pin-able:

To make it even easier for people to Pin images from your blog or website, you can add a Pin-It button on every single photo. This is a great way to encourage sharing!
Pin videos as well:

While Pinterest is primarily known as a place for sharing images on the web, you can also pin your favorite videos on it. Look for interesting, informative and entertaining videos that have some relevance to your business, and in the description, try to say something to relate the video to your product or service.

Add a Follow button to your website or blog:

Let people know that you are also on Pinterest. Make it easy for your blog readers or visitors to your website to follow you and other social sites where you have accounts by adding clickable buttons.

Use original, stunning images for your blog or website:

What is the surest way to get more followers and be popular on this social site? Ultimately, it all comes down to posting beautiful photos. If your business blog or website contains captivating images, visitors or customers who come across your blog or website would surely be tempted to Pin those images. That would mean an increased number of followers on Pinterest, as well as other social sites; wider online exposure; and a better recognition for your brand.

Know your Guest Author:

The guest post came from Stacy Carter, a seo and business copywriter and guest poster. She likes to cover seo news on quality websites. She manages the website that concerns about http://www.netspysoftware.com and other spy mobile software.

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Facebook has always been a  huge source of traffic for most of the internet marketers. People who learnt how to harness the powerhouse make tons of money using, while others struggled. I was amongst the first ones who failed at it and burnt a huge hole in my pocket.

Off-late, there is a huge rush again and everybody is talking about Facebook and the new Graph Search feature there. The integration of the FB search with Bing gave it an even greater thrust and push.

But what exactly is Facebook behind the numbers. This is a beautiful infographic that tells you a lot about Facebook, much more than what the numbers say.

Facebook: Behind the Numbers
Source: Great Business Schools

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