The Secret of a successful WordPress Installation


The success of your blog largely depends upon how well the blog is being managed. In one of my earlier post, I had compared Blogger and WordPress. I had also mentioned that WordPress was any day my choice. Though WordPress installation is a cake-walk if you follow the world-famous 5-minute installation from WordPress, there are instances where the installation reaches a dead-end and you are left gasping for breath. What is the reason for this?

A successful installation and maintenance of any website depends largely on the hosting service that you have opted for. A horrible hosting service provider could mean sleepless nights for you, especially if you are online to make money and your website is the medium to make money online. Downtime, installation errors, compatibility issues and the problem could be never ending. All this at an exorbitant cost, could spell terror for the blogger or, the website owner.

So it is always important to choose the best and economical hosting service provider. What is also important is that the hosting service provider serves all of your purpose. For my blogs, I have relied upon once such hosting service provider and I have paid only $25.00 for the service for a lifetime. There are various other packages also available with a complete access to a c-panel control.

You can check out the service here.

In my next post I will show how to install your WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes using this service provider.

Photograph courtesy Eric Setiawan used under Creatives Common License
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