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9 Best WordPress Business Themes That Are Sure to Attract Attention

February 24, 2018

Last Updated on - June 2, 2024  

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best wordpress business themes

This post on WordPress Business Themes has been written by one of our guest bloggers.

Designs have always been a significant issue for businesses since the origin of a competitive market. In the age of the Internet, websites have become a valuable tool to reach out personally to the customers.

Website design plays a significant part in the success of a company by doing so.

Since the majority of companies use WordPress for their websites and content management, it came out with ready-made themes most of which are free to use, thus reducing the burden from the corporate world to hire a designer.

What are WordPress themes?

According to the definitions, Theme means background, a setting on which the entire design is based. It is the soul of work.

During the early days of the internet, major efforts of web designers went into designing the themes for the web page.

To eliminate this problem, WordPress came up with a library of themes which were open to all and a system where themes developed by other sites, like ThemeForest, StudioPress, etc., could also be used by the websites/blogs hosted by WordPress.

In a way, it built up a whole new market for theme designing and services related to it. Adding to it, since WordPress is open- source, the themes could be customized to meet personal uses of the business organizations.

With market competition going up, the themes only became better. From static to the dynamic theme, then from dynamic to responsive themes, the evolution simply shows that businesses would keep getting more and smarter themes.

The Best WordPress Business Themes

While selection for a proper theme can be very tiring and confusing, we have come up with a sequence of factors which must be considered in doing that.

Check how a theme fares on any of these fronts and you should be able to find a good and functional theme for your business.

  • Customization options
  • Mobile optimization and responsive layout
  • Sliders and page builders
  • Widgets and listings of services
  • Quality of gallery
  • Widgets for testimonials

Inspired by the sequence of listed factors, we have come up with a list of best and most popular responsive themes on WordPress that are custom- built and provide features needed to promote and run your business.

  • Avada Creative– Avada creative is the best-selling theme made by ThemeForest and has been used well over 200,000 times. It is clean and responsive and follows minimalist design. Often nicknamed “Swiss Army Knife,” it is highly customizable and offers integration with WooCommerce, incorporates drag- and- drop fusion builder and comes with Fusion Slider as well.
  • SydneySydney is a powerful WordPress theme for corporate of any kind. It uses parallax background, the theme has a responsive layout, is customizable and provides excess to Google fonts (nearly 600 fonts), but the most remarkable aspect of this is that it is 100% translation ready.
  • Hestia– It is free. Hestia is popular for providing features which usually come in premium section (paid). It is also 100% translation ready, but more importantly; it is SEO friendly, which makes it popular among the start-ups. It has an option for live customization, custom backgrounds, is speed optimized, organizing mega menus, etc. Like Avada, it offers integration with WooCommerce as well, and drag-drop contents builders are designed such that even the beginners can operate it.
  • Astrid– It is a beautiful theme especially for small businesses and agencies. It uses modernist themes which make the website look very professional. It has too many color options and fonts and full-width header image (usually found in premium themes). It is particularly known for great visual elements and the portfolio section.
  • Jevelin– Jevelin is a premium multi-purpose WordPress theme which provides a strong set of templates, plugins, and tools. It is designed to harness the advantage of WooCommerce plugin. Its highlight is that it provides a library of full-fledged demo websites and has six portfolio layout options along with many custom settings.
  • Total– Total is known for its elegance. Along with its easy drag and drop options, SEO readiness and responsive design, it has 50+ builder blocks (which regularly gets updated) which help create a fantastic layout. It is known for its advanced customizer where we can alter almost anything from colors to container width, and it makes editing easy as well. It is both translations ready as well as Child Theme Ready. It is coded with CSS3 standard and uses HTML code as semantics.
  • Zerif Lite– It is a very creative and beautiful theme. It possesses advanced WooCommerce plugin, has a live customizer and is SEO friendly. It is easy to setup (takes less than a minute) and provides the demo content to the designers. It is a smart theme and optimized for speed. Only negative side it has it that it is not free.
  • Spacious– Spacious is a free WordPress theme. It has a minimalistic design with the clean and playful layout. Though compared to 50+ widgets provided in premium themes, its 13 widgets look small in number, but they are the most used widgets. It has only four-page layouts and two-page templates. Due to these factors, Spacious is non- ideal for business websites but is ideal for blogs and personal websites.
  • Allegiant– Allegiant is a soft and minimalist theme. It is reputed for its flexibility and classical parallax sections. It has an animated slider (full- width) and comes with custom shortcodes. It provides the option of unlimited colors, total layout control, and customized typography.


WordPress themes provide an excellent alternative to traditional web designing.

Since these theme are designed by teams that are specialized in doing that, they ensure that they design themes only after they have surveyed the market to understand customer requirements and that way they are better familiarized with the market trends and present consumer mindset.

This ensures that you get the best and most functional themes for your WordPress sites.

In the context of a startup, maintenance and design of online services are a major contributor to debt requirement. WordPress reduces this debt requirement thus helping the businesses to thrive financially.

Thus, using WordPress business themes is always preferred as it not only saves money to employ a designer but also provides market- compatible designed themes.

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Kelly Wilson is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA.  She helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During her spare time she loves to write on Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media. She loves to share her knowledge and Experts tips with her readers.

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