Boosting Your Online Business with Free Classifieds


free online classifieds siteFinding Sources of Traffic is a never ending activity for us internet marketers. This search brought me to a source which is probably under-utilized – online classifieds.

I was surprised at the number of links I would click when I am at an online classified ads site. I would in fact start searching for one thing and move onto so many ads that were either not related to my original search terms or, was a variant of something that I started searching. This is where it struck me to advertise my business online.

Online classifieds,  most of which are free provides you a good platform to advertise any kind of business. Since there is no fee or advertising charges involved, these classifieds can be a good way of putting your business in front of your customers and generating visitors. This is cheap traffic which might not be targeted but can convert well if advertised well.

A Good Ad Script – Attracts More Traffic

Let us evaluate the reason why you would click an ad at a classified site. At the first place I would go to a classified ads site only if I am looking at buying some product or, a service. Another reason why I would go to a classified ads site is if I want to list something up for sale. In both these situations, if I am not a seller, then my area of interest might just not be a single niche.

Let’s suppose I am looking for a website designer and click through to an online Classifieds site. As I browse through the various ads, I come across an ad on a blog installation service. Any reason why I will not click on that ad?

The funniest aspect is that even people who search on totally unrelated products click on ads when they see a nice ad script. People searching for cheap cameras can even click on your ads about a make money online site. The reason why they will click on it is the advertisement script.

I tried advertising on a few free india classifieds ad sites and was able to generate a decent number of clicks and a satisfactory conversion as well. If you are able to spend some time on crafting your ads, I am sure you will be able to improve your conversions as well. The best part being that there are FREE ads and you do not have to spend anything on it.

So if you are a service provider in the United States and you advertise in a free classified ads site in UK, do you see any reason why you will not find customers. And if it is digital information providers like us, the entire world is our playground and sky is the limit on how we can use these FREE classified ads sites.