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How to Build a Custom Landing Page for Your Blog Using Thrive Content Builder

June 24, 2015

Last Updated on - June 9, 2021  

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building a custom landing page

What is the one thing similar in the following blogs – SmartPassiveIncome, Copyblogger, OkDork and Neilpatel?

If you are still struggling to find out, then let me answer the question for you. When you visit each of these blogs, you don’t land onto their blogs directly. I mean, you don’t see a list of articles as you would normally see in any blog.

Their home pages are all custom designed landing pages. These landing pages normally has an optin form and then showcases some of their product and service offerings.

Designing a custom landing page is not easy. If your theme doesn’t offer a custom landing page, then you need to hire a developer who can code and create a custom landing page for your blog.

What could be the price? Take a guess and then spend some time shopping around so that you get a fair idea.

A couple of days back, I changed my home page as well. I designed a custom landing page that went well with my blog’s aesthetics. I took inspiration from some of the landing pages I liked and I designed it myself.

But, you know what was the funniest aspect of it?

My blog runs on the Genesis framework and it doesn’t have a custom landing page option. Yet I was able to design this landing page without writing a single line of code.

Wondering how?

Thanks to thrive-content-builder. Now, this is a plugin I have truly enjoyed using for all my landing pages. Designing a custom landing page for my blog was an experiment that I did with it and I can say, it turned out to be simply amazing.

How to Build a Custom Landing Page for Your Blog

Let me quickly show you how I designed this custom landing page without writing any code for it.

Before we get into the designing part, you will need to do a few other things. You will need to create 2 pages –

  1. A Home page – just create a page and name it “Home Page”
  2. A Blog Page – You can create a page and name it as “Blog”

Once we have finished designing our landing page and we are ready to launch it, you will need to go into the “reading” option under the settings tab in your WordPress dashboard and set the options as below.

custom landing page settings

Now you are ready to get into the designing part of the landing page.

In the below video I show you how to go about designing the landing page using Thrive Content Builder.

You could see how simple it is to use the drag and drop feature of Thrive Content Builder to design a custom landing page for your blog. Putting a landing page as your home page has its own advantages. If the big boys are doing it, it means that they are finding it beneficial. And if it is beneficial, why not try it out.

If you do not have Thrive Content Builder, then I would recommend that you buy it right away. It is one plugin that you should have because of the many features that it has. You can design landing pages, sales pages, optin pages, thank you pages etc. You can even use Thrive Content builder to beautifully format your blog posts, irrespective of which theme you are using. You can see my detailed review of Thrive Content Builder to see some of its features.

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