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3 Simple and Easy Ways to Get Inspired and Find Ideas for Your Video Content

ideas for video content

Are you trying to create video content that really captivates your viewers? If you are then you need to start coming up with ideas for the kind of content that your viewers want to watch. It goes without saying that to do that you need to know your viewers, and understand their demographics. In many … Read more

10 Best Video Editing Tools That Will Help You Create Professional Digital Marketing Videos

best video editing tools

What was the one niche in which you saw the most products being launched in the last 10 months? Did you say, VIDEO Marketing? Yes! Indeed it was video marketing. Video creators like Explaindio, Video Maker FX and Easy Sketch Pro have together rocked JVZOO and they continue to stay the top 3 all time … Read more

Easy Sketch Pro Vs Explaindio 2.0 Video Creator – Which one is Better and Why?

easy sketch pro vs explaindio 2.0

Do You have a Youtube Channel Yet? If no, then it is time that you do that. Because 2015 and onwards is of videos. No wonder, Facebook and a lot many other sites have started to host videos. They did not want Youtube to take home all of the pie and hence started before it … Read more

Why Video Marketing is NOT Just YouTube Marketing Anymore!

Video Marketing

What is your biggest medium of Video Marketing? And pat comes the answer – YouTube! With an average of about 300 hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube, about 4 billion hours of videos being watched per month and a whopping 6 billion video views per day, it is no doubt the largest source of … Read more

Why You Should Focus on Video Marketing in 2015 – Infographic

Video Marketing Trends 2015

I have been a huge fan of video marketing ever since I started Internet Marketing. My first source of income was by creating simple review videos and uploading them to Youtube. I would promote all kind of affiliate marketing products from Amazon to Clickbank. I even promoted a few CPA offers and that gave me … Read more

Keys to Creating Effective Viral Videos for Marketing!

video blogging

What company doesn’t want to create the next Old Spice man campaign? Few mediums seem to have the ripple effect that videos do, and now that it’s so simple for anyone with a smartphone to make a marketing reel, what’s stopping you? If you’re paralyzed by fear concerning how to create a truly viral, catchy … Read more

7 Tips to Make Your Video SEO-Friendly!

SEO for Videos

With the advent of YouTube as well as other online video formats, the internet has become a showcase for visual presentations from pure entertainment to the informative. In fact, for business purposes, video is paramount toward conveying important messages such as updates, how-to guides, and any other information that may need communicating to those interested … Read more

4 Significant Advantages of Using Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Vlogging and promoting your products and services though an interactive social media platform is really catching up these days. Why will it not be when the visitors can form conscious opinion about your brand and the products and services it is offering? Things like live demo of the product, live interview of users and your … Read more

The Basics of How to SEO your Website’s Videos

Video SEO

SEO consultants have to stay ahead of the game when it comes to website visibility. Google seems to be constantly updating their rules and regulations and therefore the task of reaching an optimum place in the rankings and staying there is hardly the easiest of jobs. Fortunately there are many ways in which you can … Read more