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Weekly Link Roundup # 27 : Tools and Resources to Creating Pillar Content for Your Blog

April 14, 2017

Last Updated on - December 11, 2017  

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creating pillar content

The other day, I was reading an email sent out by Brian Dean from Backlinko, in which he busts the myth of “keeping your blog fresh by regularly generating fresh content”.

Brian says that he has published only about 34 blog posts at Backlinko and these generate 180k+ unique visitors per month.

Now that’s some traffic!

There is one thing that this establishes and reconfirms – that “Pillar Content” in itself is enough and can be your blogs driving engine.

I was first introduced to “Pillar Content” many years back in Yaro’s book called “Blog Profits Blueprint” and it still stands valid and effective.

In this week’s link roundup we are looking at some informative posts on creating pillar content for your blog.

Creating Pillar Content – How to, Tools and Resources

Pillar Content, just as the name suggests is the content that acts as the pillar for your blog. It is the content on which your blog stands. It is the foundation of your blog.

Pillar content is generally long form posts which will be around 2,000 words, though that is not a guideline or, yardstick. It provides complete information and knowledge about a specific topic and can in itself be considered a complete guide.

Creating pillar content requires detailed research, multiple proof-reading and a lot of time. But the time that you devote to creating this piece of content is simply worth it, just as you saw in Brian’s case above.

Here are some informative posts from around the web which will help you in creating pillar content for your blog.

How to Create Content People Will Still Remember in 5 Years’ Time

A normal scenario that we bloggers see is the fading interest with our posts. We would spend hours and write an amazing piece of article, which will generate a ton to traffic to it for a few days. But soon after, the traffic starts to fade.

Can you write a post that will still generate the same amount of traffic 5 years from now?

How will you write such a post?

This post provides you with nice and detailed information about creating pillar content.


So when you laid down to sleep that first night, you were certain you had a winner on your hands — the kind of content that could stand the test of time and be spoken of with reverence years later by adoring fans who named their firstborn after you.

But faster than you can say “Keyser Soze,” your content was — poof! — gone.

After its initial wave of popularity subsided, your masterpiece faded into the background as newer and newer content popped up.

Instead of standing the test of time, your content was forgotten.

And the only adoring fan willing to name their firstborn after you was your spouse.

read more at smartblogger.com

How to Get More Backlinks Without Publishing New Blog Posts

I am not a fan of generating a lot of backlinks. Instead I prefer a few good backlinks. And good posts can generate good backlinks.

But what if you are not writing a lot of new blog posts?

You can still get a lot of quality backlinks.

People will love linking to your posts, if your pillar content is informative and worthy of being linked to.

This is a detailed post on how to get backlinks without writing new blog posts.


As most of us know, the best way to get more backlinks involves the creation of worthy content.

Most bloggers usually resort to publishing conventional blog posts time and time again, which (let’s face it) can get a tad exhausting.

But what if you could build backlinks by creating things other than traditional articles?

The following steps involve the creation of other useful content within your blog. In some ways this resembles Brian Dean’s famous Skyscraper technique, in which you publish something far superior (typically in length) than anything else available online.

The point here is to create a more centralized and permanent source. Plus, depending on your decision, you could get away with something that’s relatively short, simple, and low-maintenance. The question now is, what would that be?

read more at bloggingpro.com

Your Guide To Finding Trending Topics for your Blog

While pillar content is the foundation of your blog and helps in generating long term and consistent traffic to your blog, blog posts on trending topics helps you give variety to your content strategy and helps keep your visitors on your blog for a longer time.

Interspersing pillar content with regular posts on trending topics is a good content strategy.

This is a good post that explains the process of finding trending topics for your blog posts.


No matter how accomplished a blogger you are, it can be a challenge to produce original, well written, content – to a schedule – that will keep your readers happily engaged. Surely, there is only so much subject matter within any niche, all of which will have been covered elsewhere. So where do you turn for fresh ideas?

People have a hunger for trending content. They will read it somewhere, so why not consider your blog as one of those places? It is important to be very knowledgeable in your blogging niche so that you can find what is trending in your industry. But, there’s more to it than just locating what’s new. You will also need to convince your audience that the trending stuff that you hope to offer to them, is something substantial and not just a fad; keeping your blog awesome at the same time.

read more at curatti.com

Blog Post Editing: 5 Steps to Take Before You Hit Publish

This is a post I really enjoyed reading and I am sure you too will.

One of most ignored aspects of writing a blog post is editing. I have seen a lot of good posts written shabbily just because the author didn’t bother to proof read the post before publishing.

I too, am guilty of this a lot of times, especially when I am rushing with publishing my blog post and I agree that this is an area of improvement.

This post has some nice tips on blog post editing and I am sure you will like the first tip the most, just as I did.

When you read a book or magazine article it will always have been written by one person, then edited and checked by someone else. There’s a reason at least two people are involved in the print publishing process.

When you write a blog post yourself it’s hard to read it properly and notice the typos and errors. We tend to scan anything we wrote ourselves and can easily miss errors that would jump straight out at someone reading it for the first time.

Also, when you try to edit your blog post,  you’re too close to the material and may skip over certain info, assuming your readers already know it just because you do.

But we bloggers don’t have the luxury of an editor to go over our writing, suggest improvements and point out typos or spelling mistakes. We have to do that ourselves. So knowing how hard it is to edit your own writing, how can we make sure our blog posts are a high enough quality for our readers?

read more at successfulblogging.com

9 Steps to write amazing blog posts (even if you are a newbie!)

What should your next blog post topic be?

This is a question that most bloggers are faced with, especially if you do not have a editorial calendar in place.

Researching for topics is an important aspect of writing a pillar content as well. Pillar content has to be unique and detailed and should address a problem that a lot of your readers face.

Finding such a topic is not difficult if you research the right way. And you will be able to learn some simple researching techniques for your pillar content from this blog post.


Every blogger starts as a newbie. We all don’t have that “years of experience” when we start out, right?

But the fact that you are a newbie should not affect the quality of your blog.

How to be a newbie blogger and also keep up the standards when it comes to content creation?

Is it even possible?

My subscribers often ask this question to me!

I am just starting out. But how do I write content to amaze my readers? I am a newbie myself!

Quite reasonable question, isn’t? I can emphathize with such a situation because this sounds exactly like me when I started out.

read more at savvybloggingtips.com

4 Tools for Busy Bloggers to Easily Manage Their Content

Using the right tools can speeden up the process of content generation. Creating pillar content is time consuming and if you are planning on a piece of article that will serve as your pillar content, you are going to be spending a lot of time is putting it together.

But the right tools can help you organize better, research better and generate better content while reducing the amount of time taken. And this post talks about 4 such handy tools.


Keeping up with regular content ideas and publishing can become a full-time job in itself, which makes management more of a challenge, but there are resources available to make this process a lot better. By taking advantage of the right tools you can add more value to your blog and write winning articles. Would you like to make your blog a success this year? Take advantage of these tools, and let me know how these work for you!

Readers are drawn to articles that include eye-popping images. Foter is an exclusive photography community that allows free downloads of premium images and photos. Search for the right visual or choose from their large selection of categories such as holidays, fashion, food, animals, and much more.

read more at susangilbert.com

Over to You

What’s your biggest challenge with generating pillar content and which post out of this do you think has information that will help with your content generation?

Do comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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