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GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

May 20, 2014

Last Updated on - May 20, 2014  

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If you are not aware of what managed wordpress hosting is all about, you might want to read the post that I wrote about managed wordpress hosting some time back.

That post would have told you some of the aspects about a managed wordpress hosting. Now, what kind of hosting should you go with will entirely depend upon your blogging needs. While shared hosting is probably the cheapest solution available, the Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting solution has kind of overshadowed it by the extremely competitive pricing of the various plans that they are offering.

Why a Managed WordPress Hosting?

About 3 months back I migrated my blog at dkspeaks.com to a Managed WordPress hosting from GoDaddy. This blog was originally hosted on a shared hosting server. I was satisfied with this hosting until recently when the blog traffic started to grow and along with it came multiple other problems –

  • The site load time increased because of the number of articles and images on the blog. There were numerous plugins as well which were leading to this problem. Hence I wanted a fast wordpress hosting solution
  • Since site load time was a critical aspect in Google rankings, I found that my blog was slipping down the rankings.
  • I had to use a CDN, which meant that access to the blog was restricted on some networks who categorized my blog as an “anonymizer”
  • My blog was frequently being attacked by hackers and spammers who were injecting malicious codes into the installation. My hosting company was unable to stop them.
  • Since there were no daily backups, I had to go through the painful process of manually creating backups everyday and restoring them whenever there was a spam attack.

These were just some of the problems. I finally figured out that a shared hosting was not something I could do with. I did not want to spend for a dedicated server. That is when I started looking for alternatives.

One very painful aspect of a WordPress blog is the amount of time you spend on it in managing and maintaining it. I was spending so much time on it that I could hardly find any time to write my posts.

By this point my choice was clear. I wanted a managed hosting solution. A solution where all the basic blog management aspects were taken care of so that I could concentrate on writing.

Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

godaddy managed wordpress hosting review

I started exploring the various options available (You can read my post of the various managed wordpress hosting solutions to know more). On comparing the features to the benefits, I found Godaddy to be a good option. Though they have been notorious in the past when it came to WordPress hosting, I decided to give them a try.

One of the primary reasons for this decision was the fact that I had absolutely loved their customer support. Also the windows hosting that I had with them was a superb one and I somehow had that faith that their hosting, if it is solely for WordPress bloggers, would be a good one.

Amongst others, the below were a few reasons that pushed me to that decision –

  • Godaddy had the lowest pricing amongst all. In addition you could use a coupon and get additional discounts as well.
  • I had hands-on experience about their 99.9% uptime guarantee on my Windows hosting and hence had the confidence that the WordPress hosting should also give me that performance.
  • The storage that they were providing was the best in the segment
  • Their bandwidth too was the best amongst all other players
  • They had nightly backups meaning, I could get a recent backup of my blog anytime.
  • Strong protection against hackers and spammers
  • They had a one-click migration option.

My Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

In the video below you can see a detailed review of the Godaddy Managed wordpress hosting. To put it in one simple line, I have been super impressed with the service, since the last 3 months.

My blog loads much faster now. I don’t worry about hackers and spammers and can now concentrate on building my business. For the price that they are offering this solution today, it is a steal of a deal. As I write this post, they are offering a single site hosting for only $12 a year.

PS: – You won’t even get a shared hosting for that price today.

My recommendation is that you should move over to a managed wordpress hosting solution if you are a serious blogger. You might be well to do with a shared hosting right now but in due course you are going to need a better server. If so, why not switch over right away?

What hosting are you using for your wordpress blog? Do comment below and tell us your reasons for sticking to your current hosting.

Check out Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting here.

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