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Managed WordPress Hosting – Do You Really Need it?

March 17, 2014

Last Updated on - March 18, 2014  

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managed wordpress hostingWordPress is evolving with every day. I still remember the day, about 5 years back when I first installed my WordPress blog. The dashboard was a plain and simple control panel. With very few features, a plain WYSIWYG editor and some very basic themes, WordPress was a blogger’s heaven.
A very basic hosting plan was more than enough for WordPress to run. That could take care of the security of the blog and the traffic and storage as well.

Fast forward to 2014 and we have a feature rich, fully jazzed WordPress with thousands of themes and plugins to supplement your blog and do the things that you might never even have imagined about 5-6 years back.

With these changes in the framework itself, it was only imaginable that the hosting requirements to run that kind of a setup will also change.. In fact the hosting plans that was more than enough in 2008 was just not enough now. A lot of hosting service providers entered the market, but the bigger and more reliable ones like Hostgator and Brainhost, were still much ahead of the competition. But their shared hosting service were still not enough to support a slightly better than average blog.

This is when, people started moving to dedicated servers, though it proved to be a little costlier in comparison to the shared hosting plans.

This is what led to the evolution of the Managed WordPress Hosting Services.

Managed WordPress Hosting Services

Managed WordPress Hosting came about because of the need for WordPress bloggers for a more robust solution for their blogs. WordPress blogs were prone to attacks from hackers and spammers and hence required a regular backup. Not all hosting services could offer this service.

Moreover there were a lot of blogs which has huge traffic and hence required a hosting solution that could better handle the traffic. Add to it the fact that one would always be looking for a managed solution, so that they don’t have to do the regular updates or, troubleshoot technical problems and there arose the need for a customized solution.

Thus was born Managed WordPress Hosting Solutions. It could take care of all your requirements. You could get a regular backup of your blog, timely updates, better bandwidth to handled the traffic and a more secure solution.

Are you ready for a Managed WordPress Hosting Solution?

Most bloggers think that a managed wordpress hosting service is not for them because their blogs are low traffic blogs. But we saw that a managed wordpress solution is not just a solution for high traffic. It offered you a lot more.

So if you are a serious blogger and love your blog and value it, then you definitely need a managed wordpress hosting solution. The only aspect you need to then look at is the pricing and the features that each of the providers have for you.

I have done a detailed review of the best Managed WordPress hosting solutions in the below video. It should give you a fair idea of what is the best one.

Our recommendation is with GoDaddy which you can check out at http://itrackd.info/b/godaddywphosting

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