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7 Things that You Need to Know About How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographics

September 19, 2015

Last Updated on - September 19, 2015  

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how colors affect conversions

What did you eyes first stick onto when you visited your favorite website the last time?

..And what color was it?

Was it BLUE? If so, then you probably answered a question that a lot of people have. Why are links blue-colored?

When you approach a designer to get a logo or, a website mockup, the first question that he asks you is what is your choice of colors. And if he is a good designer, he is sure to advise you on your color choices, if he sees something is not right.

In fact, one of the pre-requisites of being a good designer is having a good eye for color. Because the color choices is what makes or, breaks a good design.

Does color really matter?

Studies show that it indeed.

I still remember the day I took my wife to the mall to upgrade our refrigerator. We decided to postpone the purchase just because we couldn’t find the make we liked in a grey color. And my wife was adamant that she wanted a grey one. Such is the influence of color.

I am sure you too will have a lot of experiences where you shopped around for a specific color choice – your car, laptops, mobile phones etc.

All of these experiences proves one thing – that colors do affect conversions. If you could just put off a purchase decision just because you didn’t find the color of your choice, imagine what your website visitors’ reaction could be, to your website colors. Let us take a quick look at how colors affect conversions.

How Colors affect Conversions

I came across this nice infographics on Kissmetrics – my favorite blog for informative articles related to sales and conversions. Some of the aspects on this one really stood out and when I look at personal experiences on some of my landing pages, where I tweaked some of the elements, it proved to be right.

Here are some of the proven ways in which you could choose a color that helps you improve your conversions:

Sense of Urgency with RED CTA Button

Red is said to be a color that influences impulse shoppers. It is hence that you would find the “buy now” buttons on a lot of websites that run last minute sales, are RED in color. This color is said to quicken the heart rate and hence create a sense of urgency and that is what you will need when you want to push your sales up in a “Limited period Sale”.

So, if you are running a “Sale” or, want to generate as many sales as possible before you close down, you might want to consider adding a RED “buy now” button.

McDonalds, Virgin Mobile, Adobe, Coke and Lego are just some of the prominent brands that use RED in their logos.

psychology-of-colorImage Source – Hubspot

Call to Action with the ORANGE CTA Button

Orange is an aggressive color that creates a call to action. You can use this to create “Subscribe”, “Buy Now”, “Sign Up” buttons. Because of its aggressive nature, it can drive conversions and better your overall ROI.

This is probably one of the reason that most landing pages use this color in their buttons. The essential element in a landing page is not to create a sense of urgency, rather it is to convince your visitor to take an action. And hence the Orange button does well in comparison to the RED button.

Use Black to Promote Luxury and High end Products

Let’s take a leaf out of Apple’s website. Apple is a brand that stands for luxury. They have never tried to woe anyone below the middle-middle class. Their products target the upper middle class and above. Their pricing is always premium and so is their website.

apple website

Their website with its nice black and white color has a premium look and feel. It is very unlikely that you will not fall for its appeal.

In fact studies prove that Black is a strong color that stands for sleekness, sophistication and efficiency.

Tell a Story with Your Color Choice

Don’t just pick any color for your logo or, your website. You might want to spend some time carefully analyzing your brand and thinking over what is it that you want to convey to your visitors.

Tell a story with your color choice. Subway does that nicely with their website colors.

subway website

Their website uses the color GREEN predominantly. Green is a color that is associated with health, balance and restoration. And by using this color on their website, they are trying to convey their message of health and wellness. Green is also the easiest color to process and provides a soothing feeling to your eyes.

What better color than Green to promote healthy eating?

Pink is not a Women’s Favorite Color

Most websites that target women or, products related to women prefer going with the color “PINK”. But is Pink really their favorite color? Studies prove otherwise.

Women prefer Blue, Purple and Green the most. So it is not Pink. If you are pitching a product to a women, you might want to consider using one of the above 3 colors.

Websites that generally promote caring tend to use the color Purple a lot and the reason is obvious. Who cares better than a woman? Some big brands like Hallmark, Cadbury etc. use Purple primarily because they want to promote the feeling of caring.

hallmark website

Hallmark does a nice job on using purple on their website. You can see the comfort that their website provides. You immediately start to feel cared for.

Another brand that does it well with using purple on their website is “Big Brothers Big Sisters of America“. They are a non-profit organization whose aim is development of children. And depicting the feeling of caring with a color that appeals to Women is probably the best thing to do.

Promote Dependability with the Color BLUE

Does your brand promote dependability? You have just discovered the color that can help you do that – BLUE. Brands that have banked upon dependability has always used BLUE in their brandings.

Check out brands like DELL, HP, Oreo, Oral-B, Pfizer, Walmart, WordPress etc. All of them stand for dependability and they all use the color BLUE in their Logos.

blue color brands

Image Source: Slideshare

You will see that most of the brands above has built that sense of dependency in us. Visa, Pampers, At&T, Volkswagen are all symbols of dependency and reliability. No wonder why most big brand Computer manufacturers prefer the Blue Color.

If you are building a brand and want to build your brand as being a dependable one, then you might want to consider using Blue in your branding.

Deciding on what color to use

You might want to spend some time to decide on what color you want to use. While color might just not be the criteria for improved conversions, it is surely one of the important factors.

What is your objective with your landing page? How do you want to project your brand? Who is you audience?

These are just some of the aspects that you might want to keep in mind when deciding the color to go with.

Read on the below infographic on how colors affect conversions and for some interesting facts and tips that will help you decide which color to choose to build your brand, landing page, website etc.

Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic

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