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Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

February 16, 2013

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If you are planning to increase blog traffic with Pinterest, it is important that you know more about the site, what it offers and how to go about using it in order to have a success story to share with others. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking sites. The unique thing about this site is that it appeals mostly to women between the ages of 17 and 35 years. This explains why women make up almost 70% of the user-base, with men taking up the remaining 30%. What this means is that in using Pinterest, your target audience is mostly made up of young women, single and married mothers who are constantly on the look out for something to buy.

Why You Need to Pay Attention

Pinterest is now is now larger than yahoo in terms of web traffic. There are plenty of success stories of people massively increasing their website traffic.

Allow People To Pin Your Images

Step 1 is to add the pinterest arbitration to your website and allow them to pin your images.

pint it

Look for Creative Ideas for your Posts

Have you made out time to browse through the pinboards on Pinterest? It is one sure way of getting creative ideas that will help you in crafting interesting posts that is sure to give your blog more exposure. It works better if you narrow down your search to the topics related to your blog. When you find such pins, make out time to find out how much repins, comments and likes such pins are generating. This way, you will be able to create something similar but quiet unique and get people repining, commenting and liking your posts.

Include Images and Video

In order to make the most of your plan to increase blog traffic with Pinterest, it is necessary that you include images or videos in your posts. This way, apart from the fact that the posts are interesting, they also have a high level of visual appeal that will attract and interest many people, especially women and generate more leads and sales for your personal or business blogs.

Don’t Make it about yourself

This is one area where you might make a costly mistake. In order for it not to look like you are engaging in self-promotion, you should also pin content from other sources. If for example, your blog is about cooking, apart from pinning images and content on your best dishes, you can also pin about other dishes from other chefs, cooking utensils from certain stores and manufacturers or kitchen makeovers by some interior designers and decorators. This way, you build relationships with those people mentioned in your blog. Without saying it, you already know what this can do for your blog in terms of leads and traffic.


With these few tips and getting more creative, your aim to increase blog traffic with Pinterest will surely be realized. Don’t forget to maintain a mailing list where you can offer your blog visitors more valuable information to keep them coming.

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