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Making Your Laptop Blogging Friendly

July 17, 2012

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bloggingBloggers spend a lot of time on their computers. Typing their posts up frantically and trying to make money in a very fast paced and competitive business. Many blogger own a laptop and do their work on that. They use a laptop for a variety of reasons. Usually it is because laptops are more portable and smaller, giving the blogger the opportunity to write any time anywhere.

But laptops come with a variety of problems, especially for a serious blogger.

No ergonomic support

The bad thing about taking a laptop wherever you go is that you frequently do not have proper ergonomic support while you are typing. There is little support on the laptop itself, and then when you are typing on your lap or even at a stool using the countertop, your posture is terrible. This can lead to many nerve damage problems and back pain.

To counter this, you need to sit at a desk with a proper chair that can be adjusted to fit your shape. You also need to add ergonomically designed support to your laptop to make sure you don’t end up with carpel tunnel or a similar diagnosis.


Another bad thing about holding the laptop in your lap is that it gets hot. Some laptops can get so hot that bare skin can be burned. It is not good for the laptop or for you. The laptop needs a firm surface to sit on for the exhaust system to properly ventilate the computer. If your laptop gets too hot it could burn out or shorten the length of its life. The best thing to do is always sit it on a table, but you can also buy additional ventilation that attaches to it.

Touch pad

Most laptops come with a touch pad instead of a mouse. While this works well for casual users, it can be frustrating for serious bloggers. Not only is it not as precise to use, but you can also hit it a lot on accident when you are typing and do crazy things like change the screen size and even delete the text you have been typing. Some bloggers opt to turn it off, but then you are stuck trying to navigate with the tab and arrow keys, which can be annoying. Instead, get a USB mouse and use that.

It is much easier, quicker, and works better for all your needs. They even sell cordless ones and small ones that will easily fit in your laptop bag. Some mouse pads can be attached to your laptop also if you are not using a hard surface or one that is not compatible with your mouse.

Easy to steal

Laptops also have a downside in that they are very easy for thieves to steal. Since they are so portable, it makes it easy for people to just come by and snatch up the laptop, running away with it. There are very few times that the police will be able to retrieve it, especially intact with all your data still on it. In addition to that, your personal information can be stolen off of it when it is taken, putting your identity at risk. To prevent this, you should always lock up your laptop when you take it out in public.

There are many different types of laptop locks you can buy. You can also buy a locking laptop case so that it is safe inside the case. It is always a good idea to password lock your laptop also, in case someone tries to look in it when you are not around.


Laptops are great because they have wireless internet connection that can be used anywhere. However when you are out and about you need to be careful of the internet connections you make. Many times a bad person can use the connection to steal your data without you ever noticing it. That means they can have access to your credit card numbers and bank accounts. To prevent this, do not log onto a connection that is not secured. Even if you are on a secured but strange connection, do not enter any vital information. That way they can’t steal it. Make sure your firewall is set high also to keep them from getting into your data.

Being a blogger means a lot of writing and work but also a lot of freedom. Enjoy that freedom safely and wisely. Using your laptop is a great way to make your blogging life more comfortable, but it also comes with dangers. Be smart and aware of what the dangers are and how you can prevent them. Have a healthy, happy, and safe blogging career!

About the Author:

Monta the mother of three children serves as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance.  She is a regular contributor of “nanny jobs”.  You can get in touch with her at montafleming6Atgmail dotcom.


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