The Secret Recipe to List Building

Okay! So let me guess. You are tired of designing optin forms and making it as attractive as possible and A/B testing it like all successful marketers say and yet you see a trickle of signups on those forms.

No marks for guessing that one, right?

Your story is not different from a lot of others, including me. I was on the same boat until a few years back. And then I stumbled upon a few marketers who were offering some real value, all for FREE.. including Andre Chaperon.

And what Andre was giving away for FREE was more than what a lot of other marketers were charging exorbitant prices for.

That was more than enough for me to be convinced and buy his email marketing course called “Auto Responder Madness“.


One of the most valuable lessons I learnt from Andre, was on “how to build your list”. And that is precisely what I implemented in my business.

While I did not try to reinvent the wheel, because most of the work is already done and proven to work, I still did a few things of my own.

And those were some pretty simple things.

  • I developed a strategy for myself taking into account all of my limitations on the amount of work I could put in and the amount of time I had, characteristics about my niche, my budget limitations and so on.
  • ​From all the information that was available, I figured out that "List Building" was a simple math and hence draw a blueprint of how I was going to achieve my goal of building a list of 10,000 subscribers
  • And last but not the least, I ensured that I "took action" and tracked my performance against the goals that I had set.

​I was eventually able to achieve my goal and that proved that the principles work.

And since I knew that there a ton of others like me who were struggling with these basics, I thought of putting this information together in the form of a guide.

So, the obvious question – Why is it that I am giving this away for FREE?

Because, I know for a fact that if you found real value in the information I am giving you today, you will join me and together we can ​build a better business for you.

​I get a good friend for life and you get a working business.

​That ways, it's a win-win for the both of us.

During your stay with me, if you ever want to get in touch with me, please don't hesitate. I ensure that I read all of the emails that are sent to me and also respond to them.

On that note...

​Let us get straight onto the course then.

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