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DKSP EP:32 – Selling SOLO Ads Vs Relationship Marketing: What’s Best for Your Email List?

January 21, 2016

Last Updated on - January 21, 2016  

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Selling SOLO Ads

Whenever I talk about SOLO ads, the first thing that I get asked is – What is right for an email list – relationship marketing or, selling solo ads?

I had read this on one of the blogs where a well know internet marketer had mentioned that if you could make $1.00 per subscriber in your email list pretty much every time you email them, then you would never want to sell solo ads to the list.

It’s true. But in order for you to build your list and prep them to a point where you are able to make $1.00 per subscriber is not an easy task. It involves a lot of effort to build that relationship and then nurture it so that they never lose confidence in you.

What is the best for your List – Selling Solo Ads or, Relationship marketing?

The core principle of relationship marketing is to build relationship with a cold subscriber list. The list that you are building primarily consists of people who don’t even know you well. Hence it becomes important that you build a relationship with these subscribers, so that they confide in you and believe in your recommendations.

While a lot of well know internet marketers teach relationship marketing, the biggest challenge is the learning curve until you are able to master the technique of building that relationship. It can take a lot of time and if you are willing to spend time learning that technique, then you should be good with it.

But if you are looking to make money immediately and that through a sustainable business model, then selling SOLO ads is the best amongst those.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]SOLO ads are one of the easiest and a guaranteed method to make money online.[/social_quote]

In this episode of the DKSpeaks Podcast, we will be discussing the pros and cons of both these strategies, so that you could decide on which one works the best for you.

Here is what we will be discussing in today’s episode:

  • The one big negative of relationship marketing
  • Why you need to exercise caution while selling SOLO Ads
  • What is the best way to ensure a balance between these 2 strategies
  • Is selling SOLO ads a legal business?

Resources mentioned in this episode

We didn’t talk about a lot of resources in this episode. But I recommend 2 products that were launched recently. These are as below:

If you wish to learn about relationship marketing, then there are a lot of courses that can teach that to you. The best amongst all of these is Andre Chaperon’s list building courses – Autoresponder Madness and Lucrative Email List Building.

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