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SocialFolders: like Dropbox, but for your social media accounts

December 23, 2011

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SocialFoldersThis is a guest post by Megan on a new service called as SocialFolders. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page. 

For social media users, a version of cloud computing is done everyday. With the enormous popularity of social networks, many people consider “their lives” to be online; boasting profiles with years of picture, text and video content.

As accessible as this information has become it’s not without an Achilles heel—if you can’t get online you can’t get any of it. Sure, the growing clouds storming across the Internet does a great job of reaching across multiple platforms, but find yourself in a dead zone and the information is as non-existent as your internet connection.

SocialFolders – The Answer

SocialFolders is looking to change that. Founded by Philippe Honigman, this Internet start up vies to store all the bits and pieces of your social media life. However, these folders will be accessible online as well as (hold your breath) offline. The basic service will be free, allowing users to interact with three of their favorite platforms and store 500 files.

A paid version of the service will assist users in connecting up to 5,000 files and sync to all available services. The company hopes to also collect fees by acting as a secure web delivery system for payroll, bank statements or other sensitive information such as commercial real estate records and income property documents.

Cloud computing has created a movement that allows users to hold on to vast amounts of data without occupying their own hard drives.  By putting data online people are making their information social, but also protecting that information from any malfunctions their machine may experience.

Recently, posting something online has become an end point. Content on the web is shareable, steady and safe from the daily destructive forces of lost phones and erased memory cards. Honigman, however, thinks it is just too far out of reach.

What does SocialFolders do?

SocialFolders is aptly named. The program will not only store your information, but also keep the data talking to each other. Folders used to store your content will sync to social networks automatically. Any updates made to your data while offline will immediately be reflected in the online versions once a connection is found. This allows users to work on shared documents or edit photos anywhere, instead of having to hang near a connection.

Having online media aggregate to one place will allow users to rapidly update multiple social networks. SocialFolders allows platforms to talk to each other as well. Pictures that a user puts on Facebook could be uploaded to Flickr and Instagram at the same time. This will help users keep their social presents consistent and updated.

SocialFolders is scheduled to launch on December 22nd.  Honigman has been running ftopia, a similar program, for the past three years. His experience in the industry should make for a clean opening for SocialFolders.

About the author 

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  • Thanks Megan for the nice review 🙂
    Please note that we have just updated our plans, Free plan users get now 2,000 files, and Premium subscribers can manage an unlimited number of files through SocialFolders!

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