DKSP EP:27 – How to Research Keywords Efficiently Without Expensive Softwares

how to research keywords

Almost 90% of people who get into affiliate marketing never make a single dollar from it! That might sound demotivating and alarming but let me put that in slightly clearer terms. 90% of the people do not make any money with affiliate marketing because – They take a lot of training but never follow everything … Read more

DKSP EP11:What are Buyer Keywords – Doing Keyword Research the Right Way!

buyer keywords

If you have signed up to email newsletters from any of the big internet marketers, I am sure you would have heard about the launch and the discounted offers on Long Tail Pro – a keyword research tool. There were a ton of emails floating around and pretty much everyone recommended this tool. In fact … Read more

How to Discover a Hugely Profitable Niche in 10 Minutes using Keyword XP

Profitable Niche

How many times during your keyword research do you actually stumble upon a profitable niche accidentally? I am sure if you have been into keyword research for some time, you will have seen that situation a couple of times. What if I say that I stumbled upon a handful of such profitable niches every seconds … Read more

Keyword Research Is Your Key To Online Success

A huge number of websites contest to be amongst the first couple of websites in the search engine results. This placement yields them a larger chance of receiving more buyers opposed to sites with lower page placement. Web based sellers take advantage of assorted online tools to achieve these top search results and it is … Read more

Titles for your blog post!

What is the significance of a title? This is not a very obvious question and I am sure that for even the newest of the bloggers, the significance of a “Title” is a known thing. But there are certain other aspects to this question. When I say, “Significance” it could mean, the way a title … Read more