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DKSP EP:27 – How to Research Keywords Efficiently Without Expensive Softwares

December 4, 2015

Last Updated on - August 13, 2021  

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how to research keywords

Almost 90% of people who get into affiliate marketing never make a single dollar from it!

That might sound demotivating and alarming but let me put that in slightly clearer terms. 90% of the people do not make any money with affiliate marketing because –

  1. They take a lot of training but never follow everything that is being taught
  2. They are looking for a shortcut to making money
  3. They prefer skipping the basics in affiliate marketing and quickly move over to the advanced part. Consequently their foundation is very weak and they fail.
  4. They do not take action. Procrastination doesn’t help!

To put that into perspective; “If you take action and follow the steps that you learn, there is no way you will fail“.

We are into part-5 of our series on “Building an affiliate marketing business”. If you haven’t listened to the earlier episodes and if you want to guarantee your success with affiliate marketing, I will recommend that you start from the beginning ad not jump the line. It will be easier for your to understand and you will have clear cut actionables that you can straight away start working on.

One of the most difficult part in affiliate marketing is researching your keywords. And in this episode that is what we are primarily going to cover.

How to Research Keywords in Affiliate Marketing

We are going to follow the FREE method to building our affiliate marketing business. Since there is little money that in involved in terms of the investment, there will be a lot more work and efforts required from your end.

Keyword Research” is easily one of the biggest things that people skip ahead. While they might quote a 100 different reasons for it, the actual reason is that it is very difficult. Rather, it is portrayed as very difficult.

But you don’t have to be overwhelmed with Keyword research. There are simple methods to do it and that too without any expensive software. You can do that with Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool.

If you want to partially automate the entire process, then I would recommend “Long Tail Keyword Pro” which is handy and cool software to have in your arsenal.

Here is what we are going to cover in today’s episode:

  1. How to research keywords using Keyword Planner tool
  2. Finding long tail keyword to get your article written
  3. How to find seed keywords
  4. Why there is no need to evaluate the sales page of the product that you are promoting.

Resources discussed in the show

Here are the resources that we discussed in today’s show:

  1. Mario Brown’s Video Ads Formula
  2. Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool
  3. Google Keyword Planner

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links and if you choose to buy any of these products from these links, then I might earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

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