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DKSP EP28: How to Setup a WordPress Blog to Promote Affiliate Marketing Products

December 12, 2015

Last Updated on - April 22, 2021  

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how to setup a wordpress blog

How to setup a WordPress Blog?

This is one of the most common tutorials that you will find on Blogging. Search Google and you will find hundreds of tutorials that will teach you how to setup a wordpress blog. But the biggest problem with most of these tutorials is that these are generic tutorials. When it comes to building WordPress websites for affiliate marketing, you need to follow a slightly different method.

You don’t want to spend hours doing things that would otherwise take only a few minutes.

In fact websites that are specifically created for affiliate marketing has its set of requirements. Inserting affiliate links, easy link cloaking, inserting banner ads are just some of the things in addition to an easy to access site structure.

In this episode of “The DKSpeaks Podcast”, we will be discussing “How to Setup a WordPress Blog”, especially focused on Affiliate Marketing. This is part-6 of our series on “How to make money with affiliate marketing”.

How to Setup a WordPress Blog for Affiliate Marketing

Till about 4 years back, you could create a one pager website promoting a product and easily get it ranked on the first page of Google. I still remember this one page review website that I had setup in the “Tattoo” niche, which was ranked in less than 15 days and kept making money every month for about 10 months before it dropped off the rankings.

Affiliate marketing has since changed. It is no more just a matter of putting up a one page review website and making money. These day you need to have enough information in your arsenal to convince a visitor of why a specific product is good and why it is the exact same thing that he was looking for.

It is hence that the WordPress Blog that we will be setting up for our affiliate marketing business has some very specific needs.

There are some important plugins that simplify the work involved in managing your affiliate marketing website. Similarly even the theme that you are using is very critical in order for your website to function correctly.

You need a theme that is SEO optimized, loads fast, is mobile friendly and is as per Google’s requirements. Because you don’t want to end up in a situation where your blog is not ranking just because it does not have an search engine optimized theme.

Here are the things we will be discussing in this episode:

  1. How to Choose the right Domain for your website
  2. A nice tip to rank your website with little effort
  3. Common metrics that you need to keep in mind when choosing a domain name
  4. The best WordPress theme when it comes to affiliate marketing
  5. 7 absolutely essential plugins for your affiliate marketing website

We will be discussing the above and some handy little tips that can help you in your efforts to get your website ranked on Google.

Resources mentioned in this Episode

We spoke about a good image creation application in this episode. The featured image that you are seeing here is also created using this particular software. This is called “Youzign” and people are already calling it the “Photoshop Killer”.

Here are some of the other tools and resources that we spoke about in this episode:

  1. Youzign image creator
  2. Socrates theme for Affiliate Marketers
  3. Thrive Leads – Optin form creator
  4. PR Powershot – Finding expired domains
  5. Moonsy – Online service to find expired domains
  6. Expired Domains – Another service to find expired domains
  7. DomCop – A paid service to find expired domains
  8. Bluehost – Hosting Service
  9. iPage – Our preferred and affordable hosting Service
  10. Profit Builder Theme – an alternative to Socrates Theme
Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate links. If you choose to buy any of these recommended products from the above links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

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