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What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and How to Benefit from it?

August 13, 2021

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what is high ticket affiliate marketing?

If you have been trying to understand what is high ticket affiliate marketing, then this post is for you. In this post, I will explain in detail everything about high ticket affiliate marketing and how you can benefit from it.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent source of Passive income if you plan it well and implement the right strategies. One of these strategies involves promoting high ticket affiliate programs.

The first affiliate program that I started promoting was a Clickbank product on a Guitar Course called “Jamorama”.

Luckily for me, it worked out really well.

In fact, one of the primary reasons it worked out was because I created a niche website with a lot of information about guitars and guitar courses and then promoted this product on the website.

The articles ranked pretty fast on Google and traffic started flowing in.

This was my first experience with Niche affiliate marketing.

While the site gave me a consistent income, the problem was that it wasn’t really enough to make a living. If the traffic dropped in any month, then the revenue too dropped.

It took a very high conversion rate and a lot of traffic to actually make a decent income.

I had to find a solution to this problem!

There were 2 options that I had – One was to build many more such sites, and the other was to look for something that paid a substantial amount in commissions.

While my immediate response was to take the first option, my long-term plan was to follow the second option; of promoting products that paid a good amount in commissions. In other words, promote a high ticket affiliate program.

So what exactly is high ticket affiliate marketing. Let us look into it in a little more detail.

What is high ticket affiliate marketing?

If you are new to affiliate marketing then before understanding what is high ticket affiliate marketing, you will need to spend time on understanding the basics of affiliate marketing.

High Ticket affiliate marketing isn’t a completely different beast that you need to start learning from scratch. It is in fact, a niche sub-set within affiliate marketing.

It is a type of affiliate marketing where you promote products or services that sell at a much higher price than the norm. And, the higher the price the bigger the commissions you will get.

The usual affiliate programs that you would come across pay you about $20 to $100 per sale. If you have been promoting Amazon products under the Amazon affiliate program, then the commissions can be even lesser.

In contrast, high ticket affiliate programs would usually pay you thousands of dollars in commissions.

Wondering how they do it?

It’s simple. They price it a lot higher.

In fact, these products and services have extremely high perceived value and hence the prices are pretty high for these.

But with these higher payouts comes a heightened level of scrutiny and increased risk for the company so they generally prefer to work with hard-to-find, niche experts.

Does that mean that somebody who is just starting off cannot promote a high ticket affiliate program?

Not really!

You too might be able to join some of these programs where the entry requirements aren’t very high. And there are quite a few such programs, which I will be covering in my next post.

Benefits of high ticket affiliate programs?

The price points of high ticket affiliate programs are extremely high and hence not everybody coming over to your website will buy these products.

In this age, where people think multiple times before entering their email address in an opt-in box to download a FREE product, making somebody take out a credit card and pay a few thousand dollars is like moving a mountain.

It is hence that high ticket affiliate programs aren’t for everybody.

If you are somebody who plans to promote such high ticket affiliate programs, then you will need a working strategy in place.

We will look at some strategies for promoting these programs and making money with them but for now, let us first understand the benefit of promoting a high ticket affiliate program.

The obvious benefit of promoting a program that pays you higher commissions is that you will be able to achieve your financial goals faster.

Now, imagine if your goal is to earn $20,000 per month. If you are promoting an affiliate program that pays your $20 per sale, you will have to sell about 1000 of them to reach that target.

At the same time, imagine you are promoting a product that pays you about $200 per sale. You will only need about 100 sales to achieve your goals.

So the efforts needed will be much lesser.

In addition to that, the benefit of getting into that circle of affiliate marketers that is promoting these high ticket programs is that you get that much sought-after “expert” tag faster than you would have got if you were promoting low ticket programs.

Hence the benefits are pretty obvious –

  • Faster achievement of financial goals
  • Lesser efforts
  • Better returns for the same effort
  • Faster entry into the experts circle

What are some of the best high ticket affiliate programs?

Marketing has changed a lot in the last few years. Mass marketing has given way to relationship marketing because relationship marketing builds trust.

And trust has become the most important factor in sales today.

A lot of the top marketers like Seth Godin, Andre Chaperon have been promoting relationship marketing for quite some time now.

Though some of the marketers still continue with the older form of marketing – blasting out emails about anything and everything to everybody on their list, they too will transition over pretty soon.


Because of the diminishing open rates and CTRs for their promotions.

But why are we talking about “relationship marketing” in a post that is supposed to be about what is high ticket affiliate marketing?

That’s because, if you are planning to sell high ticket affiliate programs then you need to learn relationship marketing. Selling products that are high value needs trust.

Till the time you have not built trust with your audience, readers, and followers, you will never be able to sell high-value products.

Your audience needs to accept you as an authority and believe in you to solve their problems. And only then will they buy those high ticket products that you are promoting.

This is one of the reasons why you see most high ticket programs are at the top end of the sales funnel. And they usually start with low ticket offers.

So, what are some good high ticket programs to promote?

There are numerous programs that are available in the market. I will be writing another post with a list of all the high ticket affiliate programs suited for all kinds of affiliate marketers.

But for now, here are a few of the best high ticket affiliate programs that you can promote.

Clickfunnels – Clickfunnels is a program that can be promoted to a fresh audience and also a warmed-up audience, primarily because the funnel starts at a low ticket product and goes all the way up to a high ticket product which can earn you a nice commission.

Kajabi – Kajabi is an all-in-one marketing suite that takes care of every aspect of your marketing requirement. The product is priced extremely high. Not everybody is an ideal user of Kajabi. That is why their affiliate program also accepts registration only from Kajabi users.

I was promoting Kajabi until a few years back when I was using their services. But since moving over from them, I have stopped the promotions as well.

Kinsta – Kinsta is a premium Managed WordPress hosting solution that starts at around $30 per month for a single site, unlike the low-cost solutions that start at around the $3.00 mark.

The payouts for their programs are very high and you can earn anywhere up to $500 per signup and then 10% recurring for the life of the customer.

Authority Hacker – Authority hacker is a complete marketing course by the folks at Authority Hacker – Gael and Mark. This is one of the best and complete courses out there if you are really looking at building an online business. The amount of support and handholding that these guys do, you will not find it anywhere else.

The courses are priced extremely high because of the high perceived value and hence it is not for everyone. Hence promoting this requires extreme trust and relationship between you and your audience.

Now those were just the 4 major programs in 4 different categories that I usually recommend. But there are numerous such programs out there which I will be covering in another of my post.

Since this post is more about understanding what is high ticket affiliate marketing, these programs will give you a fair idea of how it looks.

What is a good conversion rate for high ticket affiliate programs?

One of the most common questions that all affiliate marketers ask is about conversion rates. Because eventually, that is what is going to determine the effectiveness of your efforts.

SO, what is a good conversion rate for high ticket affiliate programs?

Conversion rates are usually measured by the number of sales per visitor or the number of signups per visitor. A high conversion rate, in general, is desirable and considered good if you are evaluating the quality of an affiliate program, but not something that is necessary.

In fact, there isn’t something called the “ideal conversion rate” because a lot of it has to do with how you are marketing the specific product.

High Conversion rates mean that the visitor is doing what you want them to do. But for that to happen, you have to have a very strong relationship with your audience.

I would want 100% of my audience to convert. But that doesn’t happen in real life.

A 10%-15% conversion rate for a high ticket affiliate program is considered very good. This means that if 100 people will visit your site, you will have about 10-15 signup for the high ticket affiliate program.

But then again, that will depend upon your sales copy, your sales funnels, the quality of the product/service you are offering, your follow-up email strategy, etc.

Also, note that the conversion rate will be different for every high ticket affiliate program. As a result, you should not compare your sales or conversion rates with that of another person.

How to select a high ticket affiliate program?

Promoting a high ticket affiliate program needs a well-planned strategy.

Like I said a little while back, the price point of these products makes it extremely difficult to sell you a cold customer. Hence it is important that the product offers the amount of value it promises and that it is worth the price.

So, when you’re trying to decide which high-ticket affiliate program to sign up for, it’s important to first think about the type of offer they are running.

Is this a product that you would use in your own life?

If you’re not sure, think about what your target audience might need or want and find a program that meets their needs.

The product should align with your niche, your marketing strategy and should be something of value to the kind of audience coming over to your website.

While promoting a premium managed WordPress hosting on a “healthy living” blog, in the footer of the website where you mention, “hosted on xxx web hosting” is absolutely fine, it cannot be part of your overall promotional strategy.


Because your audience is not warmed up to buy a web hosting service. In fact, they are there to learn more about healthy living and not to start a website.

Hence, it is extremely important that you only promote products that align with your visitors’ interests.


Now that we understood what is high ticket affiliate marketing, the question is – is it necessary to promote high ticket programs as an affiliate marketer.


High ticket affiliate marketing is very popular these days.

The more established marketers have all priced their products extremely high because of the quality of content they are offering and also because of their brand value. Hence these products offer a higher commission rate as well if you are promoting it as an affiliate.

So with these high ticket products, not only can you find very profitable products, but also get into an affiliate market with very low competition.

But before you start promoting any of these, think about your strategy and how a high ticket affiliate program will fit into it.

While higher commission rates, faster achievement of financial goals, etc. are all perks of selling a high ticket product, it is important that it fits the overall gamut of your marketing game.

Think, plan and then decide if you really want to get into the high ticket game.

My recommendation – You should!

Comment below and let me know your thoughts about the post and what is the one high ticket affiliate program that you are promoting as part of your strategy!

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