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The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started With Email Marketing

December 4, 2012

Last Updated on - December 4, 2012  

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email marketing tipsYou have already made the biggest and most important step. You have started looking for advice and researching ways to get started with email marketing. This is the one thing that so many people fail to do, and is one of the reasons why so many people fail in their attempts to create an email marketing campaign. They assume that email is free, adverts are adverts, so send some out and you will get sales back.

If it were that easy then the whole world would be doing it. You should find out about what the law has to say about email marketing. Does your state have a certain law against email marketing (Spam laws, unauthorized contact)? You should find out what the law says before you proceed.

Get a legitimate mail list

Do not buy a mail list from a black market trader, or even from a legitimate online site. If you are lucky then 15% will be real people, and the rest will have come from email addresses that the company has set up for free. You will be posting your adverts to nowhere for no reason. Plus it is illegal in Europe to email someone if they have not agreed twice.

There are similar laws in America, along with other additional bi-laws for each state. You should start an opt-in system. A person must have to agree twice and click an activation link that you send them before they are sent your emails/newsletters. Not only does this ensure that you follow the law, it also ensures that the people who receive your emails are those who actually want to hear from you (which is half the battle).

Research into the mistakes of others

You are not the first person to ever try an email marketing campaign. There are books, articles and websites crammed with ways that other companies have tried and failed at creating a usable and workable email marketing campaign. You should look into what they did wrong, not what they did right.

Why? Because nobody is going to tell you the true secrets to success. Nobody is going to write a book and tell you all their secrets on how to make love, how to be a great manager, how to make loads of money. People aren’t stupid. If you knew a secret that made you irresistible to women (or men), would you sell the secret? Would you put up banner adverts advertising your secret?

Or would you keep it to yourself and enjoy the benefits? People on the other hand will quite happily be honest about their failures and mistakes. Learn from what others did wrong.

Use an email sending service or tool

This is a tool or a service that will allow you to send bulk emails to a mail list. If you are clever then you will get yourself one that you can schedule, so that you can work on your newsletter each month and then have the automated system send it out on the same day every month. This tool is important because the alternative is very undesirable. Let’s say that you try to email people from your personal account.

You will have to do it one at a time, otherwise the people you send the messages to will be able to see the email addresses of the other people on the list. This is going to take you a lot of time. There is also the fact that most personal email account providers will cancel your account if they think you are sending marketing or spam messages to people.

Your email-marketing tool should allow you to upload your email advert. Once it is uploaded the tool should go down your email list and email very person on the list–one at a time.

Craft an advert that is tailored to your recipient

If you have a mail list from people who bought your weed whackers and people who bought your candles then send them each a different message. Send the weed whacker purchaser some adverts on green houses, bug repellant or fertilizer.

Send the candle purchaser some adverts on giftware and assorted home decorations. Do not use one advert for all, or your mail will end up in the junk file.

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