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The Best WordPress Plug-ins That Will Make Readers Never Leave Your Blog

February 12, 2013

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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wordpress pluginIt is such a difficult task to produce the best blog and keep readers loyal to you especially that there are over 900,000 new blogs each day- and each one of them and other existing ones compete for attention with you! Winning the attention of a handful of readers may seem like an impossible feat, but there are however a few tips to create the best blog with some new WordPress Plug-ins:

Make the blog accessible on mobile: WordPress Touch

Quite clearly, having blogs accessible from smart phones and tablets will be beneficial to you especially in the years to come since right now, over 1.08 billion people in the world own smart phones and access the Internet through it. And the number of users grows by the year. With WP touch capitalising on mobile traffic, built into the plug-in are advertising options. Once the plug-in is installed, who ever chooses to read your blog will give them a lot of customisation options  like extracts can be hidden and titles can be cut off the top.

Social Sharing Buttons

One of the most important aspects of blog posts is the social proof that it has been shared. My recommendation as to what plug-in you should use on your blog is called Digg. It is a floating tool bar that can either scroll down next to the blog, or pop up after you have finished the blog. Digg Digg offers the latest social sharing buttons from Facebook and Twitter to Buffer and Pintrest.


This plug-in allows you to have many more social bookmarking buttons. This plug-in comes with options so that you can blog on other not so well known platforms like Tumblr.

Twitter and Facebook buttons

Having twitter follow buttons and Facebook subscribe buttons should be just a standard procedure for blogs. They are the two biggest social media sites in the world. It is perfect because when the reader clicks on the button it does not send them to the Facebook or Twitter page, it just stays on the blog and will allow them to read the rest of your blog. They can also be easily added by pasting a code snippet into a text widget on your blog.

Call to Action

The hello bar is a small text box above your blog where you can add messages about the blog and links to other blogs that you think might be helpful. It can be displayed at the top or the bottom of your blog and the analytic options can follow how many times a reader clicks on your promotions.

Speed up your page – W3 total cache

Improving your site performance will in turn improve the user experience. It is one of the most complete WordPress performance frameworks. If your loading time is slow, it will affect the amount of readers who visit your blog since most people don’t have much time and patience.

Track your performance on Social networks

The Plug in social metrics is useful to track your performance and shares on social networking sites. Once the plug-in is installed, there is no other set-up at all it just starts tracking automatically. You can analyse which of your posts did better on different social media sites and you can improve your other content further.

The Ultimate SEO pack

The ‘All in one SEO Pack’ is easy to understand. The pack optimises the titles of your posts for search engine results, produces META tags and helps you become aware of duplicate content online. This is helpful if you’d like to make your blog more visible and rank better in search engines.

Having useful plug-ins in your blog is helpful especially if you are really serious about blogging. Remember that you have to compete with other thousands of blogs and of course including websites so it is better to at least have an edge. It is also important to keep up with the latest trends in the social media world. Social networking sites may be famous for quite some time but it usually doesn’t last long. So better watch out for such trends so that you’ll know which plug-in and social media shares should work best.

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