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The College Generation: The Entrepreneurial Minds of Social Media

September 10, 2012

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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social mediaPart of growing a successful, respected business in today’s world requires the embracement of social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, yet many business entrepreneurs still view social media as tedious or unnecessary. Sure, for the time being it’s acceptable to turn a blind eye to social media, but not long from now social media will be key part of a business’ ability to connect with its audiences and customers in the marketplace.

The last thing you want your company or product to do is get left behind in the social media movement, since it is directly connected to the everyday information people receive and form opinions of. If you’re struggling to develop a social media platform for your product or business, here are four reasons why college students make the ideal assistants and givers of advice in anything and everything social media.

They’ve been with the social media since the beginning

Young adults have been with the social media movement ever since the beginning. In fact, when it first came out, the popular social media website Facebook was intended to be an exclusive, college-student-only website. Twitter, too, was exclusively popular amongst young adults and students when it made its first appearance to the public in 2006. That familiarity is what has made college students so in touch and informed of all that is going on and changing in social media. If you’re looking to bring in someone who can help your company create a social media presence, there is no better individual to seek out than college-aged students, due to the fact they’ve been a part of the social media revolution since its beginning.

They’re better able to adapt to changes or improvements in social media

Let’s face it: young adults were born into the technological, Internet age. Social media programs, tricks, and tools that many older adults have to work extra hard to understand usually come as second-nature to college students and young adults. Furthermore, right around the time an older adult begins to understand the tools and workings of social media, there are new changes and improvements being rolled out. College-aged adults are better able to adapt to such changes, given the fact that they were born into the technological movement and therefore understand its inner-workings much more clearly. So if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to learn every new improvement in social media, it couldn’t hurt to have a young mind around to help get your company over the hurdle.

They’re constantly plugged in

My father complains that young adults are “too plugged in.” Yes, it might be annoying at the dinner table when a young adult is texting and tweeting away, but being plugged in is an expected, normal trait of younger generations. College students, especially, like to feel connected to the world around them, and one way they form connections with people around them is through social media. If you’re looking to find a person that will make your business’s social media presence a priority, there is no one more fit for the job than a college student. They already have their smartphones, tablets, and computers permanently attached to their hip, so why not have them put their knowledge and tools to use?

They speak social media

Twitter and Facebook are forms of microblogging, which means they share information in a brief, limited way. Part of being able to make the most out of social media is being able to understand and speak its language. That may sound odd to say, but if you’ve ever glanced over some of the tweets and statuses that pop up on Facebook or Twitter, you’d understand why it’s necessary to be versed in the language. Due to the limited number of characters you’re allowed to share on social media, it is helpful to understand certain abbreviations and slangs that social media users commonly use. College students, in particular, use much of the social media lingo in their everyday lives and can be quite helpful in assisting others who want to learn more about it.

It might be easy to turn the cheek to social media nowadays, but not far from now, it will probably be of the utmost importance that your company or product use social media. If you haven’t already, see if a college-aged individual can assist your company in learning more about social media.

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Samantha Gray is a freelance writer for bachelorsdegreeonline.com. She has a passion for all news relating to education, social media, and blogging. Questions and comments may be sent to samanthagray024@gmail.com.


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