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The Ten Strategies to Please Google and Its Audience

August 16, 2012

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googleMaking your blog popular should be one of your specific objectives to be met. Driving traffic has always been the source of passive income in the world of online marketing. In any forms of online business, achievement would most likely be based on the popularity of your blog or product. This is basically because, you’ll exactly know the estimated quantity of people that browses your site, how long they stay and what other things they get into your site. But knowing this far, it still make sense to know the ways to please the audience. Here are as follows:

1. A controversy should be started

As a blogger, it is your responsibility to start a controversial the first place, a controversy is what it flows along in your blog. A controversy should start in a general form. Meaning to say, a topic that people knows about in particular. Not to be local, people would appreciate if you demand and tackle something that is not too broad. Take note that there is still liability to a controversy that is made. Hence, make sure that you do not tackle something personal, something that one can defeat on like—political issues, religion and races. In some little concerns, you may but, it shouldn’t cross any line. It is important to maintain an open conversation without offending any of your audience.

2. You can create a competition

The competition you create should cause any flaws> meaning to say, it should cause any harm of any verbal forms, and written categories. The excellent way to compete is through the issues and arguments the controversy could go about. The competition should be resolved at the end of it. With clear adjudication and in fair play, the resolution should be presented while not depreciating any of its ideas presented.

3. Provide some Goodies for Achievers

Achievers in this sense are those who won the competition. They are the ones who basically have utilized their argumentation skills. Most likely, the way to adjudicate is through the ideas you present, hence, end it that way. By this, the result could purely be based with what you shared on the controversy.

4. Initiate to write about other bloggers you know about

It is a wise idea to write positive thoughts about bloggers you know about. In this scenario, you’re actually calling their audience to read the blog you’re created. In this case, you are giving more chances to people after knowing you don’t focus on your own. Interest is created here. However, take note that the interests and establishment of audience would be based on how well you talk about them. Meaning, it is appraising still these bloggers after knowing what they can do outside your own capabilities. That is generally, keeping you positive.

5. Always provide an update for your blog

Beautifying your blog doesn’t mean providing a lot of colors and design. In the first place, people would always go for simplicity. They may get attracted with the colors and designs you use but, they are more to read your blog content. Hence, make sure it’s updated. To update your blog, it is important to just “be yourself”. It is true that the best understanding and the best things to tackle would still from something you have in mind.

6. You may meet some bloggers

Meeting different bloggers is one way of creating a good interpersonal relationship in one field—blogging. One way to create a good relationship in this field is through interviewing. Through an interview, know the about and always ask permission to post it at your blog. From that, have it at your blog by making sure you place something in verbatim.

7. Writing About your life could be beneficial

At times, you need to share something about your life. In reality, people would love to hear stories of the boats in any person’s life. Here, you just have to be realistic and honest, there’s no need to exaggerate any story. Never ever make your life story a fairytale but rather, make it real as it is.

8. Celebrate occasions with your visitors

There are actually different innovative ways to celebrate your birthday with your visitor. This is a warmth greeting after all knowing that you just met through a blog. Also, give something for your visitors at his or her special day.

9. Post something interesting about you

Your blog may contain your favorite pet, color, dress color, shoe brands, favorite artists and a lot more. Your favorites and all your obsessions can all be placed but, they shouldn’t be made as a habit. Meaning to say, the interval to tackle such things wouldn’t flow directly at consecutive days at your blog update. Besides sharing something about what your obsessed into, you may also share a little of your secrets. Sharing a bit means not sharing all that you’ve got thus, there’s no way to invade privacy.

10. Opinions of the visitors should be encouraged

Blogs should be creating a community. Hence, it is wise to ask for opinions from the visitors of your blog. The first thing you need to know is the topic that people would want to tackle. If you update your blog by posting a topic that people would love to talk about then obviously, they’ll get all the willingness to provide comments and feedbacks.

In this case, you have to make sure that you get the spaces anywhere at your blog, most especially at the bottom part, for them to create comments and feedbacks. In relation with this, you may add some bookmarks and widgets. In fact today, social marketing has gone so far. It has expanded knowing that it has been used over thousands to millions of people. It has even become an advertising site for the products that people do market.

The ten general tips are the most common strategies to be utilized to please Google. It provides a clearer picture of the ways to blog and the means to please Google and its audience. This structure and these points should be able to contribute the bloggers success.

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