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10 Types of Visual Content That Can Bring Viral Traffic to Your Blogs

June 8, 2015

Last Updated on - June 8, 2015  

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types of visual content

When was the last time you saw a beautiful quote on a nice background and browsed away from the page without clicking on it, sharing it or, liking it?

Images are amongst the most viral content and with the advent of social media, engagement has shifted to visual content from textual content. The success of social media itself was because of the fact that it provided for a medium of visual interaction with people in real time (at least for the most part of it) even with the one who were on the other side of the world.

Time was in shortage with most people. You would never be able to find enough time to interact and keep in touch with everyone your knew. Social media took over at this point and gave you an option of interacting with multiple people at the same time. You got 2 fold benefits – of being in touch with people you knew and cared about and you could do it during your leisure time (though the fact of the matter is that social media has kind of encroached into the time that you spent doing other productive things, even eating into the time that you would otherwise have spent with your family and kids).

This lack of time is what shifted the engagement from textual content to visual content. Visual content can be simple and easy to understand and doesn’t take a lot of time.

So, if you are to build your base on social media, what is the type of content you will use the most?

The answer is obvious – visual content!

It took me less than 10 days to build engagement and following on a page that I managed, from 0 to 7569.. all solely on visual content that I created using 2 of my favorite tools – Canva and Share as Image. And the time that I spent on this was a mere 10 minutes per image.

But, one important aspect of this is knowing what kind of visual content works.

Types of Visual Content for Viral Engagement

What type of visual content works, depends entirely upon the kind of social media site you are targeting. For instance, Pinterest prefers long form of images and hence infographics work really well. Whereas, Facebook shows a lot of engagement on shorter images with quotes embedded on it. This could be due to the fact that the audience on Facebook is the kind that wants to spend some peaceful time away from everything else – the leisurely types. At the same time, images with statistics do really well on Twitter.

So, what kind of visual content you are planning to create should be based on your social media engagement plan.

I stumbled upon the below infographic from the folks at Canva, on the 10 types of visual content that you can create that helps you build engagement. This can serve as a decent guide for anyone wanting to include visual content in their content marketing plans, in order to build their fan base on social media.

Here are the 3 types of visual content that I have experienced immense engagement value in my content marketing efforts.

Inspiring Quote Cards

Quote cards are a hit on all social media platforms. People like and share them like crazy. The only catch is that the quote should be inspiring.

Creating quote cards is pretty simple with any of these tools that are available on the internet. I use Canva and Share as image, both of which are pretty easy to use. Just pick any good quote from the internet and paste it onto a nice background and your image is ready.

A few things you might want to keep in mind are –

  1. Create something that reflects your personality
  2. Maintain uniformity in what you are sharing.
  3. Don’t put too much of text onto a already busy background. The image should be soothing and appealing.
  4. Don’t forget to credit the person whose quote you are using.

Data Visualizations

This is a type of content that I had a lot of success with on Twitter. People love statistics, especially on Twitter. If you can present these statistics in the form of a nice image, then it becomes easier to understand and digest.

Since Twitter introduced posting of images, the Tweeples out there have savored, tweeted and retweeted data visualization images. So if you want to build engagement on Twitter, this could be a good one to use.


Pinterest was never a platform for the internet marketers. A lot of people advised me on avoiding Pinterest because of the kind of audience, you would find at Pinterest. I wanted to give it a try and that is how I started. Gradually over a period of time, I found that the engagement improved and traffic started to come in to my blog. Today a decent amount of visitors come in from Pinterest and the best fact is that they show the most engagement out of all the social media platforms that drive traffic to the blog.

Infographics tend to do extremely well on Pinterest. There was this one infographic that I had shared some time back which kept sending in traffic for almost 3 months.

Though creating infographics can be time consuming, it is worth the effort.

You can get a lot more ideas from the below infographics on “10 types of visual content that you should create to generate viral traffic” that I found at Canva.

types of visual content

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