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DKSP EP:22 – 5 Different Ways to use Periscope for Business

October 23, 2015

Last Updated on - October 23, 2015  

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ways to use periscope for business

Are you on Periscope?

It has become so common these days. Social Media channels get launched and suddenly there is a rush from marketers to make use of the latest thing in the market. Some work and yet others do not. We saw it with Ello and we also saw it with a lot others.

The latest one now is Periscope and all of a sudden people are flocking to Periscope. Some of the big marketers found some advantage of using Periscope in their business and the word spread. Everyone is now trying their hands on it now.

When Twitter and Facebook launched, we saw that the early adopters got an advantage above all the others. More than anything else, it was because of their relaxed policies. People abused it to an extent where the networks kept amending their policies and put a more stringent one in place, making it difficult for the late-comers to the party, to make anything obvious out of these networks.

This is common with most social media channels and probably that is why there is so much of hype around Periscope, these days.

What is Periscope?

Periscope was a live broadcasting platform launched by Twitter, some time back. There were a lot of similar platforms that were available even before Periscope was launched. In fact Twitch was amongst the first ones in this segment. Then came Meerkat. And it was then that Periscope was launched even thought Twitter had acquired the app much before Meerkat was launched.

All of these are solely phone based apps, meaning that the live broadcasting features are only available to a compatible phone. So if you plan to use Periscope or, Meerkat on your computer, you might just not be able to do that.

And probably this is the USP about all these platforms. With mobile phones and tablets re-defining mobility, a live broadcasting tool on your mobile phone was just the right thing to engage with your audience even while on the move.

Twitter realized it on time and acquired Periscope, though they were a little late in launching.

But, whatever the date that they were launched, the hype has suddenly shifted to Periscope, probably because of it being a part of Twitter. Both Periscope and Meerkat uses Twitter, so obviously the advantage had to shift to the former one.

Ways to Use Periscope for Business

Live broadcasting tends to do really well in sales and marketing. We have seen that with the numerous webinars that the big guys in marketing run. Most of these webinars pitch high-end digital products and they sell well.

The reason is obvious – live webinars helps in engaging your audience. The live interaction that the viewers have with the presenters also helps in building confidence and that is why these high-value products get easily sold on these live webinars.

Periscope gives you a similar opportunity because you are able to interact live with your audience.

The below 5 ways to use periscope for business will help you build a marketing plan around Periscope so that you are able to make the most out of the platform.

  1. Run general interactive sessions
  2. Run informative training sessions
  3. Q & A sessions were you take questions from your audience and answer them.
  4. Behind the scene sessions
  5. Product Review, Unboxing and Demo sessions

Running these live broadcasting sessions on Periscope will help you build authority for your brand and for yourselves.

Resources from this Epsiode

These were some of the resources that we discussed on this episode –

  1. Channel Authority Builder
  2. eCom Builder
  3. Periscope
  4. Meerkat
  5. Periscope for Business

If you are new to Periscope and wish to learn how to use periscope for your business, then you can join me in this short course where I teach you everything about Periscope. Click here to order!

Thank you for joining

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