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What To Know About Google Penguin Update

June 17, 2012

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Google penguin updateThis is a guest post by Mary on Google penguin update.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Before the Google Penguin update, you may have always experienced searching over Google on some very important matters.  However, to your dismay, the first link on the first page of Google search result contains nothing of importance.  How it could be so frustrating especially if you are in a great hurry to finding the things that you are searching over.

You are never alone in this matter, a lot of researchers have been so incensed by such setup.  Not only that, there are also some sites that contain some copied articles from other sites or yet to some extent some sites may never contain any content at all but mostly advertisements.  It has been a great move that Google has updated its website page rank and have eliminated those sites that are junks.

What Has The Google Users Been Experiencing

As it has not yet been deindexed by Google, long before the Google Penguin update has been formed, most Google users could certainly find some difficult times on finding the right sites on matters that they have searched for.  This was due to the fact that what have been on the first page of Google’s search results were usually some links of the sites that have just been currently been uploaded.  Most of the sites that have been on the first page too have found to contain mostly of copy pasted materials from the other sites.

As what had happened, these sites have been mostly visited by the users and visitors and have been ranked higher than the original sites which supposedly should have been on such position.  The following could explain briefly the situation before the Penguin thing came about.

  1. As the visitors or the users of Google search would search for specific topics to know of, some certain keywords regarding a topic is typed on the search box.  For example, if the user is looking for ways on how to make cupcakes, the user could either type in simply the word cupcakes or the full statement itself.
  2. As the browser could detect that certain information is needed pertaining to cupcakes, it would readily give some statements which you could choose to click on.
  3. Then certain links will then be viewed on the first page of the Google search results which the user could choose again which link they would look into to find the answer to their queries.
  4. Once the users click on a link, for sure they would anticipate that they could readily read some articles pertaining to what they are looking for.  However, to their dismay, the site that they may be facing would only be a blank one with some advertisements or could contain to some other link that may lead to the article and which in turn could lead to the previous link.  It could really be a waste of time to the users who have been in the haste of finding the right answer to queries.

Knowing What Is It

It is best to know what Google Penguin update is so that you can understand well what it is for and its purpose.  Upon having some ample knowledge on this matter, you could right away judge whether this move by Google has done well to every search engine sites or not.

This has been first made public last February of 2011 and it was aimed to change the ranking algorithm of the Google’s search results.  It has been its purpose, the site ranking, to place all the “low-quality” sites that contains mostly of advertisements and not on contents to the lower ranks.  On the other hand, all those sites that bear quality contents should be moved up to the first page of the Google search results.

How It Is Done

As it has been named after its engineer Penguin, the Google Penguin update is continually updated from time to time by the Google itself.  The process of this system uses algorithm update which has been designed to scale intelligently the human rates based on the websites’ design, quality, trustworthiness, and speed.  The use of this system has been able to find similarities on websites’ high quality and low quality contents.

So, basically, with this new effect of Google Penguin Update in website ranking, Google users would definitely be able to find the kind of quality results they have been looking for.  They would no longer be hassled on searching for the right sites down the Google pages before finding the exact site that could be useful for them.

Where This Has Been Based From

The Google Penguin update must have been made out of sheer thought by the author himself.  He must have felt the frustrations of the users upon seeing some trash on their searches in the first page of the Google search.  It has been a common sense to anyone using the Google to readily find the kind of content that one has been searching over.

It could be very frustrating on everyone finding the Google search result’s first page could be so full with junk sites having no quality content sites at all. After having this Penguin system as it has also been deindexed by Google, its search results on the first page could now be useful to most of the researcher users.

Its Significance To The Users

Having the Google Penguin update in today’s setup, many users could now very well enjoy the Google search result page since it could readily give them the right answer to their queries.  They could no longer be hassled by those sites that transported them to various other sites which still have nothing to give them.  It could also allow the original sites some rights to enjoy on their contents since those sites who merely copy from them could no longer enjoy being on the first page of the Google search results.

It would also be fair to those sites that have really done their best to give quality contents to the users and visitors of their sites and really enjoy the merit that are really intended to them and not to their copycats.  This effect of Google Penguin Update in website ranking has made everyone happier than they used to have once, both the users and the providers of the search engines.

About the Author:

By Mary McIntyre of GPTreasure

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