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Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly?

October 25, 2011

Last Updated on - May 21, 2015  

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Is your website a mobile friendly site?

Nearly 90 percent of all consumers research a business online before they decide to support their products or services – that is an astonishing number. For business owners, this means that nothing is more important than their company’s website.

A website needs to be interesting and informative, and immediately capture the attention of your visitors to increase the likelihood of you doing business – but you already knew that. But did you know that your business’ website needs to be a mobile friendly site? What this means is that your website needs to be able to be pulled up quickly and still look nice on mobile phone browsers – a mobile friendly site.

How to make your website a mobile friendly site

While traditional smartphone and prepaid phone plans increase, the number of consumers who research or, look for businesses on mobile browsers is only continuing to rise. In fact, many believe that in the very near future, a majority of web browsing will be done through smartphone browsers, leaving unprepared businesses missing out on gaining a larger customer base. It is hence important that your websites be mobile friendly.

To make your website a more mobile friendly site, consider the following things:

Front and Center – look of a mobile friendly site

Mobile phone browsers are structured to focus on the center of a webpage when loading so make sure that the margins of your site isn’t focused on the right or, left. You want your site to be front and center as well with all important information centered as well.

Remove the Flash

Flash is on its way out as it is in the field of web design, yet many businesses still incorporate it onto their websites to capture attention. They need to stop. The more Flash you have on your website, the longer it takes to load – especially on a smartphone.

If a visitor has to wait for an extended period of time for your site to load, you can bet they are going to click the back button and move on to your competitor.

Relevant Information

Because you only have a few seconds to capture your audience, you want to make sure that all information they need is readily available. Make sure that they know who you are and what you have to offer immediately.

A Mobile Friendly Site is for impatient users

Internet users are notoriously impatient when it comes to dealing with webpages, however, smartphone browser users are even worse. If your webpage takes longer than usual to upload, they will click the back button. If they don’t immediately see the info they want, they will hit the back button.

To make sure that your business doesn’t get skipped over, make your business site mobile friendly site.

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