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11 Tips For Choosing Affiliate Products That Will Make You Money

October 16, 2011

Last Updated on - April 22, 2021  

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This is a guest post by Meka on Affiliate Marketing. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

Do you want to make money online from affiliate marketing business? If so, you need to realize that one of the most important steps to succeed in this business is choosing the right product(s) to promote.

Here are 11 tips that can help you choose affiliate products that yields great results and can help you make money online.

Evergreen & Not Outdated

This mainly applies for general information products such as products that you can find on Clickbank. You need to try to choose a product that is in an evergreen niche and not outdated.

Evergreen niches can be described as niches that will continue to have demand regardless of trends or, how much time passes. Basically, these niches will constantly have people looking for information or products related to it. E.g health, earn money from home, dating. It is only if you have customers for your products, you will be able to make money online from affiliate marketing products.

Once you choose an evergreen niche and start to look at products to promote, you would want to make sure that the content or, information offered in the products you are investigating is relevant with today’s situation. This is one reason why you should actually buy the product you will be promoting or, at least see if you can get a review copy or, some information that will allow you to get an idea of what your visitors will be buying.

The product should be kept up to date with new changes, content, etc and not contain stuff that worked in 1999 but not so well in 2011 for example.

Persuasive Sales Copy

Before you delve deeper into promoting certain affiliate products, you need to read through the sales copy and decide whether the sales copy “moves” you into buying mode or, not. Think as if you are the potential customer reading the sales copy. Does reading the sales page make you want to pull out your credit card?

The sales copy should be sellable and should induce a customer to buy the product. It is more and more sales that can help you make money online from affiliate marketing.

If you think that the sales copy is persuasive enough, it is a sign that it could be a good converting product.

Hot Selling Product

If other people are constantly buying a particular product, it means that the market is there to serve you. Products that are hot selling in its category is a good sign that it converts well. So, before you decide to pick certain products, see whether that product is a bestseller or not. Also, look for the popularity of the product on the Internet.

There are some tools and resources on the Internet that can help you determine what is selling so you can try to do some research to find out what tools are available to see how well the product you intend to promote is doing. E.g Cbengine for Clickbank products.

A thorough analysis of the products you are planning to promote will tell if the products convert and if your affiliate marketing efforts will yield results.

Desperate Audience

You have to consider the market of the product before you pick any product to promote. The audience of the product should be the kind of desperate audience which is constantly looking to solve their problem.

Try to cater to an audience which would look to the Internet for solutions to their problem. Affiliate marketing is about solving the problems of a thirsty audience. If you are promoting physical products, try to promote products that the audience can’t easily find offline. Just make sure that the audience is in a situation where they need the product you intend to promote and they will gladly pay for it if it solves their problem or fulfills their need.

Understand The Audience

If you do not understand the audience, how will you know which product would be ideal for them? You need to make sure you know a lot about the audience the product caters to. Do some market research and find out:

  • Who your target audience is
  • What they want
  • Why they need the product
  • How the product can help them
  • Where they are

Quantcast is a great tool to help you research your audience and help you make money online from affiliate marketing.

Merchant’s Credibility

The merchant who sells the product should have good credibility in the business. Do some research about the product and the product creator. Do you see any complaints about customer service, refunds, or the product? Is there evidence that shows that that product creator is an expert in their field? Use your own gut instincts too. Would you trust that the product creator or product itself would deliver on it’s promises or claims?

Good products are always associated with good customer service. Only products with good customer service can help you sell more and more and make some good money from you affiliate marketing business.

Affordable Price For The Audience

Keep the price of the product and the audience in mind when choosing an affiliate product to promote. Do you think the audience would be able to afford the product?

Product Relevance

It is best to choose a product that is highly relevant to what your audience needs to get the best conversions. E.g A general weight loss product may not convert well to those looking to lose belly fat but a product focused specifically on belly fat will convert a lot better.

Money Back Guarantee

Most buyers feel more comfortable buying a product that has some kind of money back guarantee. Promoting products with a good money back guarantee is a good idea as an affiliate.

Availability of Similar Products

Although you only need one product to promote initially, you need to make sure that there are other products on the market that could do well with the audience it caters to. This ensures that you have a backup plan in case the product you initially chose turned out to be a bad choice or the product gets discontinued.

Product Quality

It is vital that you promote products that are of high quality. If the product is a really good product and actually does what it supposed to do, you will not get many, if any, refunds. This will improve conversions and your overall earnings. So, do some product research and make sure that the product solves the problem of the target audience and delivers in terms of quality.

Those are 11 important tips to help you choose affiliate products. In order to succeed in the affiliate marketing business, you need to be able to choose products that are high converters so that even if you only promote one product at a time or spend quite a bit of time and even money on your promotion, you will have a great chance of profiting from your overall efforts.

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