Private Label RightsAre you struggling to find Private Label Rights products for your internet marketing business?

PLR products and articles have become an integral part of Internet Marketing today. In one of my posts earlier I spoke about BlogHatter and how it has helped me create numerous autoblogs out of PLR articles that were gathering dust in my hard disk. I have another 30,000 still waiting to be added to blogs and I am sure I will be able to earn quite a lot of money from them.

So where did I get my PLR articles from?

Before we get into the “WHERE”, let’s discuss the “WHAT”!

What exactly is PLR and what rights should you look for when you buy resales rights products?

It is important that you understand the rights that come with various product to ensure that you don’t fall into any kind of legal implications.

The Different Rights Explained

There are different types of rights that come with various products. Each of these rights are about the way the products can be used, on further passing it over to somebody else and the passing over of rights to others.

Resale Rights -

Resale rights allows you to sell it to anyone and keep 100% of the profits. There could be a limitation on the price at which you can sell the product. But the most important aspect to be kept in mind is the fact that you should only pass on the Personal Use Right to the buyer. You cannot in any way pass the resale rights.

Master Resale Rights -

A Master Resale Rights, as the name suggests give you almost all rights to do anything with the product. You can sell it at a profit, pass on resale rights to your buyers and also pass on the master resale rights to your customer in case you are in possession of a transferable master resale rights.

Private Label Rights -

Private Label Rights gives you all rights similar to the MRR products and in addition to that also gives you the right to edit the content or, the product and put your name as the author or, creator of the product.

What type of right you should go for will depend upon your requirements. If you are planning to sell a product of your own but are unable to create one, then you should ideally go for a PLR product. You can then edit it and sell it as your own creation.

Where to find Resale Rights Products?

It is often very difficult to find good resale rights products. The internet is full of crappy resale rights products and these lack quality. If you are to edit and resell it, then you might have to do a lot of work in order to improve its quality.

One source that I normally prefer for my resale rights products is InDigitalWorks. They have a huge collection of a variety of resale rights products including ebooks, softwares, articles etc.

The best part about them is the quality of the products that they offer. You will be impressed with the quality and if you are really serious about selling your own products, then you can do away with a lot of editing and still sell a high quality product.

You can even join them as a free member, if you wish to try them out.

Check out InDigitalWorks here.

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Free Blog Installation

Would you like to get a FREE Blog Installation?

No article this time round. Just an announcement. There are lots of similar offers available out there on the internet. But I thought I will offer a little more to my readers and “make an offer you cannot refuse”.

My team is anyways involved in website designing and development. I also have a team that does blog installation on payment. I thought why not use this team and make a special offer for you all.

I am giving away a FREE blog installation to anyone who is interested.

This Blog Installation comes with many features like installation of 10 free plugins and a free theme etc. In addition to this you also get a limited period offer on hosting plans as well.

In case you are really interested, you can check out the details in the offer page. Check it out right now.

If you have any questions, you can write to me using my contact form.

What’s special about this FREE Blog Installation?

In this free installation, I will be installing a blog for you absolutely free – i.e. without any installation charge. In addition to this I will also install 10 free plugins for you. These are assorted plugins that are extremely critical to the success of a blog. This includes search engine optimization plugins, link building plugins, Google webmaster plugins etc. You can read more about these here.

Check out the offer page to find more about this offer and about how you can avail this.

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BlogHatter review

This is a full review of BlogHatter. In continuation to my earlier post on BlogHatter, I thought I would do a complete review of the software and show you how it works. I am sure you will love to see the interface and its functionalities before you jump into making a decision to buy the software. This BlogHatter  review will show you in detail how this software works.

For those of you who were yet not ready to venture in to auto blogging, this is the time to do it. This My core business model was dependent on building niche websites and earning income from these. I have been able to add to this income source after I got into Auto Blogging.

This BlogHatter review will show you that these setup and forget-it blogs can be a passive source of income for life and that too on auto-pilot. There is nobody who will be able to ban your auto blogs and till the time there are people out there seeking information, auto blogs will work and will make you money.

Look at this simple statistics. This is the stats from the income that I have generated from auto blogs created from BlogHatter -

Average Income from one auto blog = $1.03 per day

Total income from one auto blog for a month = $1.03 x 30 days = $30.90

Number of Auto Blogs set up in 10 days = 105

Total Income = $30.90 x 105 = $3244.50

That’s a good enough income from auto blogs, that too in the form of passive income on a 90 minutes effort.

BlogHatter Review

Now let me not drag things. Let us straight away get onto the BlogHatter review -


I hope you have enjoyed this review.

If you think this software is something that you will want to buy, then go ahead and buy BlogHatter here.

Don’t forget to comment on this BlogHatter Review

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Search Engine Marketing

This is a Guest Post by Susan. You can read the guidelines to guest posting at our write for us page.

Online wholesale business has become quite popular nowadays for the wholesalers due to its easy and convenient execution with good opportunities to make big profits. The success of online business (whether it deals in products or services) entirely depends upon the traffic it receives. It seems quite good to get large number of sales leads from the targeted traffic. It means wholesalers must enhance their web based business visibility regularly to get more customers and more sales leads. For better exposure, wholesale businesses heavily depend upon marketing and search engine marketing is one of the best ways to online visibility and customer base.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is like other internet marketing methods with the purpose to share your business information with every kind of customers and increasing customers’ base. It makes your corporate website reach as near as possible to the top of search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) rankings. It is quite proficient yet cheap source of online marketing as compared to other marketing techniques like Direct Marketing or telemarketing etc. The biggest advantage of it is that you can see its immediate results because people do not prefer to make expensive calls when they can reach you with few mouse clicks to obtain all the necessary information about your wholesale business and products.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a strategy applied by the wholesalers to get large number of website hits. For this purpose, SEO expert develops certain web pages or entire website to index it better in different search engines. To take maximum advantage of SEM, your website content need to be relevant, interesting and attractive. Once your website reaches at top rankings on search engines, it will disclose several money making secrets.

There are several tools that can be utilized by wholesalers for the purpose of Search Engine Marketing to get effective results. These tools are: Video Marketing, Article Marketing, Keyword search, marketing through Social Media network, Back-links and so on. Anyone can learn quickly the effective use these tools for excellent SEM and greater profits but it may take sometime to achieve the highest position you are striving for.

Search Engine Marketing is quite cost effective as it saves expenses on advertisements, marketing campaigns and many other things. A single order can be closed online or through a phone call and payments could be made online as the customers can directly see what you are offering. In traditional marketing modes, a customer needs to reach the wholesale business himself to place an order and a wholesaler needs to pay print or media costs to get advertised.

Therefore if you are looking for a cost-effective mean to reach your target audience, SEM is the best option. Apart from this search engine marketing not only provides local exposure but it also provides global exposure to a wholesale business. Therefore it is really important for wholesalers to understand SEM if they want to achieve success in local as well as global market.

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BloghatterIf you are wondering what has BlogHatter got to do with a blog empire and how it can help you do it, then read on..

Auto blogs are a very simple way of making easy money online. Till about an year back, auto blogs were seen as spam blogs, which got no respect from Google or, any other search engines because of the reused content. They were seen as if they were the spoilt child of the same parent who has set out to destroy the world of blogging.

Fast forward to today and you find there are thousands of auto blogging software all over the internet, making promises galore. None of these seem to be doing a bad business. WP-Robot, Auto Blog Samurai and BlogHatter are the most prominent of these.

Let me not get into an article writing mode and straightaway get onto the review of this tool.

It is about 15 days that I bought BlogHatter. I have been using Auto Blog Samurai for almost 7-8 months now and the results have been pretty fine.

Let me get onto the results of Auto Blog Samurai first. In the past 8 months I have set up about 71 blogs using Auto Blog Samurai. 47 of these were on Blogger and the rest 24 were on WordPress. The results were as follows -

  • $2,119 from Adsense
  • $3,447 from sale of 8 blogs
  • $231 from Ad sales
  • $1,976 from Affiliate revenues

That was incredible for 70 auto blogs. It came out to about $112.00 per blog. The success of Auto Blog Samurai led me to think again on auto blogs and the kind of income it can generate.

This is what led me to take a look at BlogHatter. My first opinion about BlogHatter is that it is superb.

BlogHatter Reviewed

BlogHatter creates both Blogger and WordPress blogs. It searches a few of the best article directories and gets you blogs based on your keywords. It also has the option of uploading PLR articles and auto posting them to the blogs.

The interface is extremely user friendly and even a newbie can easily use it to create auto blogs. Uploading content and posting them to the blogs is an easy task at the interface. You can add tags and assign categories also on the primary interface itself.

BlogHatter has 3 plugins which Donato calls as the black hat plugins. These are a Yahoo tagging plugin, a Youtube plugin and an ezine plugin.

You will need the ezine plugin if you wish to extract content from ezines. The Yahoo tagging plugin can create tags automatically based on your content and the Youtube plugin inserts Youtube videos into your content.

Using the plugins were very easy and so was installing it.

I will be recording a brief video comparing both Auto Blog Samurai and BlogHatter and reviewing the softwares, in some time which should give you a better idea of what I am talking about.


BlogHatter is a very useful tool, if you are interested in auto blogging. Auto blogging can be a source of passive income and that too on auto-pilot.

I would recommend BlogHatter to anyone who has loads of PLR articles resting there in your Computer’s hard drive. You can create hundreds of blogs out of it and create an income stream.

Both Auto Blog Samurai and BlogHatter are extremely useful and serves the purpose very well. If you are interested in venturing into auto-blogging, which I recommend you should, then go for one of these and you will not regret. Don’t even think of buying WP-Robot, if you are new to the whole concept. You will be lost in their documentation.

You can check out Auto Blog Samurai here. Check out BlogHatter here.

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Earn Money Online

Do you want to earn some money free?

I know nothing is for “FREE”, but before I get into the hows and whats, let me take up a very interesting discussion.

How effective do you think the “the word of mouth” could be?

There are not too many organizations or, people who have utilized the power of the “Word of Mouth”. Not too many that I know off. If you know of some, you can help me with the names by commenting in the comment box below.

The Power of the Word of Mouth

The fate of a movie is decided largely by word of mouth. Restaurants succeed or, fail based on the word of mouth. Doctors have been living on the word of mouth. Then why is it that it is still ill-harnessed?

I am sure, that 90% of the times you buy a product, you buying decision is based on a review – either from one of your friends/acquaintances or, from an unknown person reviewing it in a magazine or, on a website (unless you are a die-hard fan of a brand that you cannot compromise for anything). All of this is “Word of Mouth”.

Organizations still believe in spending millions of dollars on advertisements through various forms of media. They still feel that advertisement is the best way to reach their prospective customers.

As I leave you with that thought, let me get straight away into the free money making idea that I was talking about.

This is not a job replacing income that I am talking about. But it is a nice trickle of some valuable dollars that will certainly help you in your other ventures.

The Free Money Resource is a payment engine like Paypal in the initial period of its development. They need customers. They knew who they were competing with and the amount that they will have to spend on advertisements if they are to get even 10% of the market share.

Paybox came up with a very innovative idea using the power of “Word of Mouth”. They spread the news that

  • anybody joining them will get an instant credit of $25.00 into their account.
  • you get a credit of $20.00 to your account for participating in their launch. Remember there is nothing to buy. All that is required is you login to your account once everyday and keep updated with the information on their website.
  • you get a credit of $10.00 for every person you refer to them. (Of course, I am also getting a credit for this referral :) )

Is there a reason why you should not join?

I did not find any reason for not joining. Moreover I loved the way they were using the power of the word of mouth.

In case you think, you will love to get a few dollars into your account everyday for “FREE”, then I recommend you join. Remember, once again. This is not a job replacing source of income. But for me, every DOLLAR Counts.

You can join Paybox here.

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If I were to tell you that you can better the performance of your blog by implementing a simple thing, I am sure you will sit on the edge of your chair eager to know what it is. And if I tell you that you will have to do a bit of search engine optimization, I am sure again that you will push back into your chair because that is the last thing you would want to do.

Why is SEO so difficult? Why is it that people run away from doing SEO?

SEO is not something that you somebody can teach you. It takes hands on experience to understand what SEO is. Though there are some guidelines on which you can work, it so happens that these guidelines just remain guidelines and we end up doing something else.

What is SEO?

Does just adding a few meta tags to your blog’s head help improve your search engine rankings?

Of Course not, there is more to SEO than just adding a few tags. One of the most important and difficult activities in search engine optimization is keyword research, which is often ignored. Half of the work is done if you are able to discover a few less competitive but highly profitable keywords for your blog.

The Google External Keyword tool is a very good resource to do this, if you are looking for a free option. But I prefer using Micro Niche Finder which is a paid tool, but for $99.00, it is one of the best buys you can make.

Once you have researched your keywords, comes the next critical aspect, which is using these keywords in your blog’s content. SEO requires quite a improvements in your posts like adding an H1, H2 and H3 tag with the keyword in it. Adding an image with an alt tag with the keyword in it etc.

I do not recommend doing all of this manually because it can be quite time consuming. With a WordPress blog, you can get a couple of plugins that can do this partially like the platinum SEO pack, but there is no complete tool available if you are looking for a free option.

I use SEOpressor, which again is a paid option to get all this done but it is worth it. SEOpressor does all this tagging and other stuff automatically or, recommends changes that are required for a better ranking. It even gives a score, so you know how much more improvement is required.

If you thought, that was it on SEO, then I will have to disappoint you.

SEO goes further than what we just read. So what else is involved and how is it that you will do all this?

FreeSEOreport for easy SEO can help you do this. I was surprised that there can be something so useful and that absolutely free of cost. Free often comes with a catch, but there is no catch to freeseoreport. It is extremely handy and you get quite a lot of information on your blogs’ SEO status.

All that you need to do it enter your URL and the keyword that you wish to get ranked on Google for (This implies that you do you basic keyword research at least).

Once you have done this, you get you SEO report emailed to the email address you provided.

It just doesn’t end there. You get a series of emails with information like -

  • How is your site ranked against your competitors for the same keyword?
  • What is it that your competitors have done differently?
  • What all changes should you do to your blog to improve your rankings?
  • What other keywords are used by your competitors which are similar to your niche?

You can run a number of reports on any of the keywords that you wish and you keep getting more and more details.

It is a wonderful way to learn SEO, because this way you will be able to work on your own blog and make changes as necessary. Gradually, you will understand and learn what SEO is all about, if you do it a couple of time.

If you wish to get your blogs ranked on the first page of Google, it is time that you concentrate on SEO and use FreeSEOreport.

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The most difficult thing for anybody starting off on an internet marketing business is to find the right niche that has not too much of competition, yet can make a lot of money. Selecting the wrong niche can mean disaster to your entire efforts of making money online.

In a series of posts, I will be bringing to you some of the best resources from around the web in some of the best niches that can help you in your efforts. I will try to ensure that you get everything that you will ever need to start to make money online.

This is the first such post from the series and is on the “Fitness Niche”.

One of the hottest niche that is easy to make money online is the fitness niche. There are numerous products to sell that you can find at Clickbank, Commission Junction and Share a sale.

This is one of the niches that I started making money online. Since the fitness niche is wide and there are quite a lot of specifics that you an focus on if you do not want too much of competition, it is easier to make money. If you are ready to put is some work in researching a few good keywords and putting together a good website, you should be on your way to your first commission in the first 3 days. My first sale happened in under 30 hours.

Another challenge that most people see in getting started is to launch their website in the niche. Getting a developer to develop a website,  designing e-covers, writing a few articles, getting content for your website, finding a bonus to give away etc. are aspects that most people find difficulty in. In fact these are areas that require a lot of work and at times it can be extremely difficult for somebody to start off.

Here is an alternative. The Fitness Niche Blog package

Fitness Niche Blog package

This is a complete package in the fitness niche that you can straight away start using and make money. It has everything that you need packed into one package and also comes with a easy to use manual which will guide you on using it.

What is included in the package?

  • Premium Theme – Custom Designed, Premium WordPress theme (this alone would cost $70 without the customization!)
  • PLR Articles – 100% unique articles (written specifically for this package)
  • New Design – 100% unique design / color scheme
  • Royalty Free Images – High quality, professional stock images (featured articles)
  • PLR Ebook – Integrated PLR Ebook package (formatted + rebranded design)
  • Ebook Sales Page – Integrated sales page (integrated into blog page)
  • Custom Order Button – Custom ebook order button design
  • SEO – Pre-installed SEO Plugins including Site Map
  • Easy Layout – User friendly site layout
  • Source Files – All PSDs for site graphics, ebook, ads, etc.

There are numerous ways you can make money with this package -

  • Sale Of Ebook – The package comes with an ebook in the niche which you can sell and keep 100% of every sale.
  • Ebay or Amazon Store – Integrated eBay or Amazon store (easily managed from the admin panel)
  • Adsense – Integrated Adsense (easily managed from the admin panel)
  • Affiliate Ads – Customized Affiliate ads (easily managed from the admin panel)
  • Custom Blocks – Add any custom content (easily managed from the admin panel)

You can get your package today and start making money online in the fitness niche today itself.

Order your copy today from this link.

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