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15 Tools to Boost Your Productivity and Do More in Less!

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Internet Marketing is supposed to be a work-on-leisure kind of work that we all are supposed to enjoy. Is it what it really is?

There were times, when I felt overwhelmed with work. There was so much to do. Yet at the end of the day when I sit and evaluate, I find that there was nothing productive that I did throughout the day. I felt as if I wasted the entire day.

Have you too felt like that? Do you, at times feel as if your productivity is very low and that you are spending way more time than you are expected to, at your computer.

It is not uncommon. You are just like one of us. One of the biggest challenges in working from home and running a home based business is to ensure that you are 100% productive. Since there is nothing to control and monitor you, it becomes all the more difficult to track your productivity.

The following tools helped us be more productive by ensuring that we are monitored and tracked. I am sure that it will help you too. You might necessarily not need all the tools discussed below, but most of them might find a use in some way or, the other.

Tools to Boost Your Productivity

The objective of this post is not to overwhelm you with a collection of tools. You might not need all of the tools as I said earlier. Hence it become important for you to understand what areas of work are you trying to streamline or, be productive in and accordingly pick a tool.

Go slow and pick one problem and solve it before moving onto the other one. You can save this post for future reference in case you want to come back to it once you have solved the first problem at hand.

Being productive involves a simple formula –

Focus – Organize – Automate – Execute – Track

That is why we have grouped these tools on these 5 aspects.

Tools to help you Stay Focused

One of the biggest reasons for less productivity is lack of focus. You might start your day with a lot of things in mind. By the time you finish the day, you will find that you accomplished nothing. It is hence important that you stay focused on what is important and do that on priority.

The following are some of these tools that will help you stay focused.


ToDoom Increases ProductivityToDoom is a nice little tool that will help you add your to-dos in a list style format and you can also put a finish-by date to it. If for some reason you are not able to finish it on time, the task turns red and you will get a daily alert on your email.

A very simple and minimalistic tool, it is FREE to use and very handy if you want to stay focused.

eggtimerE.ggTimer is a very simple to use timer on your browser. Set the timer and start your work. Once the timer expires, you will get a notification in your browser.

It is important that you set time limits for your work else you will find yourself doing the same thing the entire day. How I use E.ggTimer is, I set it up for about 45 minutes which is what I usually take to finish writing a post and then I start writing. This keeps me focused on the job at hand and be more productive.

You can use it to work in timed bursts and that way finish your work with better efficiency.

Tools to be Organized

I used to spend hours searching for trivial things. I will store something on my hard drive and forget where I stored it only to find myself spending hours searching for it.

It is important that you organize yourselves. That way you will spend way less time searching and more time doing.

These are some of the tools that I use and I am sure that these tools will help you stay organized


evernote boost your productivityEvernote has been one application that we have not been able to do without. It is an amazing note taking application. Because it is available as a mobile app as well, you can stay synchronized. You can use it on your desktop, your mobile phone or, even your internet browser.

You also have a Chrome extension that allows your to clip text from the web and save it directly to your Evernote account.

There are many more uses of Evernote than just taking notes. I use it to record my ideas for blog-posts, videos etc., save content that I think is worth sharing, find product that I should promote and also use it as a scribbler. Since Evernote has a feature of tagging, it is very easy to search through all that you have noted down as well.

Evernote has a FREE option and a Paid option that starts from $5.00 per month


DropboxDropbox is another tool that we use everyday. It is the best cloud storage application available right now. In case you have a Livedrive account, that should also be good.

You can store all those files that you think you will need to access even when you are away from your computer, on Dropbox. You can then access them from anywhere – your mobile phone, your desktop or, even your browser.

The biggest advantage of putting your files in Dropbox is that you will not loose all your important files, even if your Hard Drive fails. I recommend uploading your favorite photographs as well because I know how valuable they are to us.

You can also share your files with others in a few clicks.

Dropbox comes with 2GB of storage in a free account and there are Premium plans available if you are looking for more.


lastpassHave you ever been frustrated because your forgot the password to one of those sites that you frequent and then you had to click on “forgot password” and wait until the new password arrives. I am.. a lot of time. Rather I used to be, until I stumbled upon LastPass.

LastPass is a password storage and management application that can be used for your browser and your mobile phones as well. There is also a handy little desktop software as well. Some other features of LastPass includes form filling without having to fill it all yourself, generating secure passwords etc. There are a ton of features and the security aspect of LastPass is unbeatable.

I store all of my passwords on my LastPass account and that makes it easy for me to get into my favorite sites without having to spend time trying to recollect the password. Also, I need not keep a single password for all the sites and that way my login also remains secure.

LastPass has a free option, but I will recommend going for the premium plan which is only $12.00 per Year.


trelloTrello is a project management tool that helps you stay organized with your projects. It allows you to create boards for each of your projects. You then create lists across your boards and then add cards to your lists.

You can then add due dates, attach files and add descriptions, labels, checklists etc to each of these cards. These cards are easy to move by dragging and dropping it around.

Trello helps you manage your projects more efficiently and with lots of details. Since the interface is very simple and easy to use, you will not feel overwhelmed.

Trello has a FREE plan. Premium plans start from $5.00 per user per month.


get pocket

Pocket is a next-generation bookmarking tool. It allows you to save your favorite content so that you can read it later and all it takes to do it is a few clicks. You have an option of adding tags in order to organize your saved content better.

You can save content directly from your web browser, via email or, from a lot of other applications like Twitter, Flipboard etc. as well. The Firefox extension makes it even easier because all you need to do is click the small icon on the toolbar of your browser.

Pocket has a clean and simple interface with ZERO distractions. There is a mobile app as well, so you are synced and connected through your mobile phone too.

I use Pocket to save good articles and posts that have information in it, which I would want to refer to, at a later time. At the same time I use these saved content as content ideas for my blog posts as well.

Pocket has a FREE option. The premium plans start at $4.99 per month

Tools to Automate Your Tasks

Productivity doubles if you are able to automate repetitive tasks. Instead of spending time doing the same thing over and over again, why not automate it so that it keeps happening on its own while you are doing something else.

I prefer automation and keep developing simple tools in excel using macros in order to automate a lot of my repetitive activities. The tools below can help automate a lot of your online tasks and thus free up a lot of your time.


IFTTTIFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. It is a tool that helps you create connections between various online services and then automate repetitive tasks that you perform using these services. You can connect anything from your Facebook account to your Reddit acount and even your Gmail accounts. These connections are called as channels. When you connect these channels, it is called as a “Recipe”. You can share these recipes or, even use recipes from others, if you don’t want to reinvent the wheel and are okay with something that has already been created.

Some of the examples of recipes at IFTTT are –

  • Send you an email alert when there is a new post in a specific REDDIT category.
  • Save an attachment you receive in your Gmail account to your Google Drive account.

I use IFTTT to automate a lot of my tedious tasks like cross-publishing content, saving informative content etc. You can free up at least 90 minutes from your daily routine, if you use IFTTT.

IFTTT is a free to use application.



Zapier is one of the 5 tools that we just cannot live without. It is similar to IFTTT in that it creates connections and automates tasks, but with a difference that Zapier has access to far more services and tools than IFTTT.

In addition to automating your activities, Zapier also lets you do some cleaning activities that most of the native applications that you connect Zapier to, doesn’t allow.

Some of the things that I do with Zapier is –

  • Send an email to somebody who unfollowed me to check for the reason for unfollowing
  • Send a survey to an unsubscribed email subscriber to find out the reason for unsubscribing
  • Automate contest posting using buffer by connecting various reading services to it.
  • Add Mailchimp subscribers from various sources, when they fill out specific forms.

There’s a ton of things that you can automate using Zapier and you will be surprised when you see its potential.

Tools to Execute Your Tasks


zenwriterZenwriter is a simple writing application for Windows. An alternative for Mac users is Writeroom. It gives you a distraction free writing environment so that you stay focused only on what is important – ie. your writing.

You will be surprised to see the time that you waste because of all the distractions while you are writing. Get rid of all of that using Zenwriter.

If you are on WordPress, the new distraction free editing option in your WordPress blog is also a handy one.

Zenwriter only has a paid option which starts from $9.99. If you are looking for a FREE option and you are on WordPress, you can use the WordPress alternative instead.

Hemingway App

hemingway appThe Hemingway App has a weird name to it but is a very handy tool if you write a lot. It is a web based tool that helps you organize your content in neat little paragraphs, while suggesting alternatives for complex words that you might have used in your content. It is an absolute essential for any writer.

You can save a lot of time that you will otherwise have spent editing your content and at the same time will also help improve on your writing skills.

Hemingway App is FREE to use, but if you are looking for the Desktop app, then you need to pay $6.99



Grammarly is another handy little online tool that helps proofread your content. It basically helps you with your grammar, spelling, sentence structuring , writing style etc. There are a ton of other uses that you can put Grammarly to.

You can save a lot of time editing your content and at the same time, get some professional proof-reading done. You will learn some nice tips on improving your content and you don’t need to wait for someone to do that for you.

Grammarly is a premium tool that will cost you about $29.99 per month to start with.



Picmonkey is a photo editing tool and a very simple one. In fact if you don’t want to fiddle with Photoshop and spend hours doing that, Picmonkey is for you.

You can do everything that you want to do with photo editing using Picmonkey.

I use Picmonkey to create all the graphics that I need for my blog and it takes way less time than any other tools that I have ever knows. This is in addition to creating headers for your Facebook Profile page, Fan pages, G+ pages, Twitter etc.

Picmonkey is free to use but also has a paid option which gives you a lot more features.



Images have a tendency to go viral on social media sites. Even more effective are images that have nice little quotes written on them. But the biggest problem is with finding these images.

Shareasimage is a handy little online application that lets you create nice pictures with quotes and then share them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Shareasimage only has a paid option but it is worth the charge.

Tools to Track Your Progress

In order to improve productivity it is important that you track your progress as well. That helps you in bettering the time taken to do a specific work and at the same time keep a track of where you are heading as well.


We discussed Trello above. Since Trello is a project management tool, it helps you keep track of all your project related activities. Trello can manage extremely large projects and hence makes it easy to execute them.



Toggl is another tool that help you maintain a laundry list of things to do and track them at the same time. All you need to do is to type in whatever you are working on and then hit start. When you are done with your task, hit stop and your work will be recorded and stored along with the time taken to accomplish it.

It has the ability to support teams and you can also generate reports.

I use Toggl to keep a track of time spent on an activity. Whenever I am writing a blog post, I start Toggl to record. This way I am able to track my improvement in terms of writing and am able to better my performance every time.

Toggl has a FREE option with some basic features. You get way more options with their paid plans which starts from $5.00 per user per month.

What’s Your Take on Productivity

We hope that this post helped you with finding some tools that could better your productivity. None of these is worth it, if you don’t use it to its potential.

Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about this post. If you found this useful, you can click one of those buttons on the left and share it with your friends as well.

WP Profitbuilder vs Optimizepress 2.0

Optimizepress 2 Vs WP Profit Builder – Why I made the Change?

It’s been about 3 years that I have been using Optimizepress. I have been a customer since they launched their Version 1.0. Then towards the beginning of this year when they launched Optimizepress 2.0, I was pretty impressed with the features and the functionalities and I jumped straight into it. Obviously, I got it for a discounted price since I was a customer with them. Since then I have been using OP 2.0 on a lot of my websites. In fact till about some time back this blog of mine also ran the OP2.0 theme and I was pretty happy with it.

It was about a couple of weeks back that WP Profit Builder was launched by Sean Donahue and it took the internet marketing world by storm. WP Profit builder was a feature rich offering and was available as a theme or, plugin. Add to it the nice options that it had and you had the perfect competitor for Optimizepress 2.0. (You can see my detailed demo video of WP Profit Builder).

Optimizepress 2 Vs WP Profit Builder

How does OP 2.0 compare to WP Profit Builder? Let us do an Optimizepress 2 Vs WP Profit Builder duel.

One of the biggest problems with most landing page creator is that they come either as a plugin or, a theme. If you are somebody who is looking for the other option for a particular product, you are stuck. If you are running a specific theme and the plugin is not compatible with the theme, then you need to do the run-around and you are stuck again.

Similarly in case of a product that comes as a theme, you might just not want to use the theme because of many other customizations that you might have done with the theme, but you will be stuck again because you have no choice.

This is where both OP 2.0 and WP Profit Builder scores. Both of these come as a theme and a plugin. So you have the flexibility of deciding what option you want to go with. But there ends the similarities.

Now let us look at where they differ.


One of the biggest problems with designing a page in wordpress is the switching back and forth that you have to do, to see how your design is actually getting rendered in the browser. Optimize press 2.0 also has this problem. You can design a beautiful page, but you will want to open that page in a browser to actually see how it looks. Though the live editor is good in Optimizepress, you still need to open the page in another browser to view it. Moreover, adding and customizing elements again takes a back and forth on the editor window.

The live editor in WP Profit Builder is a next generation editor. You design your page in real time with and immediate view of how it is going to look. Since the interface is a drag-and-drop editor, adding, deleting and customizing elements, all happens in real time and in real view.

optimizepress 2.0 vs wp profit builder


If you are like me, then you wouldn’t want to spend time fiddling with creating a new landing page from scratch. Rather I prefer taking a proven, high converting page and just redesigning it to my liking. It is hence that you need templates.

Optimizepress provides you with about 30 templates for landing pages, squeeze pages, webinar pages etc. They are also releasing new and new templates every month. But if you need access to any of those, you need to be a member of their inner circle, which they call the “Optimizepress Clubhouse”. But that means shelling out another $149.00/year.

WP Profit Builder comes with more than 60 per-designed templates and they are adding more to the collection. And this doesn’t cost you anything extra.

In fact WP Profit Builder comes with an add-on service called as Launchpad which is a one time payment. Launchpad is a remote WordPress installer that installs a wordpress site in a few clicks and the best part is that it will be all ready with the essential plugins and some demo content. That saves quite a lot of time, I can assure you of that.


It is here that Optimizepress 2.0 dropped off my favorite list. I received and email a few days back from the guys at OP, saying that my subscription is expired and that I will now not receive any updates or, support. While the support part was okay and I will not deny that fact that there is a cost to it, the updates part was something that got me irritated.

You see, I have been using OP 1.0 for quite some time. There were multiple instances where the version developed a vulnerability and its compatibility with WordPress was also a problem, when WordPress upgraded. I was unable to use the theme until the OP guys came out with an update. With WordPress coming out with a new and improved version every month, it is just a matter of time that my version of Optimizepress 2.0 stops working. And then I am stuck because if I do not renew my subscription for $75.00, I will not get the updated version.

While with WP Profit Builder, all updates are free for life. What would be your opinion – OP 2.0 or, WP Profit Builder?

And, with the kind of support that Sean and his team delivers, the decision is clear.


All that we spoke about until now should be more than enough for anybody to pick Profit Builder over OP 2.0. And we are still left with the pricing..

OP 2.0 comes for about $197 for a 10 site license and $297.00 for an unlimited license. But still no developer license here. While Profit Builder comes for $67.67 for an unlimited developer license.

The Verdict

My verdict is loud and clear and so was my decision. I decided that WP Profit Builder was the one that I would go with and hence shunned Optimizepress 2.0 for good.

What’s your choice? Don’t forget to let us know by commenting below. If you liked this post, do share it with your friends. All it takes is a click on one of those share buttons on the left.

good affiliate marketing products

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing – People Search Engines Products

When I started my internet marketing business, I was so confused with all the jargons – Niche, affiliate marketing, keyword research, buyer keywords etc.. that I would spend hours in front of my computer just trying to figure out where to start. I would take days to start , leave alone finding and researching a product that could earn me money.

This is a unique topic that I am touching upon this month. In fact this is a series of posts that I am starting this month and this series is aimed at helping you get over the starting trouble.. :)

The objective of these posts is to find a unique niche or, a product typs for you and give you more details about it so that you can build your websites and blogs around these niches and make money with it.

This month’s niche is the “People Search Engine” niche.

If you are not aware of what a people search engine is, then you can do a simple Google search to know more about it. In short, people search engines are services that help you find details about people. You might have heard about background check services, reverse phone lookup services etc. These all fall under the “People Search” Category.

So, in this month’s edition, you will find more details about the products you can promote, the keywords and the competition details.

Products and services in the People Search Engine Niche

My product research, almost always start with Clickbank. My criteria for assessing the effectiveness of a product or, niche.. is its performance on Clickbank. If there is a product being sold on Clickbank and if the gravity of the product is in the “Sell-able” range, then the niche is worth exploring.

So, for the “people search” niche as well, I went to the Clickbank marketplace and searched for products there. I then sorted the results on the gravity of the product and came across these products..

people search engine clickbank products people search engine products people search engine products

You can see that almost all of them have a gravity of above 50, which is my basic criteria for a good performing product at Clickbank.

I then took to Peerfly, which is another affiliate network that I prefer and searched for similar products. The results came up with the below 3 results –

people Search peerfly

Now that is enough confidence for me to go after this niche. Now let me move onto check the competition and a bit of keyword research.

Keyword Research and Competition Assessment

One thing that I learned over the last 4-5 years of internet marketing is to keep things simple.

When I choose a product to promote, the first thing that I do is sign up to affiliate notifications for the vendor. Usually, all vendors will provide you with a list of recommended keywords for the product. This is an excellent beginning. I checked the affiliate pages for 2 of the product vendors and here is what I found –

people search engine keywords


I then searched for the keywords on the 2nd product vendor’s site and here is what I found –

people search engine keywords

You can find quite a number of good keywords from these pages. Once you have a handful of them, all that you need to do is narrow down to the most profitable ones, that you can target.

Here’s a few good keyword that I gathered after doing a preliminary search at Google Adwords..

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only) Competition
facebook people search 2400 0.41
address finder 5400 0.46
phone number search 4400 0.67
people finder 1300 0.27
find address 1000 0.39
find phone number 1300 0.58
phone number lookup 1300 0.64
phone number finder 1000 0.48

A search on Google for one of the long tail buyer keywords in this niche gave me these results –

people search engine google searchThis was a keyword that I had monetized for about 2 years back and I had made some decent money out of it. It still has little to no competition and can prove to be a good keyword.

Monetization Techniques

Now if you are wondering as to how to generate some traffic, you can read some of my earlier posts on these topics to learn about a few very simple methods.

Youtube marketing, FB ads, Paid media ads, CPV ads etc can be some very good and proven methods to generate traffic and make money out of this niche. For me, Youtube marketing has always been the best method, followed by PPC ads. In case you are interested to learn more about my entire Youtube marketing system, you can grab this course that I put together, for FREE today.

Get the Youtube marketing course for FREE here.

Another proven method for me is to build “Review Sites”. This is a method I enjoy doing (Of course, only after Youtube Marketing). All that you need to do is put up a simple little WordPress Site, get about 10 articles written for some good keywords, schedule them to be published across 15 days and build a few backlinks to it. You can build “SILO sites” around these keywords and that is what I too prefer doing.

There is a decent little software that can automate a lot of the process in this strategy. You can check that out here.

Now that you have pretty much all the information required, go ahead.. start working on your strategy to make money from this niche.

Don’t forget to share the post and also do let us know your thoughts on this idea, by commenting below.


How to Research Buyer Keywords the right way?

Keyword research is a painful exercise. While there are thousands of articles out there on keyword research and researching buyer keywords, people like you and me find it the easiest to skip. This is primarily because of the fact that, keyword research takes a lot of time and is very tedious. So the thought process is, that we can skip over to spend that time of generating content and maybe pickup the keywords from some of the other successful blogs or, websites.

Is this technique good?

The answer could be a “yes” and a “no”. Let me explain it in detail.

All of this starts with the first question – Do you really need to research buyer keywords?

Do You Need to Research Buyer Keywords?

The decision almost entirely depends upon your business model. If you are running a blog like the one here, you certainly do not need to spend time researching buyer keywords. The intention with my blog here is certainly not to attract buyers and sell something to them.

When the intention itself is not to sell anything directly, I will not be looking to attract customers who are looking at buying something. Rather I should say, customers who are ready to buy something. Hence I do not need to optimize my site for buyer keywords. My objective here is to present my visitors with good quality information based content and build a list from the traffic I am generating. I can research general keywords and focus on creating my content around these keywords.

Now, imagine if you are running a blog on Amazon product reviews or, maybe reviews of Clickbank products. You are not looking at people coming to your site and browsing away. You are not even looking at ONLY building your list. While building your list should be a part of your business plan there, your primary objective and intention is to convert the visitor into a buyer.

Hence, you need visitors who have done with their primary browsing around, researching about what are the best products etc, and are now in the buying mode. They have their credit cards out and are looking at the best deals.

Your website should hence be optimized for such people. But the question is how do you identify such people?

Identifying Buyers using Buyer Keywords

research buyer keywordsYou identify them from the searches. Such people will use very specific search terms or, keywords while they are searching. Put yourself into the shoes of a person who is preparing to buy a mobile phone, let us say a Samsung S5. What are the keywords you will use to search on Google?

  • Buy Samsung S5
  • Purchase Samsung S5
  • Samsung S5 Reviews
  • Samsung S5 Customer reviews
  • Samsung S5 deals
  • Samsung S5 discount
  • Samsung S5 online stores
  • Samsung S5 best deals

The list can go on and on…

You can see a definite behavior in the keywords that are being used. These keywords are “Buyer Keywords”.

So how do you research Buyer Keywords?

How to Research Buyer Keywords Correctly

Buyer keywords differ from research keywords in a few simple aspects -

  • Buyer keywords will be for specific products. For a keyword research tool, a typical research keyword will be “best keyword research software”, whereas a buyer keyword will be “Buy Micro Niche Finder”
  • Buyer keyword will have a prefix or, a suffix that demonstrates a buying intention.
  • Buyer keyword will be long tail keywords

Buyer keywords research should be done with these key aspects in mind. You cannot optimize your site for a keyword like “Buy best keyword research software”. It is an incorrect keyword because of the sheer reason that there is no specific product that the keyword is targeting.

At this point, you might have got a hang of what a buyer keyword is and how does it look.

One of the key aspects to bear in mind, when researching a buyer keyword for your site is the fact that it should be for a specific product. So the steps involved in researching a buyer keyword will be -

  • Identify the product you are targeting
  • Write down terms that you will use when you are looking at buying something. Some of these are the terms that you saw in the list above. There could be many more such terms.
  • Add these terms to your product name, both as suffixes and prefixes.
  • Look at variations of the product names. For eg: Samsung S5 could have alternatives like Samsung S5 smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5 etc.

It is important that you research your buyer keywords correctly in order to deflect general product researchers. Correctly research buyer keywords will mean extremely targeted traffic which in turn will mean better ROI and conversions.

Do let us know you thoughts about researching buyer keywords by commenting below.

sylvester stallone's story

5 Things Internet Marketers Can Learn From Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is not new to us and if you have been a fan of the Rocky series, then there is no way you can miss this star with a distorted chin and a slightly slurred speech. But the Stallone that we know is not who he is. There is a very strong and determined personality behind this calm and composed guy.

You might even have read about him online and in the print media – his struggle and his determination. While these are just some of the things that everybody should learn from him, there are some other things that I felt that we internet marketers could learn from this guy.

Sylvester Stallone’s Life Story

Stallone was born paralyzed on the lower left part of his face. This was the reason for his slurred speech as well. His dream was to become an actor. He faced a lot of hardships during his stay in New York, where he had come to become an actor. In spite of a lot of rejections in the beginning he went on to become an actor. His first movie as a lead-actor – “Rocky”, went onto become a huge box-office success and grossed more than $225 Million.

Let us look at just some of the things that we can learn from Stallone -

Never Give Up

Stallone’s story is a story about never giving up. This itself is one of the biggest learning for Internet Marketer. Internet marketing is all about never giving up.

IM is no rocket science. It is just some basic information of marketing, interpreted and implemented in such a way that you become profitable with the least investment.

One another little known fact about Internet Marketing is that, even if you don’t make it big immediately.. if you persist.. you will eventually succeed because of the fact that you are continuosly learning. All that you need to do is “NEVER GIVE UP” and “KEEP DOING THE RIGHT THINGS”.

sylvester stallone's story

Follow Your Dreams

Stallone was born with a paralysis to the left side of his face caused due to the misuse of a pair of forceps that was used during his birth, which accidentally severed a nerve on his face. This gave him the snarled look and the slurred speech. Both of which was obstacles in becoming an actor.

But he wanted to become and actor. He kept trying for a role in spite of all adversities. He lived without money for days together and even had to sleep at the New York City Port Authority Bus station for 3 weeks after he was evicted from his apartment.

It is important that you follow your dream. You might have to do stop-gap works, in order to achieve your larger objective in life. But that should not push you to take your eyes of your dreams and your ultimate goal in life.

Draw Inspiration From What You See

I often come across the term “writer’s block”. There are a lot of people who have even written to me saying they are often faced with a situation of not knowing what to write.

The advice is simple – “Draw Inspiration from What you See”.

Stallone was broke and was unable to find a role as an actor. It was at that point that he happened to see a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. The screenplay for Rocky was inspired by this match. Rocky went home after watching the match and didn’t sleep that weekend. After 3 straight days and 20 hours, he had written the script. And what happened to Rocky is not a secret. The movie went on to become one of the biggest successes in Hollywood.

sylvester stallone's story

Sell Low if it could Lead to Profits

When Stallone had finished the script, his wish was to act in the movie. Stallone tried to sell his script to multiple studios and also expressed his intention of acting in it. Studios offered him a lot of money. Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff also became interested in the script and offered Stallone $125,000 for the rights, but with the condition that he cannot act in it. Stallone disagreed. They then offered him $350,000, but again with the same condition. Stallone still disagreed.

Finally they agreed for Stallone to act in the movie and bought the script for $35,000.

It is not always the money. It is what you will reap tomorrow, out of what you are investing today that is important.

It makes perfect sense to sell low, if that could lead to bigger profits tomorrow. Be a visionary and look at the future.

Some Things are Worth Buying at a Premium

Stallone had a loyal companion in a dog, even when he was broke and slept at the bus station. He did not have any money. He was struggling to live. Out of desperation he had to sell his dog to a stranger for $25. Stallone calls this the lowest point in his life. He had to do it because he had no other choice.

In spite of being in such dire situations, he did not give up.

After he sold the script for Rocky.. the first thing he did was to track down the guy who had bought his dog and bought him back. He spent about $15,000 out of the $35,000 that he was paid.. to track down his companion.

The dog was also a part of the movie, Rocky.

What we learnt from Sly Stallone

Often times, we forget the small teachings that life gives us from time to time. Inspiring personalities become the reason for us to revive these teachings and pull ourselves up to start off on our journey, which we were about to abandon.

Stallone’s story is inspirational and gives us more than the above 5 points to learn.

Your Internet Marketing journey was started with an objective – an objective to free yourselves from the bondages of money, time and the slavery to your job. It was to find that quality time that you could spend with your loved ones.

Will you succeed at it… will be decided by how long you are ready to persist.

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