Before we even start discussing about retargeting, let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried to check, what happens to that visitor who came to your website and spent some time browsing through the variety of content that was available on it?

Most people do not.. So you need not think that you are the odd man out. Most people never thought about this aspect until the concept of retargeting emerged.

Before we jump into the details of retargeting, let us take a look at the journey of that visitor in question.

A visitor to your website or, blog navigates through your site and then leaves. But then he goes to other social media sites and news sites browsing through different content. As he browses he comes through various products and services, which he might end up buying. He then leaves.

Now, imagine.. if you could just follow your visitor everywhere he went. Let’s us re-visualize the visitor journey that we discussed in the above paragraph.. The visitor who left your blog or, website and navigated to the social media and news sites, sees your advertisements for precisely the same products that he saw on your websites. Multiple exposure to the same ads induces him to check it out and finally he ends up buying.

End Result: The revenue that went to somebody else now comes to you.

Retargeting – How it Works

Retargeting is a simple concept where an online advertising is targeted to a consumer based on his previous actions on the internet. This is a very simple retargeting Definition. This is done by dropping a cookie into your visitors’ browser, which then follows the visitor where ever he goes and displays advertisements that you want to show him.

Site Retargeting has an advantage over other conventional form of advertising. Since your visitor has already spent some time on your website, he has already been pre-sold, though not literally. He has constantly been exposed to that particular product for some time on your website. When he has browsed away from you website and is browsing through some other authority site, he gets exposed to the same ad, which adds to the confidence he had built while he was on your website. This in turn, increases the chances of his buying the product.

You too might have experienced this feature while you were on Facebook or, other websites. You might have researched about a specific trouser on an online apparel store. When you went over to your Facebook account, you might have seen the exact same trouser being displayed in one of the ads there. Did that do anything to your confidence in the product? It sure did..

The best part about Site Retargeting is that you don’t lose your visitor. You keep following him/her where ever they go and are able to monetize them at some point.

Top Retargeting Companies – Which one to Choose?

I am sure that by now you might have realized that retargeting is not something you can do on your own. You need some kind of service that can help you do it. While there are not too many retargeting companies around, there indeed are a few good ones.

One of the main considerations when I choose a retargeting company is the budget that they allow me to start off with. I very well understand your situation as well and just like any other small time internet marketer, I am not somebody who will want to start off with a $1000.00 investment. It is hence that I am only discussing the 2 top retargeting companies here. The primary reason for this selection being, the small investment that they let you start off with.


Adroll is a company that has been around since 2007. They have done extremely well with display advertising and have created a name for themselves. They have a nice little team with lots of experience in optimization and creative strategy. They are based out of San Francisco, and have been creating some sensation in the retargeting space.

Their basic plans offers you the flexibility of starting off with any budget.. no restrictions of any sort.. and offers site targeting both in the offer of contextual and behavioral targeting. They do not offer search targeting but that did not seem to be deterrent in me selecting them when it came to my re-targeting strategy.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is relatively new to the entire site retargeting thing. But they have some nice heads at work and hence have done well in a very short span of time.

Something that I liked of them is the fact that you get a free trial in case you want to check as to how retargeting works for you and experience their system first hand. Their support is a little lousy because it took more than 48 hrs for a response, which is by now way a standard for a support.

But the other aspects like their interface, dashboards and navigation etc. were pretty good and I was impressed with all of these. Yet I would rate Adroll a notch above them because of their customer support.

Your Site Retargeting Strategy

You need to first work out your strategy and see where site retargeting fits into the whole picture. Once you have figured out its fitment, you can move ahead to select one of the many Ad Retargeting Companies, which too will depend upon aspects like your budget, your advertisement plan etc.

Do let us know your thoughts on retargeting and how you think you can benefit from it by commenting below.

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Facebook ResourcesIf you have been struggling with Facebook marketing and are wondering, how the self-proclaimed GURUs are making a fortune out of it, then this post should be able to partially answer a few of your questions.

A Carpenter can only be as good as his tools.

The biggest problem with most newbies when they jump onto anything is that, they are kind of overwhelmed with everything that they have seen, which has led them to take that plunge. Consequently they are barely aware of the steps that will lead them to success or, are confused about it. The bare minimum requirements in terms of the tools and resources that they need is also the one that gets safely ignored.

The result of all this is that, they FAIL and quit even before they get to the 2nd stage of their business plan, if one existed at the first place.

If you are into Facebook Marketing or, have already burnt your fingers at it, then this post could be of help to you. These tools will help you with everything you need at Facebook marketing and if used correctly, you might just be able to reverse your fortunes on there.

Facebook Resources for FB Marketing

These are some of the resources that I have been using for some time and I really enjoy each one of them. While some of them could just be for marketing your fanpages or, groups, some might help you create these so that you are able to build a presence on Facebook.

A few of these tools are extremely helpful in running Facebook ads. So if you are planning to jump into Facebook ads, I recommend that you do not do it without these.

Power Editor

So, the first tool that you need if you are ever planning to do Facebook Marketing is Power Editor. Now this is an extension to the Chrome browser, so if you do not have it installed, you will need to install it first. Once installed all you need to do is go to your Facebook ads managed dashboard and click on power-editor on the left-hand sidebar.


If you are using Power Editor, you might not need this tool. Power editor has an option of creating dark-posts. Dark posts are posts that are created out of Facebook but can or, cannot be published on your timeline. I will be making a video in due course to explain this.

But for the time being, let me tell you about pic-redirect. This tool helps you post images to your and your friends’ timeline with a clickable embedded link. So if someone clicks on the image, you can redirect them to any place that you want.


Canva is a cool little web-based application that lets you create graphics even if you have absolutely ZERO knowledge of photoshop. You can create Facebook graphics for your fanpages and a lot of other different forms of graphics. It is FREE to use.


Picmonkey is another web-base photo editor tool. The basic version is FREE to use but the Royal versions is paid. While the basic version is more than enough for almost of daily edits that you do, the Royale version gives you a lot more features. You can upgrade to the Royale version today by clicking this link.


If you are running FB ads – both newsfeed ads and sidebar ads, then this tool will come in very handy for you. Success at FB ads depends hugely on testing. You have to test numerous variations of your ads, with different images or, different headlines etc. and then select the winning one, if you are looking at profitability.

But all this demands a lot of time that you might have to spend on creating ad variations and then monitoring their performance. Ad espresso simplifies all of this. You will find all your ads on one dashboard and can even create hundreds of variations of an ad with a single click of a button. Analytics and performance metrics is also available on the same dashboard making it easy for your to track and find the best performing ad.

Visit Adespresso here.

Social Video Magic

Social media is all about creating viral content. If you content doesn’t go viral then the very basis of Facebook marketing is defeated. Social Video Magic is a tool that helps you create viral videos from any YouTube videos and you can post it to your timeline or, to any fanpage. You can visit to get your access today.

Bleupage & Bleuleads

This is one of my favorite tools. This is a 2-in-1 FB marketing suite because you get Bleuleads for FREE, if you buy Bleupage. Bleupage creates optin boxes right inside the Facebook timelines. It also helps you setup fan-gates, sharegates and optin gates for videos you can post to your timelines.

Bleupage app can also post discount coupons directly to your timelines. It can create fanpages and can schedule posts to be published. You can watch my detailed video of the Bleupage software review to know more about this product.

Bleuleads is a Facebook UID scraper. This is the only software that scrapes UIDs from even Closed groups. With a new feature of scraping UIDs from FB graph search being added to Bleuleads, it has become the most powerful UID scraper on the internet today. See my detailed Bleuleads Review here to know how this works.

Post Planner

Post Planner is an extremely handy tool if you are looking at building fan pages and fan followings. One of the most important requirements if you are marketing on Facebook using fan pages is that you have to be continuously engaged with you fans. And this requires that you post regularly. It also means that you have a repository of valuable content that you can post everyday.

Post planner helps you take care of these requirements. It has a unique status idea engine which helps you generate proven viral status ideas. You can schedule your posts or, even queue them according to a pre-set schedule. Post planner simplifies Facebook posting and is sure to save at least 2-3 hours per day from your schedule. You can see more details about Post Planner here.

FB Gorilla

FB Gorilla is a wordpress plugin that can save you a lot of time. It helps you automate a lot of what you do on Facebook. You can set your complete Facebook posting on automation. FB Gorilla pulls content in the form of images, animated GIFs, Videos, Recipes, News from the New York Times, Music from itunes and many more, all by keywords. Just enter your keywords and you will all this content ready to share.

FB Gorilla can even post flash games directly onto your timelines thus encouraging visitor engagement. The best part is that you can automate all of this. Just enter your keywords and set the schedule and the content gets published regularly.

You can see more details about FB Gorilla here.

FB Infiltrator

FB infiltrator is another handy little tool that helps you post fully functional optin-forms and landing pages directly into your Facebook newsfeed and fanpage posts. Check out the below image. The 2nd newsfeed post is sure to get more clicks and visitors. The first one is a normal post created by following the normal process of posting, the second one is a post done by FB Infiltrator.

fb infiltrator reviewFB infiltrator can help your build your lists or, even sell your products directly in Facebook. Using the software is extremely simple and will save you a lot of money that you will other wise be spending on multiple products that will do the same thing for you.

Check out FB infiltrator here.

Fb Graph Scraper

If you have the Bleupage software suite, you might not need this. FB graph scraper is another scraper that can scrape UIDs from FB graph search results. This is pretty much the same thing that Bleuleads does. The developers of this Chrome plugin says that they are adding a ton of other features to the plugin but that is yet to be seen.

If you wish to see how the plugin works and its review, you can see my FB Graph Scraper Plugin V2 review video here.

Facebook Marketing Course that helps you Make Money

Okay, so when we are talking about resources, it becomes imperative that we also talk about a few good courses that can hand hold you on Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing can be extremely tricky. Just like Google Adwords was a few years ago, FB is highly in demand today. But you can burn a huge hole in your pocket if you do not know the tricks of the trade. While some marketers are killing it with FB ads, there are yet others who are not spending even a single penny, yet are making hug money using Facebook.

The below are 3 course that I bought and used to know the basics of FB marketing. Since I had no clue about how FB marketing works, I needed something that could guide me with the basics and at the same time teach me some advanced tactics as well. I am sure you will find these course extremely valuable.

FB Dynamo

FB Dynamo is my favorite Facebook marketing course. Do be deceived by the low price tag. The guys behind this course, Mark Thompson and Peter Van Zijl are really cool guys, who deliver more value than the price. The best part about this course is that it is laid out in simple language so you will not be lost in technical jargons and techniques. A couple of the tips that these guys teach in the course is itself worth the money because you will not find anybody else talking about these anywhere.

In addition to all this they also keep adding new videos to the membership area which you can access and you do not have to pay anything extra. It is all included in the one-time low fee. They also have a Facebook group which is very informative.

You can checkout the FB Dynamo course here.

Viral FB Formula

If you are looking at using Facebook marketing to build a list, then this course can be very helpful. Viral FB formula basically teaches you how to generate leads by creating viral FB posts. There are some nice little strategies mentioned in this course which can be extremely valuable for you, if you are an intermediate in FB marketing.

You can check out Viral FB Formula here.

FB Social Lead System

This is a course from Ryan Shaw who has had tremendous success with Facebook ads. In this course he teaches you how to make the most of FB ads in 3 simple steps. While the course is good and can help somebody who is a beginner or, an intermediate in FB marketing, there were no new strategies or, tips that I found in the course.

But Ryan takes time to explain in detail as to how to run a newsfeed ad as well as sidebar ads. He also shows you some simple little tricks that can help you in generating targeted leads from Facebook ads.

You can visit FB social Lead System here.

Hope you enjoyed this post on Facebook Resources and Tools. If you are serious about Facebook marketing, you will not need another resource. You should be able to find everything that you need in one of these courses or, tools.

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on this post, by commenting below. Please share the post on Facebook, in case you liked it.

Facebook Social Lead System

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rapgenius seo disaster
Search Engine Optimization has changed manifolds, since 2010. With Google pushing in so many changes to algorithms and with all the pandas and the penguins stealing most of the highlight, pretty much every other website had to spend sleepless nights and countless days to get their website back in shape so that the Search Engine Gods (read it as Google), is impressed.

And just like in every other colossal and epic change which kills the evil and takes a few good and innocent along with it, the changes, as Google unleashed its cute little animals with a “license to kill”, took along with it a lot of good but innocent websites as well. Though there were promises that things should be back in shape after a short shake-up, that happened only partially and I have my own reasons to say that.

If you think this is a post to vent out my frustration on Google then this is not..

I just wanted to show you the impact that Blackhat SEO methods have on search engine rankings. The site in question here is a very well know site that rose to fame  very quickly – RapGenius..

The RapGenius Story

For people who don’t know about RapGenius, it started in 2009 and became a hot news topic when it received a massive investment of $15 million, led by Andreessen Horowitz in late 2012. If you wondering as to how they managed to do that, then let me clarify that it is not the first one to do that and hence it is not surprise.

But what is surprising is that this was a simple website that posted lyrics for rap songs. People could also submit their version of the lyrics and what it meant. Hence, I assume I will not be wrong in categorizing this website as a Social Media site because of the user interactions involved.

The RapGenius SEO Disaster

RapGenius was in the news again about a week back but this time for all the wrong reasons. While the founders of the site were extremely bad-mouthed (read the news about what they told Mark Zuckerberg), nobody knew what the website was doing to gain the consistent 1st page rankings on Google. In fact the website was the 1st in search results for a number of generic searches as well.

All this until a few weeks back when John Marbach, the founder for email filtering application Glider, checked in about the details of a blog affiliate program that RapGenius had published. Mahbod from RapGenius replied and the details of the conversation was published in this blog post here.

What this involved was an un-acceptable way of building backlinks to their website and posts, which in turn would have made Google think high of them and would hence rank them on the 1st page of Google for all of those keyword terms.

After Marbach published the post on his blog, Google sprung into action and removed all of RapGenius links from their search engine results. Woah… that’s what you call authority (did I mis-spell that.. I meant MONOPOLY)

The Bottomline

Now, there could be a lot of different opinions rather, questions to this. Mine were -

  • If RapGenius was doing this all the while, then why did Google not detect it earlier. I assume they should have been able to do that with all the Pandas and the Penguins in place..
  • What about linking from similar or, related websites? Doesn’t really look like it is that important anymore because the links that RapGenius built were not necessarily from related websites.
  • If Marbach had not exposed RapGenius, they would still have been enjoying the 1st page rankings. It means there could be many other such websites following a similar method and still ranking on the 1st page of Google because nobody has yet exposed them.

Having said all of this, I will still advise you all, not to take the RapGenius route. Ethical link building is the best way to build links to your websites. Follow ethical Practises..

Wishing you all a very Happy New 2014.

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This is a quick video on something that I was experimenting with and it turned out to be a quiet interesting one. There was a lot of hype around one simple little WordPress plugin that did something very unique. Before I jump onto the details of the plugin and the uniqueness of it, let me tell you about the experiment that I did and why it turned out to be an interesting one..

This is what I did..

  • I checked on Google for a good article on reducing belly fat. What came on the 1st result on the 1st page was an interesting article from Wiki Articles. It was enough proof that this one was an authority article. I picked this article.
  • I used the plugin which helps super-impose any offer of my choice on any webpage that I want and put a pop-up with the affiliate offer on top of the page.
  • I posted this to my Facebook page, sent out a tweet to my followers and an email to my weight loss subscribers.
  • I got an email from the affiliate network whose product I was promoting, after about 10 hours of doing this, that I have made a sale of $45.00. (Excuse me for that $49.00 TYPO in the video below)

Now things that you might want to note here are -

  • I had not earned a single penny from this affiliate network prior to this. That is enough proof on what could have made that sale for me.
  • This webpage was the only form of promotion I did.

I was stunned at the impact of the article and the utility of the plugin.

The name of the plugin is Trustjacker.

What does Trustjacker do?

Trustjacker helps you put a pop-up on top of any webpage of your choice. Which means that you can hijack the trust that an authority website or, person has and impose your offer on their website, so that the visitor feels as if the pop-up is a part of the website. You can use this authority and push any products that you want..

What could be the result?

Since the reader enjoys the confidence of the website or, the person who is the owner of the website, the promoted offer works like a parasite, sucking the juice from it and pushing the visitor to buy the product.

Since I did not want to go by the claims of the plugin developer, I decided I will give it a try.. and I am glad I did it.

You can see the offer I promoted and all the other details in the video below.

There are numerous different ways you can use this plugin and it can do some amazing things.

If you would like to give this plugin a try, you can visit this page to order.

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The internet is a fantastic tool for a million different things. From communicating with friends, to getting work done, to researching facts, there has seldom been anything more powerful at our fingertips.

It’s only recently though that technology has also given us incredible manufacturing and publishing tools as well, and enabled members of the public to create things in the same way that you might normally expect of a large organisation. Using the web it’s now possible to create all kinds of amazing things quickly and easily. Read on to find out some of the more interesting examples…


They say that everyone has a book in them, but certainly not everyone will become an author. Unfortunately, while many of us have dreamed of getting our own books on the shelves, the competition is just too huge and even when you’re lucky enough to get noticed that still doesn’t guarantee your story will be a success.

But thanks to the web it’s now no longer necessary to go through the lengthy process of applying to publishers and chasing agents. Thanks to the web, it’s now possible for anyone to get published completely for free and to get their books into stores shortly thereafter.

The process is called ‘POD’ – or Print On Demand – and it’s interesting because it allows books to be printed on an ‘as needed’ basis for stores and customers. That means you don’t have to take a huge risk in ordering thousands of copies to sell on as with vanity publishing, but can instead simply upload a .doc or pdf file, and then wait for the sales to come to you. No sales? No loss!

T-Shirts and Mugs

The above can also be useful if you just want to create a book of memories, or perhaps a compilation of resources for your own uses. But there’s much more you can create just for you if you want to, or to use for promotion.

For instance, how about creating a custom t-shirt with your face on as a joke for a friend? Or a mug with your company name on to give away at tradeshows? Creating custom goods online has been popular with businesses for a long time now and it’s a very successful way to spread your brand.

3D Products

More powerful still is the ability to make your products completely to specification however. Thanks to 3D printing, it’s now possible to create your own jewellery, your own toys and your own tools. Any ‘part’ that’s made from a single piece of material can now be printed off in metal, plastic or any other material. Better yet, these three dimensional products are also printed on demand meaning you don’t need to buy huge orders. And if you want to turn your skill into a business, then you can even set up a shop and start selling your invention to the public. All you need is a great idea and some basic skills with 3D modelling software such as Blender.

Digital Products

Before we had these tools though, the internet already gave us incredible options for self-expression and creation. It’s always been possible for instance to create websites, and long before POD people were already making eBooks and distributing those for cash. Software of course has also been an option for a long time, but as the capabilities of our computers and the range of devices increases, there are now countless more options in this regard. Whether you want to create a computer game in Unity, a HD movie, a piece of business software, or a fun app, it’s now easier than ever.

Better yet, there are also huge communities out there and tons of support to make the process even easier – as well as some very handy infrastructures and outlets for getting your products in the hands of customers. Promote your eBook on Kindle or on ClickBank. Promote your app on the Play Store or with Google AdSense. Either way you can make something incredible and then have it sold around the world for a large profit in no time at all.

And that’s perhaps one of the most exciting things you can make online easily these days : money.

Know Your Guest Author:

The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who part of the team at PromoPays, a provider of designer t-shirts in Canada. She has a keen interest in blogging and enjoys sharing her recreational ideas via blogging. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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A great website is more than just a beautiful design. A lot of psychology has to go into your choice of color, layout, and content. While your designer may be able to deliver your attractive design, you’ll need to rely on other experts to improve your site’s impact.

Some experts insist that engagement is the key to online success. But this term is more than just a catch phrase. It’s a measurement of your site’s ability to interact with visitors in order to achieve your business objectives.

Without engagement, your site is doomed to failure. Good engagement captures your visitors in every aspect of the site especially in the areas of design, content, and functionality. Engage your visitors from the start and they’ll spend more time on the site, share your content, and return again and again to read your content and purchase your products.

Given below are three simple tactics that add spunk to your website :

Multiple Options Are Killing Your Sales

The first tip has everything to do with your site’s content. Give visitors too much option and it’s likely they’ll choose none at all. If you’re selling products, narrow your offerings down to 2-3 options, so visitors are not stuck trying to make a decision.

Just take a look at the numerous brands Amazon offers for specific items. Customers have to read through reviews in order to choose one. While this model may work for Amazon and eBay, too many options could lead to missed sales and the death of your business.  Streamlining your product line will not hamper your sales. It will make it easy for customers to make a decision and proceed to checkout.

Faces Are Powerful

Website visitors respond in a positive way to the faces of real people on a website – that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Use friendly faces on your website, and visitors will spend more exploring your site to find out what more about your products or the people behind them.

One study found the benefits of eye tracking that could work wonders for your sale. Get the “faces” to look directly at your products or call to action, and it will improve the chances of visitors recognizing what you want them to see on the site.

So take pictures of your employees or models, and make sure that they are angled to face a particular direction. Place the images in strategic locations and see how they create user engagement and boost sales.

What’s Your Story?

Why would visitors read through a 1000+ word blog post? What keeps them coming back for more? Blog posts with a personal angle are the ones that pull readers in. Find ways to share your anger, joy, pain, and other emotion with your readers and you’ll develop a loyal following. Don’t forget to tie your stories in with your business to keep your business blog on topic.

An attractive site design will only give your site so much mileage where your visitors are concerned. Webmasters sometimes overlook customer experience, conversions, and functionality. Focus on those areas and your site will be a go-to resource in your industry.

Know Your Guest Author:

Kurt Smith is a digital marketing consultant. He enjoys sharing his latest ideas and insights online. Visit the and see how their website leads the way in terms of funneling customers.

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regal assets affiliate offer


If you have not heard about the Regal Gold affiliate program you can visit the link and know more about it.

It is not long that I joined their affiliate program and before I get onto the Whys and the Hows, I recommend that you should join them. If you wish to know more about why I am so strongly recommending them, then read on.

Currency is declining and so are the value of the investments. There are hundreds and thousands of people investing in various forms of currencies just to secure their future, rather I should say their retirement. Gold IRA companies target these customers and encourage them to invest their money into Gold rather than doing it in shares, stocks and currencies.

Gold has always been on the rise and investing in Gold hence makes sense, all the more for retiring employees. They get maximum returns from investing in Gold. The market is hence extremely hot and you can easily get customers without a lot of effort.

Regal Gold Affiliate Benefits

Regal Gold affiliate have a range of ways to earn some decent money. While acquiring fresh signups and customers is not difficult, the payouts are for a wide variety of acquisition methods. This makes the affiliate program all the more lucrative.

What does Regal Gold have to offer its affiliates?

Regal Gold offers payout in the following forms:

  • $30 per lead (require both name and phone # submission)
  • $30 per call (paid out for every call over 10 minutes)
  • 3% of the gross investment amount. While most companies only pay about 0.25%, Regal assets pay about 3% which is multiple times more than other similar offers. So that means for an investment of about $100,000, one can earn a commission of about $3,000.
  • 2% second tier commission. This means, if you refer an affiliate to the program and they earn commissions, you earn 2% commissions of whatever they earn.

In order for all of these to happen, I am sure you will agree that you need a very robust tracking mechanism. And that is precisely what Regal assets have. Detailed training videos, and a host of other features makes promoting regal asset offers an extremely simple affair.

The below are just some of the tracking options:

  • subID tracking
  • a pre-made gold/silver site with all of your tracking codes built into it.
  • An 800 number dedicated to you, which tracks all the calls to it on a real time basis.
  • Detailed tutorial videos and walkthrough of successful sites.

The payouts make joining the Regal Asset affiliate offer a very lucrative option. If you are an internet marketer and can generate traffic in the Finance and metal trading niche, then you might want to venture into it.

You can signup for the affiliate offer and know more about this at the below link..

==> Regal Assets Affiliate offer details.

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internet marketing tips

While most newbies will still be wondering as to what is the relation between blogging, social media, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and likes, some of the GURUs have already ventured into advanced arenas which probably even the intermediates like you and me will take at least a few months to learn and master.

At least that was what I learnt from trying to aggregate the best content for the week from the internet.

Here are some of the best in internet marketing that I could aggregate for this week’s Sunday Roundup. Hope you enjoy this.

5 Minute Tutorial to Create Free Blog iPhone App Using BloApp
These days I’m working on filling the missing spot here at ShoutMeLoud. What I meant by that is; integrating other blog promotion and marketing techniques to make ShoutMeloud reach out to more readers. And one of them is developing an iPhone app for my blog, and most of the options I have found are either paid or free with a catch. While researching for the same, I landed at Bloapp website (Pronounce as “Blope”)…

10 Killer Ways I’d Generate Traffic if I Started All Over
This is a challenge to those of you that are new to blogging and to those that are about to give up. Previously, when I started blogging I was thinking that traffic is a hard rock that will take years to crack. But now, generating traffic is as easy as sitting on a swing in…

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If you’re looking for a quick way to turn website visitors into customers, it’s time to try a new approach. Directing customers to a specialized landing page instead of your main site provides a targeted way to increase conversions if you choose the right design. Simply put, a squeeze page is …

A Complete Guide to Configure ALL In One SEO Plugin
There are many SEO plugins out there for WordPress blog, and I have covered some of the best here at ShoutMeLoud. All in one SEO is another popular SEO plugin for completely optimize a WordPress blog. For a newbie blogger, configuring All in One SEO plugin could be quite tricky, and without configuring the plugin, AIOSEO plugin is as good as not installed….

3 Useful Guest Blogging WordPress Plugins
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You can see a gigantic crowd that resolves around the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Though it’s just two years to see Google Plus joining the bandwagon of social media sites, yet this platform has made its mark in this domain. It has grown a sizeable amount of people over it all these years and by adding a number of tools and features, now Google + gives a good fight to the already powerful players like Facebook and Twitter.

As per reports, world’s top 72 brands out of 100 have their profiles over Google Plus wherein they are posting content regularly to leverage from this platform for being the brainchild of the giant search engine called Google. Hence Google Plus can be called as a more social fabric woven in the properties of Google that simply helps in giving these venues a competent social aspect.

This simply means that whatever you do over Google Plus is simply reciprocated over a number of Google products. Hence you would certainly like to know how to use this platform (Google +) to make your presence felt over the web. So, let’s check them out:

Give momentum to you and your brand

As per the reports of Business Insider the growth of Google Plus simply seems to have gone up. In fact, its growth seems to be giving a tough fight to the second largest platforms like Twitter. More than 400 million users are now found over Google Plus visits here on a regular basis. The basic reason of doing so is that they give a good amount of momentum to their business and thus boost up their brand in a big crowd present there to attract towards their brand.

Hence you can find tools like Timing +, Circlecount, Allmyplus and Hootsuite that help you in finding the target crowd, allocating the best time to post content and making your brand more visible across your target audience. In fact, you can find a number of such tools, which help in making your presence felt over the web to a great extent.

Get better growth with Google +

Apart from getting a good amount of traffic over your site or blog via Google Plus, it has also emerged out as a knowledge resource for many users who come on a regular basis to access different information and details. You can see more and more people are now investing good amount of time and hence make it a best robust traffic driver.  This means Google Plus simply helps you in dominating at the local search. If you want to access local crowd for your business then by creating Google Plus profile can really help in getting the relevant crowd. Last year in May, Google turned the Google Places Listings into the local listings of Google Plus.

This has therefore converted the Google Plus pages, which could be rates, uploaded pictures and commented on and even shared over this platform as well. Besides, this powerful search engine would be gathering the details regarding your business, which means that the random data Google could have been compiled to showcase your business in your favor. Hence if you are keen to rank better over the local searches make sure you start motivating your friends, customers and other people to follow your brand over Google Plus by checking your content you post and via other means.

Get the Search Engine Recognition

Needless to say that by having a robust Google + Presence is simply proportional to a stronger kind of search engine recognition. Though it may not become the replacement for your different SEO strategies, however, it can for sure help in enhancing your efforts. You have a service from Google called ‘Search Plus Your World’ that was rolled out a year after Google Plus, which is deeply ingrained in this platform. The crux of this tool is that it helps you in knowing a number of pages shares, posted or +1 by a number of Google Plus users.

Though the result for Your World can be extracted the most from Google Plus and YouTube, however, it can be even hooked to your other social networking profiles over Facebook and Twitter. This can further help more and more people to see your updates from other networks found via the search results as well. Hence the more is the number of people over Google Plus and YouTube you have the more is the amount of traffic over your business page, all thanks to the tool like Search Plus Your World of Google +.

Final word

There are many ways in which Google Plus can help you in making your presence felt over the web. The above list of things are just a few ones, hence the more you explore and use this platform the more you end up doing good over the web.

Know About The Author:

This Post is written by Margaret. She is a writer/blogger. She writes articles on Technology, social media, WordPress, Gamification, luxury interior design, website development and online development etc. These days she contributes on luxury custom homes

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In recent times, people have become heavily dependent on the Internet for most of their requirements. Besides, the online community also provides a great platform for people to get vocal about their likes and dislikes. Although this can benefit your business in some ways, you must not ignore the fact that it can have an exactly opposite effect on your business if someone decides to get a tad too critical about the products or services being offered by you.

Today, with the technological advancements at its peak, the internet is buzzing with small online communities that cater to the needs of the people. Therefore you may come across blogs, forums, social media, review sites and the likes. You may be aware of a chosen few, but there are several other communities that you may not be aware of.

Thus, you may not exactly have an idea as to how you are being portrayed in these communities. This is where online reputation management services come to your rescue. These services offer in-depth information on the reputation of your website. To ensure that your online reputation management is a success, you need to follow the given steps.

1.)  Keeping tabs on your company and everything that concerns it

To put it simply, you cannot design an online reputation management strategy if you have no idea as to what is being said about you or your business online. Before you jump the gun and design a strategy, you need to be completely aware of the sentiment that is expressed in the opinions that are being formed. Usually, these sentiments can either be positive or negative and sometimes neutral.

The best way to track your performance is by constantly keeping tabs on the major social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and the likes. To make the tracking process easier for you, you need to compile a list of relevant keywords that work well for your company specifically. Once that is done, you can enter these keywords in one of the several free online reputation management tools that will help you get a detailed report on the keywords specified.

Sometimes, a simple thing like using search engines to check the authenticity of your keywords is enough to give yo9u a gist. However, you must realize that this is an extremely basic and step and you may want to implement an in-depth tracking and monitoring system provided by online reputation management services for better results.

2.)  Examine the data that has been tracked and monitored

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you might completely skip this step unintentionally because of the pressure to keep up with the conversations that you may come across online. Besides, the fact that all these tools make the entire tracking process extremely simple and uncomplicated can lead you to skip this step. However, you must make sure that you are careful enough to not miss this step as it is in this step that you will be able to analyse everything that is being said about your company online.

The best way to ensure that your online reputation management strategy is a success is by making a comprehensive list of all the statements derived from every online source that you think will have an immense influence on the reputation of your company. These statements need not necessarily be negative.

The trick is to include any type of influential statement whether positive, negative or neutral. Once you have compiled all the necessary statements, you then need to conduct an interactive session with all your teammates to decide upon a strategy. This strategy will decide how you deal with the information that you have received.

Categorise your findings and statements in a way that each of the statement must belong to either one of the various categories that have been created. These categories could be related to branding, industry, positive, negative, personnel and the likes.

 3.)  Taking the necessary action

Once you have categorised all the issues, it is time that you take the necessary action and address the problem to solve it. The best way to do this is by examining each category and finding a solution for one category at a time. You should be willing to take all the help that you can get from your team for this purpose. This ensures that you deliver the finest online reputation management services.

There are two types of actions that you can take to ensure that you manage the reputation of your company effectively. You could either adopt the proactive approach or opt for the reactive approach. Proactive is when you aim at showing your company in good light by supporting it with  optimistic articles and other content beforehand, while a reactive approach calls for you to take corrective steps once the damage is done.

Know Your Guest Author:

Lee works at top reputation management Company and loves to share his knowledge on SEO strategies.

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