Smartphone User Statistics that can help change Your SEO Strategy In 2020 (infographic)

smartphone user statistics

Smartphone user statistics? How are they even related to framing an SEO strategy? Okay! Let me explain. You put a lot of effort into ranking your business online. You write posts, optimize your content, tweak your code and even nurture relationships with influencers. All to convert your audience into subscribers or purchasers. And, while you … Read more

Top 10 Keyword Research Tools for SEO success this Year

keyword research tools

If you’re a Search Engine Optimization professional or SEO Specialist, you’ll know what your company or, clients demand from you. Every business wants to appear at the top rankings in Google searches for a variety of keywords. Keyword research is at the heart of SEO practices. Therefore, if you want to give your company/client the … Read more

Serpstat Review – Is it a Good alternative to Ahrefs and SEMRush?

SERPStat Review detailed

Digital Marketing Specialists have a gigantic task on their hands to lead the charge in a rapidly evolving field. The rules of the game are continuously changing, and practices that once offered guaranteed successful results, and now stand redundant. It is important to stay on top of all the changes, else you could find your … Read more

How To Leverage The Power Of URL Structure For SEO?

url structure for seo

Surely, you don’t need one more SEO problem to worry about. Particularly when your websites already have hundreds of URLs. What if someone from Google called you and told you how your websites will benefit only if you would leverage the power of SEO friendly URL structure! I’m sure that will get your attention. Here’s … Read more

SEO or PPC: Which is Better? How to Decide Between SEO and PPC


Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are two widely used online marketing strategies for business. There are several benefits of running these two strategies together, but often, due to limited time and budget, marketers have to choose one of the two.  Before you can decide which of these marketing tools to use, you need … Read more

A Webmaster’s Handy Guide to Understand SEO Strategies

understanding seo

This is a guest post by one of our guest bloggers. Given the benefits of ranking higher in SERPs, it’s no surprise that 61% marketers are always looking to improve their SEO. However, ranking higher in SERPs is no easy task, especially for new webmasters. Do you know why? Because things change rapidly in SEO. … Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Legally Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks

steal competitors backlinks

This is a guest post by one of our Guest Authors. When a search engine is aiming to rank a site, it uses various factors. Yet, the two major ones are content and backlinks. A site must thus generate fresh content often and at the same time have enough backlinks. Although stealing back links may … Read more

Keyword Research For Newbies – 10 Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

keyword research for newbies

This is a guest post from one of our Guest Authors. Speaking about SEO you will always stumble upon one key element called ‘Keyword Research’. Some SEO experts say that ‘Keyword Research’ is the first step you should do; the others don’t include this strategy on top of everything else though. Nevertheless, each of SEO … Read more

Link Building And Link Earning: Are They Really That Different?

link building and earning

Backlinks would always be an integral part of SEO as they are good gauges of numerous positive factors of a site. It’s also become that sole aspect of SEO nowadays that still has a continuing debate, particularly the one that revolves around link building and link earning. The former, after all, has always drawn flak … Read more

SEO in 2017 – The Latest Trends that You Better Be Ready to Welcome

seo trends in 2017

It should be the habit of digital marketers to plan and strategize before it’s actually time for their websites to perform. As we have transitioned from 2016 to 2017, the SEO strategies have also seen some minor but significant changes. 2017 will be the year of mobile optimization and SEO, and no website owner who … Read more

9 Effective Link Building Techniques You Can Use Right Now to Rank High on Search Engines

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Over the past few years, Google changes its algorithm with updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and others to establish better search rankings. All of these updates in some way affected all the traditional link building techniques. If you build link unnaturally and aggressively, you’ll get a penalty sooner or, later for sure and Google … Read more

DKSP EP:41 – How to do SEO Yourself for Your Blog in 3 Simple Steps without Overwhelming Yourself

how to do seo yourself

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 15:07 — 17.7MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | Email | TuneIn | RSS How to do SEO Yourself for your blog? SEO or, search engine optimization is a big thing. Or, so it looks! And videos and articles that talk about link … Read more

Video – How to Setup Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin and Configure it Correctly?

how to setup yoast wordpress plugin

What SEO plugin do you use for your WordPress Blog? If you are running a WordPress blog, then it is unlikely that you are not using one. And, if you aren’t using one, then you need to start right away. SEO plugins top the list of essential plugins for a WordPress blog. These plugins add … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Website is Invisible to Google and What You Need to Do About It!

why your website is invisible in google

You’ve been working on your website for months, honing your SEO skills and writing content like there’s no tomorrow. So why are you not getting any love from Google? Or maybe you were seeing plenty of traffic from Google before, but that has suddenly dropped off dramatically. Have you wondered why your website is invisible … Read more

How to Remove an Unnatural Outbound links Warning from Google?

unnatural outbound links

I have been an advocate of a clean internet and hence almost always I practiced only white-hat and completely legal methods in my marketing business. While there were many who criticized every move of Google and their algorithm changes, I always felt that Google was doing the right thing. It was here that I somewhat … Read more