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DKSP EP:41 – How to do SEO Yourself for Your Blog in 3 Simple Steps without Overwhelming Yourself

November 20, 2016

Last Updated on - November 20, 2016  

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how to do seo yourself

How to do SEO Yourself for your blog?

SEO or, search engine optimization is a big thing. Or, so it looks! And videos and articles that talk about link building, Private blog networks, Google penalties etc. make it overwhelming for the average newbie.

And we end up paying dollars to SEO experts who promise first page rankings for your websites.

But do we really need an SEO expert for your blog?

Not really!

SEO for your blog is all about following some very simple steps. And most of it is laid down in simple and understandable terms. If you are able to do these, then there is no reason why your blog posts will not rank on the first page of Google.

How to do SEO Yourself for Your Blog

The objective of search engine optimization is to rank on search engines. In fact, I should put it as “ranking on the first page of Google”, because for a blogger, Google is synonymous with search engines.

And that too, if you are not able to grab the first couple of slots on the first page of Google, then the effort is not worth it.

And this is where all of it goes wrong.

Because people start to tweak their websites and articles with everything that the SEO experts out there says in order to be picked up by the search bots.

Search engine optimization is not about tweaking your websites for search engines.

Instead, it is about letting the search engines know that you content is reader focused and that your readers are sure to find valuable information about a specific topic in the article.

And, this is done by marking out certain points in your article. Following these guidelines is what goes into On-page SEO.

In this episode we will be discussing about SEO and how to do SEO yourself for your blog in 3 simple steps.

Resources mentioned in this Episode

Here are the resources that we spoke about in this episode –

The following are some of the posts that we spoke about, with relevant information on backlinks building.

Here is the video on how to configure Yoast SEO.

Thank you for joining

What’s your thought about SEO and how do you optimize your blog? We would like to hear from you.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and I would like to thank you all for joining me today.

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  • I had lot of confusions in SEO and I dunno how to optimize SEO to my page, this post really helped me and now I have a clear mind. The post is really clean and clear. Thanks for the post

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