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10 Hot Ways to Generate Social Media Buzz for Your Brand

April 3, 2012

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Social Media

This is a guest post by Emma on ways to generate Social Media Buzz. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

You have probably heard this question plenty of times…

“Why the great hype on social media?”

And, many people would answer, “It is a great tool for social interaction”.

However, is that it? Is it just for interactive communication on the Internet? Surely, it must have a bigger purpose than just bridging several individuals, organizations, and communities across the globe.

Well, that is the general concept. When it comes to its specific functions, the answers depend hugely on different groups of users.

But as for plenty of marketers, a 2011 survey discovers the following results:

  1. According to 88% of the research subjects, the biggest benefit of using social media buzz is wider business exposure. Additionally, 72% says that it is increased traffic, while 62% states that it is better search rankings.
  2. Around 45% of the subjects, who have invested in social media marketing for a year (or less), says that it has allowed them to obtain new partnerships.
  3. On the other hand, 52% of the respondents declare that spending at least six hours each week on their campaign has generated leads.

Looking into these findings, you can see the wonderful advantages of introducing your brand and creating a credible image for it on the Web.

With that said, here are 10 hot ways on generating social media buzz.

Find out where the hype is

Before anything else, you have to know which platforms are most effective in bringing together a crowd. Undoubtedly, some of the leading sites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can look for popular social networks other than these examples.

Additionally, you have to determine what your target customers need or what their problems are. This way, you can use your fan pages to provide them with good solutions.

Join social networks

After knowing which websites are more popular among your audience, you can begin exploring the features and their functions, so you can use them to your advantage. Then, you can begin creating a profile or fan page for your brand (and maybe your company too).

While doing this, incorporate your bio with keywords that are relevant to your niche. Moreover, create a username that consists of your business name or its abbreviation, so other people can easily find you.

Invite people and other organizations

Once your profile pages are up and running, you can begin connecting with your target customers by sending requests or following them. You should also connect with the people in your industry, other entrepreneurs, and professional service providers (e.g. business consultants, recruiters, and marketers).

It is important to form a network with these individuals because it is through them that you can obtain referrals, cross sell, and propose joint ventures.

Organize your connection or member list

When you are doing this, the key is to put each person under a specific category based on his or her importance to your organization.

Take advantage of management tools

Some of the most useful include Syncapse, Virtue, Engage121, and Emailvision (to name a few). These tools let you handle and update your social media accounts even if you are very busy. This is possible because you can make Tweets or messages in advance and you can program them to post the messages that you have saved.

As a note, you should not rely too much on this method. You must also create unique Tweets or status updates from time to time.

Engage in conversations

Remember, your profile or fan pages are not just for advertising but for building a good brand or business name too. To do this, you can post comments on some of your followers’ pages.

You can also reply to enquiries or show appreciation to praises. Additionally, you can laud other users for their accomplishments.


Other than creating profile pages on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, you must also set up a blog site. This way, you can provide your target market with information on topics relevant to your niche.

You can also allow guests to post their own write-ups. But, of course, you have to choose articles that relate to your theme.

Share your insights

You can do this through blog posts, your Tweets, or comments. You can offer tips, strategies, and tricks on subjects connected to your business.

Avoid self-promotion

Remember, your media platforms are not about you, so keep from talking about yourself. Instead, talk about fresh and unique issues that your customers can relate.

Establish goals

Always set objectives, so you have a basis for your activities. And, in return, you can acquire amazing results. For instance, you can aim to increase your number of followers by several percentages within a specific period. Alternatively, you can aspire to up your sales within six months.

What do you think? Is it easy to strengthen your brand around social media? Truthfully, the answer depends on how much time you are willing to spend on online activities. This only means that you have to be patient when it comes to working on your network pages.

About the Author:

Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a fast-growing private technology company in Britain offering SEO solutions to several companies.

About the author 

Guest Blogger  -  These posts are submitted by our Guest Bloggers. We accept guest posts on topics that are relevant to our blog like blogging, internet entrepreneurship tutorials, affiliate marketing, social media etc. You can read more about how to submit guest posts by visiting our write-for-us page.

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