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3 Things Web Marketers can Learn from GEICO’s Insurance Campaigns

July 12, 2012

Last Updated on - July 18, 2012  

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Internet marketing

GEICO—one of the leading insurance companies—has one of the most successful marketing campaigns in U.S. history. Although it sprouted using traditional methods and techniques, the 82-year-old insurance company still manages to make waves with various consumers on the web, even those that are the hardest to break through: the 18 to 29-year-old demographic. To learn why you should adapt some of GEICO’s insurance marketing techniques and apply them to your own blog or social media campaign, continue reading below.

Animal Mascot

GEICO might have lucked out by having a name that sounds so similar to “gecko” but the British-speaking reptile mascot is definitely one of the most recognized mascots in the U.S.  There are several different reasons why the gecko is so popular, but the by far the most important reason to emblaze in your mind is the fact that he’s an animal. Research show that consumers can resonate more easily and recall businesses that have animal mascots to promote their business. So if you choose to create a mascot to make your webpage more easily recognizable, highly consider choosing an animal.

Funny and Whimsical

GEICO’s commercials are so memorable because people actually find them “funny”—especially young consumers who crave for humor and entertainment. Having a funny mascot or campaign in general can definitely keep some people from switching the channel or from clicking out of a webpage. Even GEICO’s competitors State Farm and All State have also started revamping their campaigns and now incorporate some “funny” into their advertisements. While funny is recommended, try not to make it so outrageous that consumers actually don’t know what you’re promoting or what your business is. It still needs to make sense.


Last but not least, GEICO’s ads are “conversational” which makes the green gecko and the other components in the ad seem more likeable and more human to consumers—thus they’re more willing to pay attention to the ad. If you can find a way to explain to consumers what you’re selling/promoting in laymen’s speak and are able to successfully have the whole theme if your campaign seem just as “conversational” then you should see some success too.

While it took GEICO many years to find out what works best for it, that doesn’t mean that you can get a jump start and start implementing some of the same techniques in your campaign/designs that helped propel GEICO to profound heights.

About the Author:

Carol Wilson is a freelance insurance business writer who is in the midst of creating her very own business insurance guide for consumers. In the meantime, she likes to share her knowledge of business insurance and other business related topics such as marketing to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other corporate moguls. She welcomes your comments at wilson.carol24@gmail.com.

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