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Top 10 Mobile Apps for Affiliate Marketing

July 15, 2012

Last Updated on - January 26, 2024  

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The top 10 mobile apps for affiliate marketing will be highlighted here. These are mobile apps that are sure to get affiliates in front of their customers in a highly successful way. They do deliver what they are designed for and this why they are the best. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of attention to detail and constant persistence. These apps allow plenty of both for affiliate marketers in abundance.

Google iPhone App

This special app does allow an affiliate marketer to keep up with the Google online services such as easy Google Search “speak and search” as well as other client apps through iPhone that give access to other Google desktop services

Reeder iPhone App

Reeder is an application that allows the affiliate marketer to track the latest updates by keeping up with RSS feeds. This app is able to show any content in an easy readable interface. RSS info can also be linked to Twitter and marketers are able to provide their customers with interesting data constantly.


Sumotext is an app that is all about mobile marketing. It is an app that is mainly SMS and text messaging only. They have unique five digit codes on ads and text messaging is part of marketing campaigns.


MePing is another app that can make a big difference concerning the social networking scene. MePing can be utilized through the iPhone to combine and update any new information that needs to be added to be sent to the leading networking sites at the same time. This app helps affiliates to take advantage of communications through social networking and saves time.


Sweapps is an excellent service that allows a marketer to build their very own iPhone app in minutes and they can even track their apps usage by using their dashboard. Unique apps can be built with their online web toolkit.


SEO Pro is an iPhone app that is very handy to have around. An affiliate marketer can get the latest ranking on a website, any other pertinent stats, and permits unlimited checks on a countless number of domains.

SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking is an iPhone app that has a simple interface to use to look up specific keywords and the ranking of different websites through Google Search. It permits marketers to see how good optimization efforts are going currently.


Skype is available through iPhone and one of its biggest advantages is the fact that a person does not need any internet service provider. It is a great and reliable app to be able to stay in touch with business partners regularly.

Word Press

Word Press iPhone app allows the affiliate marketer to do both basic editing and posting of their blog while on the go. Any good affiliate marketer does maintain a blog and they can provide followers with updates on new blogs.

Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy is an app that lets a user scan different barcodes to get the best prices on products online and also locally. It also does offer inventory solutions and helps consumers firsthand to decide what to buy and where to buy it. It enables mobile shopping and satisfying customers. They also have advertising solutions to reach customers at their decision point.

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