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4 Tips to Consider Before Starting a Blog to Make Money Online

May 16, 2012

Last Updated on - May 20, 2015  

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This is a guest post by John on things to consider when starting a make money online blog. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Blogging is the most popular and the best online profession nowadays. Are you also one of those who are here to make money online
and are passionate about writing their blogs? Here I will discuss few tips that can help you to become a successful blogger. Hold on, these are not ordinary tips that such as how to bring traffic and what type of content you must upload on your blog.

First of all, keep in mind that blogging is a passion and people who love reading and writing can create a successful blog. Play with words and experiment with new happenings, then nothing can stop you from being successful in this venture.

Here are few tips that you must consider before starting on making money online through blogging.

Face your Fright

We always remain uncertain about our capabilities and give many irrational logics to us for why we should not proceed on the way but remember this, unless you won’t fight back your fears, you will always remain deprived of success. See the history of successful people they defeated their fears and made their way.

If you want to be victorious in blogging quickly, beat your boundaries and go after your passion. Do not consider blogging as a burden but love it and get things done as fun. Accept challenges and turn them into fun otherwise, it will make you away from this making money online venture.

Make a long-term plan

It never goes in vein if you start blogging with a plan and that is making money online from it for sure. There is nothing wrong in it but be specific about your plans and be sure to execute them in time. making money online from blogging is like an offline or online business where you must have a long-term plan to move on accordingly.

The plan must be flexible enough that you can mold it and adjust it with timely requirement. Have a bigger plan for yourself, write it what you exactly want out of it, and work accordingly.

If you feel like plan is not working accordingly, make some necessary amendments in it and get started again. Never give up easily.

Be Original

Show up others what you really are, as you are unique, remarkable, original and different from all others. Be confident about yourself and have courage to showcase it to others. People like you will love to read what you are writing, not because of piece of content but the man behind it who is writing.

Be informative and original in your creation and people will love to read your blog.

Develop connection with readers

Think about it just once before selling your stuff to people that how you would like to be treated if you are out to buy something. How it feels to be pulled up and people toss information towards you about the particular stuff in which you are interested to buy? Even once, you were interested but after sinking into such situation, you will certainly reject the idea to buy that item. Same is the case with your readers and other folks.

Being connected with real people and making a sale to them is a cherished experience. Therefore, learn how to mingle up with people like friends and then how to present your offers to them. You should neither be rude nor be needy, but you must delight people in a normal way. Help them in making decision, do not impose things on them and soon you will see these people would love to come back to you. Always remember, happy customers are loyal customers.

I hope I have summed up few yet applicable tips in this post regarding how to make money online from blogging, take benefit of it and do let me know about your thinking.

About the Author:

This is a guest post by John Simmons who writes on making money online.

About the author

These posts are submitted by our Guest Bloggers. We accept guest posts on topics that are relevant to our blog like blogging, internet entrepreneurship tutorials, affiliate marketing, social media etc. You can read more about how to submit guest posts by visiting our write-for-us page.

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