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Affiliate Scamming Programs – Identify & Avoid

September 6, 2012

Last Updated on - April 22, 2021  

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ScamAffiliate marketing has been one of the major programs used for promotion in the online business expansion. However, ever since it has emerged there have been many scams, which have grown with it. Although there are many measures taken to stop these fraudulent activities but no certified plan of action to overcome the problem.

Dangers of Online Business

Internet world like the real world is not a safe place, so we have to be vigilant and smart about our activity on the web, especially if it concerns your business as it might compromise your business financially. Marketing scams are larger in number as people looking for opportunities to expand are likely to take risks than others. When it comes to affiliate marketing, scams and frauds are easy to pull off with few coding and logarithms. In order to steer clear of these scams you need to know them so that you may remain vigilant and protect your business accordingly.

Types of Frauds:

  • One way to cheat the merchant site is the technique in which forced clicks or automated click on the provided link helps create a commission for the affiliate website without any actual visitors. It is also called cookie stuffing and is a very popular method of cheating the merchant out for quick money.
  • Click Phishing is another cheat, which lures a prospect user to click on the web page by offering a deal, which the merchant site does not offer but by then the user has visited. This not only creates money for the fraudulent affiliate but also disgruntles your prospective client.
  • As affiliate programs are commission based and no fee is charged for joining one, so if any such registration fee is asked for then it is a clear signal that the affiliate manager is a scammer.

Identify and Avoid:

Similarly if the income declared from the affiliate marketing is less from the product sale and more from the information about the product than it is a red flag for you too, as the manger is making money by cheating the merchant site as not many products are sold but the page is visited too often.

Only way to avoid scams of affiliate marketing is to stay on top of your business and keep on updating yourself and educating yourself about the latest scams and technologies introduced to counter these scams. Checking the validity of your affiliate site is important. Another tip to avoid being cheated is to install your own software to compute the number of visits or clicks and calculate the commission. Updating your website with firewalls to secure your site from viruses and Trojans that may be corrupting your whole system is also a smart plan for the survival and success of your affiliating business.

The key is to stay sharp and thoroughly check your affiliate network manager and have complete knowledge of the whole business. After that experience also helps you to identify the real business programs from the spammers and fraudulent.

About the Author:

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