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How can you make your Vblog look more impressive?

September 28, 2012

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vbloggingThe interactive and catchy medium of Vblogging has become quite a sensation. One can either upload videos straight after recording them or work on them a bit to enhance their graphic appeal. Working on your recorded videos and developing them further has become really easy. The reason is the myriad of apps catering to this genre have come up lately.

Editing software and applications enhance the visual appeal of your videos and draw in greater number of online users that you have ever apprehended. Apart from recording and editing, you can add in many cool effects and animations in your videos. Check out some tools and software that will come handy when you are vblogging:

Software for movie making and editing

Firstly, video blogs can be created on numerous sites like wordpress, typepad, blogger and many others. Popular video hosting sites are YouTube and Flickr. Moviemaker is a really good video application for Windows, while iMovie is a popular choice for Mac. Other popular video creation and editing programs are Vimeo, Flip mino, Adobe Premier Pro, Kaltura, VideoEgg,  Vivia, Podesk, Editor One, Freeware, Video Spin and Stash Space.   Also, if you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks then give a shot to Camtasia or ScreenFlow. You will appreciate the fact that it is compatible with Mac too. Sony Vegas Studio HD that supports Windows is also a first rated app that you can try out.

Remixing and working on videos

Photobucket allows you to remix photos with videos and edit clips using Flash. The timeline editor of Movie Masher is mind boggling. You can rearrange clip or even trim them and insert effects like transitions, titles and music. Change the format of your videos or alter their size with the free online video editor called Cellsea. In fact, many other applications like One True Media, VideoThang, ZS4 Video Editor allow you to mix photos with videos. Countless audio processing tools are available on VirtualDub for your consideration.

A few screen recording software applications that allow you to record videos when you are connected to the internet. These are Screencast, Screenr, Camstudio, FastStone and Windows Live Movie Maker. It is a good idea to go for apps that have storyboards, timeline layouts and video stabilizers to make your video production look impressive.

Creating special effects in vblogs

Many services for editing and spawning special effects are available for vloggers on the web. Quite some of them are free, while you might be required to pay for using a couple of others. Eyespot is a free editing and video sharing app with which you can knock out several special effects and even dub your videos. Loads of effects, such as titles, transitions and slideshows can be generated with Jumpcut. Add graphics, overlays, text snippets and transitions to your videos with YouTube Remixer. Jaycut is a flash based video editor with which you can append effects, clips and music to your videos.

Cool add-ons for grabbing attention

You can try out a series of cool things with your vlog nowadays. Check out some fabulous applications, and believe me, you will definitely create a splash online. Knock out comments on your vblogs with Viddler.  To link up specific points or segments within a clip, you can use MotionBox.  Throw in artsy graphics and text with Vidavee graffiti. Get instant screen shots with Jing or Screencast-O-Matic. Software which can hatch together Claymation, 3D effects and Stop Motion Animation can also be used.

You can also create onscreen paints and designs with Jahshaka. So many applications make it possible to change the light settings of your videos and tune colors too. If you wish to be nostalgic, you can easily make your videos have a black and white too with these apps.

Hence, vlogging has really evolved and you can do a lot with your videos before uploading them for online viewers. You can create animations, graphics and special effects to make them stand out. Rearranging clips, adding voice overs and mixing in photos is easily possible now.  Hence, you can conveniently create top quality fun videos which will create a lasting impression on the online audience!

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