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DKSP EP:25 – How to Find Profitable Affiliate Products to Promote – Affiliate Marketing Series:Part3

November 15, 2015

Last Updated on - August 13, 2021  

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profitable affiliate programs

What affiliate product that you are promoting is the most profitable?

In fact, the most common approach in affiliate marketing is to pick any random product that fits you interests or, plans and to start promoting it.

And hardly do we notice the fact that this specific product is not converting and that it is not making any money.

Imagine if you could spend the same time and effort in promoting a product that had a track record of excellent conversions. For the same amount of time, effort and money that had put in, you could have a lot more money.

Hence, in this episode of the DKSpeaks Podcast which is part 3 of our series on Affiliate Marketing Basics, we will be discussing on this very same topic – How to find profitable affiliate products to promote. So that you start on the right foot and don’t waste to time and energy on promoting some products that don’t convert.

How to find profitable affiliate products to promote?

Affiliate networks have different ways of measuring the conversions of a product. And since helping affiliate marketers find good products to promote, in turn helps the networks themselves in making more money, they put everything that is relevant in identifying good and high converting products, across to their affiliates. As as affiliate, for you it then becomes just a matter of knowing what to look for.

There are some basic metrics that can give you a fair idea of the profitability of a specific product or, offer and it is these metrics that we are going to discuss in this episode. While there are about 3 primary metrics that most affiliate network commonly use in measuring the profitability, there are some other metrics that are very specific to some of the affiliate networks.

Here is what we will be discussing in this episode:

  • EPC or, Earning per Click
  • Commission %
  • Refund rates – This applies only to PPS offers and is basically the % of refunds
  • Sales Volume
  • Conversion %
  • Gravity – Specific metric to Clickbank

Resources and Notes

These are the resources that we spoke about in this episode:

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